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 CNLS Postdoc Seminars
• 2024-02-15 Margaret Wood (A-1 / CNLS) (A-1 / CNLS) Constructing a textual profile of social media posts that gain traction in online communities
• 2023-05-18 Michael Collins (Naval Research Laboratory) Elusiveness, persistence, and behaviors of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
• 2023-05-17 Michael Collins (Naval Research Laboratory) Accurate and efficient solution of range-dependent wave propagation problems
• 2023-04-25 Joshua Leveillee (University of Texas at Austin) Exploring and designing finite-temperature electronic transport properties of materials with the ab initio Boltzmann transport equation
• 2022-12-07 Jacob Muldoon (IUPUI, Indianapolis) Exploring Super-Quantum Temporal Correlations of Non-Hermitian Systems
• 2022-09-29 Tess Smidt (MIT) PIML Seminar Series 9: Euclidean Symmetry Equivariant Machine Learning for Atomic Systems -- Overview, Applications, and Open Questions
• 2019-12-19 Amy Lovell (T-CNLS, T-2) Learning Nuclear Masses with Mixture Density Networks
• 2019-07-11 Chris Neale (T-6) How to Give an Effective Research Presentation
• 2019-06-20 Jacob Miner (T-6/CNLS) A translatable modeling paradigm for disease outbreaks: Avian Influenza A(H7N9)
• 2019-06-13 Ryan Jadrich (T-1/CNLS) Accelerating materials design and ab initio simulation via statistical inference and machine learning
• 2019-06-06 Steven Sanche (T-6/CNLS) Investigating hypotheses regarding the development of drug resistance and the persistence of HIV in hosts through mechanistic modeling
• 2019-05-23 Arshan Nasir (Oppenheimer Fellow, T-6) Using Protein Structure to Study Deep Evolution
• 2019-05-16 Yen Ting Lin, collaborative work with Marian Anghel (CCS-3) (T-6/CNLS) Solving classical inference problems on modern machine-learning platforms
• 2019-05-09 Tillmann Weisser (T-5/CNLS) The Power of Moments and Positive Polynomials
• 2019-05-02 Van Ngo (T-CNLS) How two different end tails control overall dynamics of their proteins?
• 2019-04-25 Dibyajyoti Ghosh (T-1/CNLS) Perovskite materials for solar cells: atomic-scale insights from ab initio modelling
• 2019-04-18 Andreas Baertschi (T-CNLS) Efficient Delivery with Mobile Agents
• 2019-04-11 David Métivier (T-4/CNLS) Mean Field Control and Polynomial Chaos Expansion for compensating and estimating uncertainty in Renewable Energy generation
• 2019-03-21 Rachael A. Mansbach (T-6) Rational Molecular Design: Applications to Antibiotics and Conotoxins
• 2019-03-14 Kateryna Yakymenko (T-5/CNLS) Beam-plasma interactions physics in support of active space experiments
• 2019-02-28 Alexis A. Chacon (T-1/CNLS) Observing topological phases and transitions with high harmonic generation
• 2019-02-21 Yigit Subasi (CCS-3) Solving systems of linear equations on a quantum computer
• 2019-02-14 Justin Smith (T-1/CNLS) Accelerated modeling of atomistic physics with machine learning
• 2019-02-07 Jonah Miller (CCS-2/CNLS) Black Holes, Neutrinos, Neutrons, et al.: How The Merger of Two Dead Stars Makes the Heaviest Elements in the Universe, and How We Know
• 2019-01-31 Nithin Mathew (T-1/CNLS) Thermo-mechanics of Crystalline High Explosives: Insights from Atomistic Simulations
• 2019-01-17 Liujiang Zhou (T-1) Polaron Behaviors in Hybrid Lead-halide Perovskites Understood
• 2018-12-06 Jiaxu Zhang (CCS-2/CNLS) The changing Arctic Ocean and the increasing impact from the Atlantic
• 2018-11-15 Ying Su (T-4) Nontrivial topology and localization in the double exchange model with possible applications to perovskite manganites
• 2018-11-08 Amy Lovell (T-2/CNLS) Improvements in Prompt Fission Modeling
• 2018-11-01 Jacopo Simoni (T-5/CNLS) Ab-initio calculation of electron-ion relaxation in warm dense plasmas
• 2018-10-25 Georges Akiki (T-3/CNLS) The Discovery of a New Stress in Multiphase Flows
• 2018-10-18 Srirupa Chakraborty (T-6/CNLS) Decrypting the sugar coated network on the HIV envelope
• 2018-10-04 Shriram Srinivasan (EES-16/CNLS) System-size reduction for fractured porous media: A machine-learning approach for identifying flow backbones of variable size
• 2018-09-13 Deepjyoti Deka (T-4) Learning and Control using Fluctuations in Distribution Grids: Graphs, Buildings and MDPs
• 2018-06-28 Jing Su (T-1) Determining Oxidation State of Metal Center in Molecular Compounds
• 2018-06-21 Charles Lieou (EES-17/CNLS) Dynamic recrystallization in adiabatic shear banding: an entropic, effective-temperature model
• 2018-05-02 Triet Nguyen-Beck (University of Notre Dame) Development and Applications of the Real-Time Electronic Dynamics Method OSCF2
• 2018-04-05 Shriram Srinivasan (CNLS/EES-16) System Reduction Techniques for Discrete Fracture Networks in Porous Media
• 2018-03-29 Soyoun Son (EES-17) Numerical study of nonlinear elastic behavior of rocks with Bricks and Mortar model
• 2018-03-22 Kateryna Yakymenko (T-5/CNLS) Nonadiabatic motion of energetic ions in the inner magnetosphere
• 2018-02-15 Jonas Lippuner (CCS-2/CNLS) The origin of heavy elements
• 2018-02-01 Samuel Jones (CCS-2) Hydrodynamic simulations of stars and supernovae
• 2017-11-30 Sean Marks (T-CNLS) Accelerating molecular simulations of lipid bilayers
• 2017-11-09 Georges Akiki (T-3/CNLS) Introducing the Next Generation of Particle-Fluid Force Models
• 2017-11-02 Nithin Mathew (T-1/CNLS) Analyzing Molecular Dynamics Trajectories using Strain Functionals and Machine Learning
• 2017-10-26 Alexis Chacon (T-1/CNLS) High-order harmonic generation: from gases to solids
• 2017-10-18 Ximena Bonilla (University of Geneva Medical ) Genomic characterization of basal cell carcinoma of the skin
• 2017-05-18 Line Roald (T-4/CNLS) Saving the Planet (and the Electric Grid) through Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization
• 2017-05-11 Seyoung Yun (T-4/CNLS) Noisy Power Method with and without Spectral Gap
• 2017-04-27 Seyoung Yun-CANCELLED (T-4/CNLS) Cancelled-Noisy Power Method with and without Spectral Gap-Cancelled
• 2017-03-23 Jake Miner (T-6/CNLS) Quantifying interactions of biomolecules and cosolvents – or – ‘Linking structure to solution’
• 2017-03-16 Yury Maximov (T-4/CNLS) Statistical Learning Approach for AC Power Flow Feasibility
• 2017-03-09 Nicholas Lubbers (T-1/CNLS) Processing Textures with Convolutional Neural Networks
• 2017-03-02 Cesar Lopez Bautista (T-6/CNLS) Membrane perturbing properties of toxin mycolactone from Mycobacterium ulcerans
• 2017-02-24 Sukanya Sasmal (University of California, Berkeley) Understanding Amyloid-β Peptide Structure & Aggregation Mechanisms from Molecular Simulations
• 2016-12-08 Ryan Suderman (T-6/CNLS) Formal modeling of early signaling events in the mast cell immune response
• 2016-12-06 Shengxi Huang (MIT) Spectroscopic Study of Light-Matter Interaction between Nanostructures and Two-Dimensional Materials
• 2016-07-07 Aurelia Chenu (MIT) Portraits of Thermal Equilibrium & Dynamics of Open Systems
• 2016-03-17 Vladimir Frolov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) A Novel Approach for Planning of Placement and Sizing of FACTS Devices
• 2016-03-10 Sebastian Deffner (LANL T-4) Quantum thermodynamics: Thermodynamics and information processing at the nanoscale
• 2015-11-12 Krishnamurthy Dvijotham (Dj) (Center for Mathematics of Information at the California Institute of Technology) Robust analysis tools for uncertain electric power systems
• 2015-11-03 Ezgi Temamogullari (Department of Mathematics at Duke University) MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF PERIFUSION CELL CULTURE EXPERIMENTS ON GNRH SIGNALING
• 2015-10-15 Ryan Suderman (Center for Computational Biology and the University of Kansas) Characterizing dynamical effects of combinatorial complexity using rule-based modeling
• 2015-05-07 Anatoly Zlotnik (T-4/CNLS) Coordinated Operational Planning for Integrated Electric Power and Natural Gas Infrastructures
• 2015-04-30 Amanda Neukirch (CNLS/T-1) Ab initio Modeling of Organometallic Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications
• 2015-04-23 Munik Shrestha (UNM Physics) Statistics of epidemic dynamics in networks by passing messages
• 2015-04-16 Daniel OMalley (EES-16) Decisions, Uncertainty, and Science
• 2015-04-09 Harsha Nagarajan (DSA-4/CNLS) Synthesizing robust networks for various engineering applications
• 2015-03-26 Ari Le (XCP-6) Electron Trapping and Equations of State during Magnetic Reconnection
• 2015-03-12 Cesar A. Lopez (CNLS/T-6) Mechanistic details of pH dependent non-photochemical quenching mediated by light harvesting antenna complexes
• 2015-03-05 Xiangrong Fu (ISR-1) Generation of Banded Chorus in Magnetosphere
• 2014-06-09 Andrew White (University of Chicago) Rigorous Methods to Bias Molecular Simulations with Experimental Data
• 2014-04-10 Clio Andris (MIT) The Rise of Partisanship and the Emergence of Super-Cooperators in the U.S. Congressional House of Representatives
• 2014-01-30 Cihan Akcay (P-24 / CNLS) A Study of Flux Rope Dynamics and Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection with Two-Fluid Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Modeling
• 2013-11-14 Terry Haut (CCS-2 / CNLS) Advances on an asymptotic parallel-in-time method for highly oscillatory PDEs
• 2013-11-07 Soumya Kundu (CCS-3 / CNLS) Hysteresis-based Electrical Load Control and Sum-of-squares Based Lyapunov Stability Analysis of Power Grid
• 2013-10-31 Ben Althouse (Santa Fe Institute) Competition between infectors for susceptible individuals as a key driver of infectious disease dynamics
• 2012-12-17 Claire White (LANSCE, T-1 and CNLS) Nanoengineering Low-CO2 Geopolymer Cements and Carbonate-Based Materials
• 2012-12-13 Terry Haut (CCS-2 and CNLS) A new parallel-in-time integrator for PDEs with scale separation
• 2012-12-06 Reid Priedhorsky (D-4 and CNLS) Inferring origin locations of tweets with quantitative confidence
• 2012-12-04 Cecelia Rorai (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Some Motions of Vortices in Superfluids
• 2012-11-15 Peter Loxley (T-5) Bistability of maximum-entropy states in decaying two-dimensional turbulence
• 2012-11-15 Edward Banigan (University of Pennsylvania) Repelling Invasion: Cell Motility and the Immune Defenses
• 2012-11-08 Armin Rahmanisisan (T-4 and CNLS) Cooling through optimal control of quantum evolution
• 2012-11-01 Doug Shepherd (MPA-CINT, CNLS) In Situ Studies of Photoluminescence Quenching and Photocurrent Yield in Quantum Dot Sensitized Single Crystal TiO2 and ZnO Electrodes
• 2012-10-25 Anurag Sethi (T-5 and CNLS) Modeling of Intrinsically Disordered Regions in Signaling Proteins
• 2012-10-18 Dipak Barua (T-6 and CNLS) Computational Model for Autophagic Vesicle Dynamics in Single Cells
• 2012-10-11 Brian Munsky (CCS-3: INFORMATION SCIENCES) Using gene regulation noise to understand and predict gene regulation
• 2012-10-11 Lily Chylek Investigating the T-cell receptor signaling network: Phosphoproteomic analysis, kinetic modeling, and visualization
• 2012-10-04 Joshua Phillips (T-6 and CNLS) Polymer Models for Validating Dimensionality Estimates of Disordered Protein Dynamics
• 2012-09-27 Fabio Caccioli (Santa Fe Institute) Market impact, overlapping portfolios and financial contagion
• 2012-09-17 Andrea Wiggins (Postdoctoral Fellow with DataONE, affiliated with the University of New Mexico and Cornell University and based at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) Citizen Science 101: What Every Researcher Should Know About Crowdsourcing Science
• 2012-09-13 HyeJin Youn (Santa Fe Institute) The hidden structure in urban economic diversity.
• 2012-09-06 Dibyendu Roy (T-4 and CNLS) ••• NOTE : non standard time••• Non-classical correlations of scattered photons in a one-dimensional waveguide with multiple two-level emitters
• 2012-08-23 James ODwyer (Santa Fe Institute) Ecology as a complex system: theoretical methods and practical goals
• 2012-08-16 Gia-Wei Chern (T-4 and CNLS) Orbital ice: An exact Coulomb phase on diamond optical lattice
• 2012-08-07 Feilong Liu (University of Minnesota) Device Model for Organic Bilayer Structures
• 2012-08-02 Francesco Intravaia (T-4) Engineering Casimir force reduction through metallic surface nanostructuring
• 2012-07-26 Christoph Junghans (T-1) Multi-scale simulations of fullerenes in aqueous solution employing the Adaptive Resolution Scheme
• 2012-07-19 Eric Daub (EES-17: GEOPHYSICS) Temporal clustering of great earthquakes
• 2012-07-12 Christa Brelsford and Xin Lu (School of Sustainability at Arizona State University) Changes in Social Network Structure in Response to Crisis: Using Twitter data to Explore the Effect of the Tōhoku Earthquake.
• 2012-07-05 Xylar Asay-Davis (T-3 and CNLS) Toward modeling ice-sheet/ocean interactions and their consequences for sea-level rise in a global climate model
• 2012-07-05 Erik Hogan (University of Colorado) Coulomb Formation Flying
• 2012-07-02 Carrie A. Manore (Postdoctoral Researcher, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA) Modeling Mosquito-borne Disease Spread with Both Small and Large Scale Models: Case Study on Rift Valley Fever
• 2012-06-28 Horacio Sameniego (T-2 and CNLS) The artifact of saturating diversity in larger cities
• 2012-06-21 Andrew Sykes (T-4 and CNLS) Magnetic fluctuations in high temperature spin
• 2012-06-18 Kyle Hickman (Tulane University) Separating intrinsic and parametric uncertainty for UQ in stochastic epidemic models
• 2012-06-14 Jonathan Graham (T-3 and CNLS) Astrophysical Dynamos and a possible explanation of Galactic magnetic fields
• 2012-06-07 Hussein Aluie (T-5 and CNLS) Analyzing nonlinear scale interactions‬ in complex flows with example applications to the Ocean
• 2012-05-31 Doug Shepherd (MPA-CINT, CNLS) Spatiotemporal Measurements and Modeling of Genetic Expression
• 2012-05-24 Jared Whitehead (CCS-2 and CNLS) Ultimate State of Two-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Convection Between Free-Slip Fixed-Temperature Boundaries
• 2012-05-17 Yoshitomo Kamiya (T-4 and CNLS) Formation of magnetic microphases in Ca3Co2O6
• 2012-05-10 Armin Rahmanisisan (T-4 and CNLS) Junctions of Luttinger-liquid wires with different Luttinger parameters
• 2012-04-26 Claire White (T-1 and CNLS) A new methodology to uncover the true atomic structure of complex materials
• 2012-04-19 Annarita Giani (D-4 and CNLS) Smart Grid Data Integrity Attacks: Characterizations and Countermeasures
• 2012-04-12 Zhengping Ji (T-5 and CNLS) Unsupervised Learning of Visual Representation with Sparse Co
• 2012-04-09 Enrico Camporeale (T-5) Linear mode conversion between lower hybrid and whistler waves on a density striation
• 2012-03-29 Joaquin E. Drut (T-2: NUC & PARTICLE PHYS, ASTROPHYS & COSMOLOGY) From actions to numbers: entering the precision era in strongly interacting Fermi gases.
• 2012-03-22 Elena Giorgi (T-6 and CNLS) IT TAKES ALL THE RUNNING YOU CAN DO TO KEEP IN THE SAME PLACE The tale of two highly variable viruses
• 2012-03-15 Ori Sargysan (T-6 and CNLS) Inferring recent evolutionary events based on DNA sequence data
• 2012-03-08 Dr. Anushree Chatterjee (Theoretical biology and Biophysics group, Center for Nonlinear Studies, ) Discovering novel drug targets to prevent antibiotic-resistance transfer in bacteria using systems biology based approaches
• 2012-02-27 Hussein Aluie (T-5: Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics and CNLS) Analyzing Rotating Stratified Boussinseq Flows
• 2012-02-23 Adolfo del Campo (T-4 and CNLS) Shortcuts to adiabaticity in quantum devices
• 2012-02-16 Michael Raghib (T-5 and CNLS) A Dynamic Model of Flexible Phytoplankton Nutrient Uptake
• 2012-01-26 Nathan Lemons (T-5 and CNLS) Leveraging equation-free computation for modeling of cellular regulatory system dynamics
• 2012-01-19 Reid Preidorsky (D-4 and CNLS) Leveraging humans to gather quantitative information about the world: Beyond “citizen sensors”
• 2012-01-12 Armin Ramanisian (T-4 and CNLS) Fractionalization in spontaneous integer quantum Hall systems
• 2012-01-05 John Edmiston (University of California - Berkeley) Phenomenological elastoplasticity for anisotropic media, X-ray diffraction experiments and simulation
• 2011-12-22 Ido Regev (T-4 and CNLS) Dislocation Mediated Plasticity with Configurational Entropy Effects
• 2011-12-21 Todor Karaulanov (P-21, APPLIED MODERN PHYSICS) Novel types of magnetic sensors with ultra-high sensitivity
• 2011-12-15 Ryan Behunin (T-4 and CNLS) Electrostatic patch effects in Casimir force measurements
• 2011-12-13 Jeff Drocco (T-4) Multiuser detection and applications to imaging
• 2011-12-01 Yasuyuki Kato (T-4 and CNLS) Orbital and magnetic ordering in ZnV2O4
• 2011-11-17 Hao Li (T-1 and CNLS) A Quasiparticle View of Electronic Excitations in Branched Conjugated Oligomers
• 2011-11-15 Giovanni Bellesia (T-6 and CNLS) CNLS Teaching Seminar Series, Depletion Forces in a Nutshell
• 2011-11-10 Ido Regev (T-4 and CNLS) Effective Temperature Theory of Radiation Induced Amorphization
• 2011-11-03 Jon Yard (CCS-3: INFORMATION SCIENCES) Quantum communication with zero capacity gaussian channels
• 2011-11-01 Chris Ticknor (T-1) quasi-2D Dipolar gases at finite Temperature
• 2011-10-24 Jozsef Bakosi & J.R. Ristorcelli (T-5) Consistent stochastic transport models for mixing in variable-density turbulence.
• 2011-10-20 Robin Blume-Kohout (T-4 and CNLS) Extracting perfectly random bits from an i.i.d. stream (oh, and concentrating quantum entanglement, too!)
• 2011-10-13 Brian Munsky (CCS-3: INFORMATION SCIENCES) Systematic Identification of Signal-Activated, Stochastic Gene Regulation
• 2011-10-06 James Carroll (P-21: APPLIED MODERN PHYSICS) Turning Bayesian Model Averaging Into Bayesian Model Combination
• 2011-09-29 Jeffrey Drocco (T-4 and CNLS) Bidirectional sorting of flocking particles in the presence of asymmetric barriers
• 2011-09-22 Caizhi Zhou (T-3 and CNLS) Dislocation induced anomalous softening of solid helium
• 2011-09-12 Vitaliy Gyrya (T-5: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND PLASMA PHYSICS) Adaptation of Mimetic Finite Difference discretizations to reducing the numerical dispersion in wave equations
• 2011-09-08 Andrew Sykes (T-4 and CNLS) Probing the quantum state of a 1D Bose gas using off-resonant light scattering
• 2011-09-01 Hussein Aluie (T-5 and CNLS) The conservative cascade of kinetic energy in compressible turbulence
• 2011-08-31 Tsvi Achler (T-5: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND PLASMA PHYSICS) Computing, Learning, and Estimating, Under the Inverse
• 2011-08-18 Xylar Asay-Davis (T-3 and CNLS) Advection Corrected Correlation Image Velocimetry: An Open-Source Software Package for Extracting Velocity Fields from Image Sequences
• 2011-08-11 Francesco Intravaia (Theoretical Division, LANL) Looking inside the Casimir Effect
• 2011-08-04 Douglas Shepherd (MPA-CINT and CNLS) Exploiting Blinking of Individual Semiconductor Nanocrystals to Probe Energy Flow in Small Nanocrystal Aggregates
• 2011-06-30 Giovanni Bellesia (T-6 and CNLS) CNLS Postdoc Seminar
• 2011-06-23 Michael Ham (P-21: APPLIED MODERN PHYSICS) Task-specific saliency from sparse, hierarchical models of visual cortex compared to eye-tracking data for object detection in natural video sequences, now with color!
• 2011-06-16 Alexander Gutfraind (T-5 and CNLS) The Sendai Network Problem: Optimizing Network Deployment and Recovery
• 2011-06-09 Kirill Velizhanin (T-4 and CNLS) Probing Plasmons in Graphene by Resonance Energy Transfer
• 2011-06-02 Jonathan Graham (T-3 and CNLS) Universality of the Small-Scale Dynamo Mechanism
• 2011-05-26 Horacio Samaniego (T-2 and CNLS) Behavioral Imprint on the Taylor Power Law in Ecology, West Nile Virus and the City.
• 2011-05-19 Ori Sargsyan (T-6 and CNLS) A population genetic model for exploring the evolutionary dynamics of the HIV virus population in an infected person
• 2011-05-12 Shrinivas Kudekar (T-4 and CNLS) Achieving Capacity with Belief Propagation: Part II
• 2011-05-02 Ori Sargsyan (T-6 and CNLS) Some computational and numerical challenges in solving recurrence equations
• 2011-04-28 Lijun Zhu (T-4 and CNLS) How to probe a quantum critical point from thermodynamics
• 2011-04-21 Ido Regev (T-4 and CNLS) Statistical Mechanics of Tetrahedral Liquids
• 2011-04-14 Claire White (CNLS and the Lujan Center) The role of molecular research in tailoring geopolymer durability
• 2011-04-07 Cristiano Nisoli (T-4 and CNLS) Thermomechanics of DNA
• 2011-03-31 Yasuyuki Kato (T-4 and CNLS) Novel Polaron State for Single Impurity in a Bosonic Mott Insulator
• 2011-03-17 Shrinivas Kudekar (T-4 and CNLS) Achieving Capacity with Belief Propagation
• 2011-03-10 Ryan Behunin (T-4, CNLS) Backreaction of Hawking radiation on black hole dynamics in a moving mirror analog
• 2011-03-03 Michael Raghib (T-5 and CNLS) Towards a Computational Theory of Swarming and Collective Searches.
• 2011-02-24 Milan Bradonjic, Joint work with: Aric Hagberg, Nicolas W. Hengartner, Allon G. Percus (T5 and CNLS) Random Intersection Graphs
• 2011-02-17 Jason Johnson (T-4 and CNLS) Orbit-Product View of Inference in Graphical Models (Gaussian and Beyond)
• 2011-02-10 Brian Munsky (CCS-3 and CNLS) Integrated Experimental and Computational Identification of Stochastic Gene Regulation
• 2011-02-09 George Hagstrom (UT Austin) The Caldeira-Leggett model, Landau damping, and the linearized Vlasov-Poisson equation
• 2011-02-03 Xylar Asay-Davis (T-3 and CNLS) Parameterizing the Ice/Ocean Boundary Layer Physics for Climate Modeling
• 2011-01-27 Hussein Aluie (T-5 and CNLS) Compressible Turbulence: Cascade, Locality, and Scaling
• 2011-01-13 Jon Yard (CCS-3 and CNLS) Quantum Entanglement
• 2011-01-06 Kipton Barros (T-4 and CNLS) Dielectric effects in self-assembly of binary colloid mixtures
• 2010-12-16 Dipak Barua (Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group, LANL , CNLS) Mechanistic model of lipid raft regulation of IgE receptor signaling
• 2010-12-09 Robin Blume-Kohout (T-4, CNLS) Interval Estimates of Quantum States
• 2010-12-02 Michael Raghib (CNLS, T-5) A multiscale maximum entropy moment closure for locally regulated space–time point process models on population dynamics.
• 2010-11-18 Ori Sargsyan (T-6, LANL, CNLS) A full likelihood-based inference method in the general coalescent tree framework and infinite-sites model
• 2010-11-08 Rajan Lamichhane (Wayne State University) Study of protein-RNA interactions by using fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and single-molecule FRET (smFRET)
• 2010-11-04 Chris Ticknor (T-1 LANL) Anisotropic superfluidity
• 2010-10-28 Kirill A Velizhanin (T-4) Driving denaturation: Nanoscale thermal transport as a probe of DNA melting
• 2010-10-27 Brandon Smith (University of Wisconsin) Advanced Geometry for Monte Carlo® Radiation Transport
• 2010-10-21 Tsvi Achler (T-5) Problems and Insights into Modelling Human/Animal Recognition Processing
• 2010-10-14 Andrey Beresnyak (T-2) Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
• 2010-10-07 Ming Zhang Finding Small Regulatory RNAs in Alzheimer’s Disease
• 2010-09-30 Lenka Zdeborova (T-4) Limits of detectability of structural modules in complex networks
• 2010-09-23 Dmitry Solenov (T-4) Macroscopic quantum superpositions in cold atom systems
• 2010-09-16 Alexander Gutfraind Targeting by Transnational Terrorists Groups
• 2010-08-13 Yoav Sharon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Control with Limited Information and Unreliable Feedback
• 2009-07-30 Golan Bel & Brian Munsky Common Complex Biochemical Processes Exhibit Simple Completion Time Distributions
• 2009-04-30 David Roberts (T-4/CNLS) Induced interaction and crystallization of self localized impurity fields in a Bose-Einstein condensate
• 2009-04-23 Kirill Velizhanin (T-1/CNLS) Nanoscale ultrafast energy and charge transfer: from approximate theories to numerically exact simulations.
• 2009-04-16 Florent Krzakala (ParisTech) Jamming Versus The Glass Transition
• 2008-07-10 Vadas Gintautas (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, T-10 and CNLS) Identification of functional information subgraphs in complex networks
• 2008-06-17 Jake BEAL, LANL Director's Postdoc Awardee (MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)) Learning By Learning To Communicate
• 2007-09-13 Jian-Zhou Zhu (T-7) Thermalization and Bottleneck in Turbulence
• 2007-09-05 Alexander Danilov Reduced mesh representations in MSTK
• 2007-09-05 Dylan Allegretti (University of Chicago) Cellular Automata for Distributed Sensor Networks

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