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 Quantum Lunch
• 2023-04-27 Matthias C. Caro (California Institute of Technology ) Learning Quantum Processes and Hamiltonians via the Pauli Transfer Matrix
• 2022-12-08 Colin Lualdi (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Entanglement Photonics: Creation and Application
• 2019-11-21 Fumika Suzuki (University of British Columbia) Decoherence and quantum mechanics of composite objects with internal degrees of freedom
• 2019-08-08 J. T. Barreiro (University of California, San Diego) Ultracold strontium for condensed-matter simulations and quantum sensors
• 2019-07-25 Genin Scott ( OTI Lumionics Inc.) Electronic Structure Calculations in Spin Basis: Theory and Methods to Compute Molecular Energies on Quantum Hardware
• 2019-05-30 Hakan E. Tureci (Princeton University) Quantum Electrodynamics of Superconducting Circuits
• 2019-05-23 John Napp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Low-depth gradient measurements can improve convergence in variational hybrid quantum-classical algorithms
• 2019-04-25 Alexander Burgers (California Institute of Technology) New Paradigms for Light-Matter Interactions with Atoms and Nanophotonics
• 2019-03-28 Carlos A. R. Sa de Melo (Georgia Institute of Technology) Quantum phases of two-component interacting bosons in optical lattices and in the presence of spin-orbit and Rabi couplings
• 2019-03-14 Kristan Temme (IBM T.J., Watson Research Center ) Supervised learning with quantum enhanced feature spaces
• 2019-02-14 Jacek Dziarmaga (Jagiellonian University) Time Evolution of an Infinite Projected Entangled Pair State
• 2019-02-07 Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Japan Science and Technology Agency) Quantum Neural Network - Coherent Ising Machine, XY Machine and Recurrent Neural Network
• 2019-02-05 Marek Rams (Jagiellonian University) Revealing the structure of low energy states for quasi-2d spin-glass problems with tensor networks (chimera included)
• 2018-11-15 Adan Cabello (Universidad de Sevilla) The physical origin of quantum nonlocality and contextuality
• 2018-11-01 Luis Pedro Garcia-Pintos (University of Massachusetts) Consequences of measurement back-action from quantum monitoring: non-standard speed limits and spontaneous symmetry breaking
• 2018-08-23 Helmut Katzgraber (Microsoft Corporation ) Quantum-driven classical optimization
• 2018-05-08 Mikhail Kiselev (ICTP, Trieste, Italy) Coupled pendulums – a classical simulator for quantum two-level system
• 2018-05-03 Andrew King (D-Wave Systems) Observation of topological phenomena in a programmable lattice of 1,800 qubits
• 2018-04-12 Guillaume Verdon-Akzam (University of Waterloo) Quantum Approximate Boltzmann Machines
• 2018-02-21 Ryan Babbush (Google, Inc. ) CANCELLED-Quantum Simulation of Chemistry on Near-Term Quantum Devices
• 2018-02-08 Stetson Roof (North Carolina State University) Shockwaves in a strongly interacting Fermi gas
• 2018-01-25 Jamir Marino (University of Colorado at Boulder ) Pre-thermal dynamical phase transitions: experiments, microscopic models, field theory
• 2018-01-18 Barry Garraway (University of Sussex) Adiabatic dressed potentials for cold atoms with quantum technology applications
• 2017-11-16 Ana Maria Rey (University of Colorado ) Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers
• 2017-11-09 Raam Uzdin (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology) From strong passivity to extended second law of thermodynamics and new thermodynamic predictions on quantum microscopic systems
• 2017-10-26 Rafael Alexander (The University of New Mexico) Flexible quantum computation with scalable continuous-variable cluster states
• 2017-10-19 Roger Melko (University of Waterloo) Machine Learning the Many-Body Problem
• 2017-09-07 Juan Carrasquilla (D-Wave systems) Machine learning in classical and quantum many-body physics
• 2017-08-10 Elizabeth Behrman (Wichita State University ) Programming quantum computers using machine learning
• 2017-08-03 Lincoln Carr (Colorado School of Mines) CANCELLED-Many-body quantum chaos of ultracold atoms in a quantum ratchet
• 2017-05-25 Richard Harris (D-Wave Systems Inc.) Simulation of a 3-dimensional transverse Ising system with a D-Wave quantum annealing processor
• 2017-05-04 Don N. Page (University of Alberta) Possibilities for Probabilities
• 2017-04-27 Ivan Deutsch (University of New Mexico) Optimal control and measurement of atomic spins
• 2017-01-26 James Whitfield (Dartmouth College) Fermionic algebras for qubits
• 2017-01-19 Roberto Merlin (University of Michigan) Orthogonality Catastrophes in Quantum Electrodynamics
• 2016-12-15 Lincoln Carr (Colorado School of Mines) Quantum Complexity and Entangled Quantum Cellular Automata: A New Direction for Quantum Simulators
• 2016-12-13 Adolfo del Campo (University of Massachusetts Boston) Nonadiabatic Quantum Computation
• 2016-12-08 Lorenzo Campos Venuti (USC) To protect and to increase quantum coherence
• 2016-12-05 Keith Lee (University of Waterloo, Canada) Quantum computing for and from quantum field theory
• 2016-11-17 Patrick Coles (University of Waterloo) Automated security analysis of quantum cryptography
• 2016-09-30 Federico Spedalieri (USC) Overcoming limitations of quantum annealers
• 2016-08-04 Seth Lloyd (MIT) Quantum Machine Learning
• 2016-08-03 Jarrod McClean (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Hybrid quantum-classical computation for chemistry and materials
• 2016-07-07 David Rogers (University of South Florida) The quantum mechanics of Jaynes
• 2016-06-16 Adam Kaufman (Department of Physics, Harvard University) Quantum thermalization through entanglement
• 2016-06-09 Igor Pikovski (Harvard University) Universal decoherence due to gravitational time dilation
• 2016-06-02 Nir Navon (University of Cambridge) Quantum Gas in a Box
• 2016-05-26 Steve Campbell (Queen’s University Belfast) The cost of achieving finite time adiabatic dynamics
• 2016-05-06 Joseph Dulny (Booz Allen Hamilton Strategic Innovation Group) Quantum Annealer Driven Machine Learning and Optimization
• 2016-05-05 Jon Yard (Microsoft Research) Compiling quantum gates
• 2016-04-07 Francois Fillion-Gourdeau (University of Waterloo) Numerical approaches for the understanding of Schwinger's pair production in multi-center systems (and some qubits along the way)
• 2016-03-10 Emil Yuzbashyan (Rutgers University) Integrable Matrix Theory (or What's Quantum Integrability and Who Cares?)
• 2016-03-03 Daniel Steck (Oregon Center for Optics and Department of Physics) World-line methods for scalar electromagnetic Casimir potentials
• 2016-02-25 Michael Wall (University of Colorado) Spins, bosons, entanglement, and matrix product states
• 2016-02-17 Yigit Subasi (University of Maryland, College Park) Simulating highly nonlocal Hamiltonians with less nonlocal Hamiltonians
• 2016-01-21 Thiago Acconcia (Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)) Work optimization from linear response theory
• 2015-12-17 Maciej Maska (University of Silesia) Effective approach to the boson-fermion model
• 2015-11-05 Jordan Horowitz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) UPDATED TIME: Nonequilibrium potential and fluctuation theorems for quantum maps
• 2015-10-22 Joseph H. Eberly (University of Rochester) Shifting the Quantum-Classical Border with Classically Entangled Light Beams: Non-local is not Geographical
• 2015-10-15 David Gosset (Caltech) Gapped and gapless phases of frustration-free spin-1/2 chains
• 2015-08-06 Juan Pablo Paz (University of Buenos Aires) Work measurement as a generalized quantum measurement
• 2015-06-18 Herman Batelaan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Controlled double slit electron diffraction
• 2015-06-11 Tsampikos Kottos (Wesleyan University) Designing novel materials with Parity-Time symmetries: Examples from integrated photonics and electronics
• 2015-06-04 Marios C. Tsatsos (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) Bose-Einstein condensates beyond the mean-field approach: principles and applications in ultracold atomic gases
• 2015-05-07 Marcos Rigol (Pennsylvania State University) From unitary dynamics to statistical mechanics in isolated quantum systems
• 2015-04-30 Chris Jarzynski (University of Maryland) Defining work in quantum mechanics: interfering trajectories and decohering heat baths
• 2015-04-23 Stephen Jordan (NIST) Computational Complexity of Quantum Field Theory
• 2015-04-16 Riccardo Messina (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, Universite Montpellier 2) Momentum and energy transfer out of thermal equilibrium: three-body and nanostructuring effects
• 2015-03-19 Igor Aleiner (Columbia University) The internal structure of a vortex in a two-dimensional superfluid with long healing length
• 2015-02-26 Anton Andreev (University of Washington) Hydrodynamic description of electron transport in high mobility semiconductor nanostructures
• 2015-02-17 Raymond Laflamme (University of Waterloo) Experimental quantum error correction
• 2015-02-12 Leonid Glazman (Yale University) Quantum dynamics of a Fluxonium Device
• 2015-01-21 William Wootters (Williams College) The ubit model in real-amplitude quantum theory
• 2015-01-15 Jiadong Zang (Johns Hopkins University) Skyrmions in Helimagnets
• 2014-12-08 Howard Carmichael (University of Auckland) Dissipative quantum phase transitions for photons
• 2014-11-20 Bei-Lok Hu (University of Maryland) Quantum entanglement at high temperatures?
• 2014-06-19 Alexey Gorshkov (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Harnessing Quantum Systems with Long-Range Interactions
• 2014-05-29 Kazimierz Rzazewski (Polish Academy of Sciences) Classical fields and quantum measurement for Bose-Einstein condensate
• 2014-05-22 Tzu-Chieh Wei (Stony Brook University) Quantum computational universality of Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki states on two-dimensional lattices
• 2014-05-15 Torsten Karzig (Caltech) Topological Polaritons
• 2014-03-10 Gabriele Ferrari (NO-CNR BEC Center and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita di Trento) Spontaneous creation of Kibble-Zurek solitons in a Bose-Einstein condensate
• 2013-10-31 Xiwen Guan (Australian National University) Interacting Fermions in one dimension: from few- to many-body phenomena
• 2013-10-10 Chang-Yu Hou (California Institute of Technology) CANCELED: Proposal for coherent coupling of Majorana zero modes and fluxonium qubits using the 4 π-Josephson effect
• 2013-10-03 Brian Swingle (Harvard University) Entanglement, Renormalization, and Holography
• 2013-08-29 Peter Kruger (The University of Nottingham) Quantum gases in micro-engineered environments near surfaces
• 2013-07-18 Julian Sonner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Dynamics of broken symmetry
• 2013-06-27 Jonathan Keeling (University of St. Andrews) Non-equilibrium phases of coupled matter-light systems
• 2013-06-20 Jess Reidel (IBM Watson) Decoherence and the Quantum Detection of Classically Undetectable Phenomena
• 2013-06-13 Sebastian Deffner (University of Maryland) Quantum speed limits for non-Markovian dynamics
• 2013-03-14 Aditi Mitra (New York University) Quantum quenches: prethermalization, thermalization and dynamical phase transitions
• 2013-03-07 H. R. Sadeghpour (ITAMP, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) Anomalous heating in ion traps: what is it and can it be mitigated?
• 2013-02-26 Andrew Comech (Texas A & M University) Linear stability of solitary waves in nonlinear Dirac equation
• 2012-12-20 Sumanta Tewari (Clemson University) The search for the quirky quantum particle struck gold: The emergence of Majorana fermions in condensed matter physics and its implications
• 2012-12-13 Michael Zwolak (Department of Physics Oregon State University) Universality of redundancy under pure decoherence
• 2012-11-29 Lawrence Schulman (Clarkson University) Relative momentum for identical particles
• 2012-11-15 Brian Anderson (University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences) Studies of Vortex Physics in 2D with Bose-Einstein Condensates
• 2012-11-08 Denys I. Bondar and Renan Cabrera ( Department of Chemistry, Princeton University) Operational Dynamic Modeling: Quantum-to-classical Transition and Relativistic Quantum Transport
• 2012-11-01 Lorenza Viola (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College ) Quantum control of open quantum systems: from dissipation-protected to dissipation-driven quantum dynamics
• 2012-09-06 Kin Chung Fong (California Institute of Technology) Can graphene detect single microwave photon?
• 2012-07-19 Alexander Streltsov (Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf) Quantum cost for sending entanglement
• 2012-07-12 Ramil Nigmatullin (Ulm University) Linear to Zigzag Phase Transition in Ion Traps
• 2012-06-28 Jacek Klos (Department of Chemistry, University of Maryland) Collisional processes involving radicals: Theory & Experiment
• 2012-05-29 Tanja E. Mehlstäubler (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt, Bundesallee 100, 38116 Braunschweig, Germany Center for Quantum Engineering & Space Time Research QUEST ) Optical Clocks – Search for Physics beyond the Standard Model
• 2012-04-19 Ryan Wilson (JILA - Boulder, Colorado) Manifestations of the Roton in Dipolar Bose Gases
• 2012-04-12 Jess Riedel (T-4/T-CNLS) Decoherence, Quantum Darwinism, and the Real World
• 2012-02-09 Andrew Sykes (T-4 and CNLS) Probing the quantum state of a 1D Bose gas using off-resonant light scattering
• 2012-02-02 Jeff Sherman (NIST-Boulder,Time and Frequency) Blackbody-Stark and cold-collision shifts in an optical lattice clock
• 2011-11-17 Marco Piani (University of Waterloo) Quantumness versus entanglement in quantum measurements
• 2011-11-03 Brian DeMarco (Department of Physics University of Illinois) Quantum Quenches in an Optical Lattice
• 2011-09-22 Andrey Rogachev (University of Utah) Non-additive effect of superconductivity suppression by thickness reduction and magnetic Gd impurities in amorphous MoGe films
• 2011-08-09 Harald R. Haakh (University of Potsdam) Fluctuation-induced effects in metallic and superconducting atom chips
• 2011-06-09 G. S. Agarwal (Department of Physics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK ) Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Mechanical Effects of Light
• 2011-05-26 Micah Ledbetter (University of California, Berkeley) Adventures in atomic magnetometry and zero-field NMR
• 2011-05-12 Sevag Gharibian (University of Waterloo) Approximation algorithms for QMA-complete problems
• 2011-04-21 Seth Rittenhouse (ITAMP/Harvard) Few-body systems in ultracold dipolar gases
• 2011-03-10 Vivien Zapf (MPA-CMMS) Quantum magnets: Bosonic behavior, condensation and magneto-electric effects
• 2011-02-17 Mariusz Gajda (Polish Academy of Sciences) Solitons as the early stage of quasicondensate formation during evaporative cooling
• 2011-02-10 Chris Ferrie (University of Waterloo and The institute for Quantum Computing) Negativity in quasi-probability representations
• 2011-01-13 Robert O'Connell (Louisiana State University) Is there Unruh Radiation?
• 2010-12-16 Seth Lloyd (MIT) Sending a Photon Backwards in Time
• 2010-12-09 Norman Yao (Harvard University) Robust Quantum State Transfer in Random Unpolarized Spin Chains
• 2010-12-02 Cesar Rodriguez-Rosario (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University) Decoherence Rate and System-Environment Quantum Correlations
• 2010-11-04 Patrick Coles (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA) Information-theoretic treatment of tripartite systems and quantum channels
• 2010-10-28 Aram Harrow (University of Washington) Minimum output entropy of quantum channels is hard to approximate
• 2010-08-31 Kazimierz Rzazewski (Polish Academy of Sciences) Bose statistics and classical fields
• 2010-08-05 Jacopo Sabbatini (University of Queensland ) Kibble-Zurek mechanism in spin-1/2 Bose-Einstein condensate
• 2010-07-15 Michael Uhlmann (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia) O(N) symmetry-breaking quantum quench -- defect creation and scaling
• 2010-06-10 Marcelo P. de Miranda (School of Chemistry, University of Leeds) Dynamics of Molecular Collisions: Analysis, Control, Information
• 2010-06-03 Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) Quantum Catastrophies
• 2010-05-27 Robin Blume-Kohout (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) Quantum Knowledge
• 2010-05-06 Graeme Smith (IBM) When Quantum Mechanics Meets Time Machines
• 2010-04-22 Marek Rams (Jagiellonian University) Dynamics of an inhomogeneous quantum phase transition
• 2010-04-08 Florent Krzakala (ESPCI, Paris) Energy gaps in quantum first-order transitions: The problems that quantum annealing cannot solve
• 2010-04-01 Matthias Christandl (LMU, Munich) The Uncertainty Principle in the Presence of Quantum Memory
• 2010-03-25 Ryan Behunin (University of Maryland) Nonequilibrium forces between neutral atoms and surfaces
• 2010-03-04 Andrew J. Kerman (Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) A metastable superconducting qubit
• 2010-02-04 Lorenzo Maccone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Quantum Metrology
• 2010-02-03 Lorenzo Maccone (MIT) Quantum Physics and the Arrow of Time
• 2010-01-28 Gregory C. Dente (GCD Associates, Albuquerque, NM) Electronic Structure Calculations Using a New Density-Functional Theory
• 2010-01-21 Steven Johnson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Universal Descriptions of Resonant Processes, from Linear Optical Filters to Nonlinear Frequency Conversion
• 2009-12-03 Rolando Somma (T-4) Necessary Conditions for the Quantum Adiabatic Approximation
• 2009-10-22 Darin Kinion (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Quantum-Limited Measurements: From Dark Matter to Qubits
• 2009-08-06 Thaddeus D. Ladd (E. L. Ginzton Lab, Stanford University and the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo) Quantum Computing with Semiconductor Nanophotonics
• 2009-06-18 Alexander Nesterov (CUCEI, Guadalajara University) Geometric Phases and Quantum Phase Transitions in Open Systems
• 2009-06-11 Ashton Bradley (University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand) Vortex dipole formation and dynamics in highly oblate Bose-Einstein condensates
• 2009-03-02 K. Birgitta Whaley (University of California, Berkeley) The Size of Macroscopic Superposition States: How Big is Your Cat?

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