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Publications, 2007

LEGEND: boldfaced names are CNLS postdocs, students, directors and deputies, Ulam scholars, visitors and affiliates.

1.              Araujo, P. T., Doorn, S. K., Kilina, S., Tretiak, S., Einarsson, E., Maruyama, S., Chacham, H., Pimenta, M. A. & Jorio, A. (2007). Third and fourth optical transitions in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. Physical Review Letters 98, 067401.

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21.           Wu, C., Tretiak, S. & Chernyak, V. Y. (2007). Excited states and optical response of a donor-acceptor substituted polyene: A TD-DFT study. Chemical Physics Letters 433, 305-311.


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