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Center for Nonlinear Studies

  The sponsorship of conferences is one of the major institutional activities of the Center for Nonlinear Studies. Since the CNLS serves as an interface between mission critical research at LANL and the outside research community, conference sponsorship is an activity of vital importance for the Center and the Laboratory. In particular, sponsorship of conferences accomplishes the following: 

  • It enables the CNLS to identify and explore the widest possible range of nonlinear and complex systems problems. 
  • It helps disseminate the latest developments in nonlinear and complex systems science. 
  • It helps form and fosters research collaborations between LANL researchers and outside researchers and academia. 
  • It helps build new areas of research and refine the direction of existing areas of research.

 To learn more about obtaining conference sponsorship through CNLS, please visit our Conference Sponsorship page.

Upcoming Workshops/Conferences

Chirality, Topology and Unconventional Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 and UTe2

October 28-30, 2021


Priscila Rosa (LANL)

Stuart Brown ( UCLA)

Peter Hirschfeld (University of Florida)


CoDA 2022

April 5-7, 2022


Chair: Kary Myers (LANL)

Co-Chair:  Emily Casleton (LANL)

Co-Chair: Mike Grosskopf (LANL) 

Physics and Astrophysics of Common Envelopes

February 28 - March 4, 2022


Chair: Chris Fryer (LANL)

Nadia Blagorodnova (Radboud University)

Natalia Ivanova (University of Alberta)

Stephen Justham (University of Amsterdam)

Chryssa Kouveliotou (George Washington University)

Michael Zingale (Stony Brook University)

Dieter Hartmann (Clemson University) 



Past Events

*We are aware that not all the links for previous conferences work. It is an issue we are in the process of addressing.*     

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