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CNLS Talks, 2013
• 2013-12-19 Kiyoshi Nakayama (University of California, Irvine) Distributed Smart Grid Management Model
• 2013-12-18 Cliff Joslyn (PNNL) Semantic Graph Database Analytics: Complex is the New Big Data
• 2013-12-18 Erik Volz (Imperial College London) Mathematical modeling of pathogen gene genealogies with applications to HIV and MRSA
• 2013-12-17 Roman Groger (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Physics of Materials ) Bridging length and time scales in modeling plasticity
• 2013-12-16 Dmitry Budker (University of California, Berkeley) The Perfect Defects: Physics and Applications of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond
• 2013-12-10 Brian Borchers (New Mexico Tech) Algorithms and Software for Semidefinite Programming: Primal-Dual Interior Point Methods and Beyond.
• 2013-12-05 Marshall Brenner (Michigan State University) Trace Explosives Detection through Coherent Control of Stimulated Raman Scattering
• 2013-12-03 Stephane Mazevet (Observatoire de Paris, CNRS) Ab initio equation of states for planetary and exoplanetary modeling
• 2013-11-25 Vasanth Iyer (Florida International University) Ensemble Stream Model for Data-Cleaning in Sensor Networks
• 2013-11-18 Alexander White (University of California, San Diego) Electron and Energy Transfer in Single Molecule Junctions
• 2013-11-14 Terry Haut (CCS-2 / CNLS) Advances on an asymptotic parallel-in-time method for highly oscillatory PDEs
• 2013-11-14 Harsha Nagarajan (Texas A&M University) Synthesizing robust communication networks for UAVs under resource constraints
• 2013-11-07 Soumya Kundu (CCS-3 / CNLS) Hysteresis-based Electrical Load Control and Sum-of-squares Based Lyapunov Stability Analysis of Power Grid
• 2013-11-05 Krishnamurthy Dvijotham (University of Washington) Convex Structured Controller Design
• 2013-11-05 Jose-Miguel Reynolds-Barredo (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain) Parareal time parallelization technique and its application to 2D drift wave and 5D gyrokinetic turbulence simulations
• 2013-11-04 Greg Beylkin (University of Colorado) Nonlinear approximations in quantum chemistry: some results and challenges
• 2013-11-01 Madeny Belkhri (Atomic Energy Commission, CEA Saclay) Atomic physics and density effects in plasmas out of thermodynamic equilibrium
• 2013-10-31 Ying Tang (Boston University) Confinement and Deconfinement of Spinons in Two Dimensions
• 2013-10-31 Ben Althouse (Santa Fe Institute) Competition between infectors for susceptible individuals as a key driver of infectious disease dynamics
• 2013-10-31 Samuel Scarpino (Santa Fe Institute) Optimizing Provider Recruitment for Public Health Surveillance Networks
• 2013-10-30 Daniel Molzahn (University of Michigan) Application of Semidefinite Optimization Techniques to the Optimal Power Flow Problem
• 2013-10-28 Helmut Katzgraber (Texas A&M University) Self-organized criticality in Hamiltonian spin systems: intriguingly ordinary or ordinarily intriguing?
• 2013-10-14 No Colloquium
• 2013-09-25 Rina Dechter (University of California, Irvine) Inference and Search for Graphical Models
• 2013-09-24 Scott Sellars (University of California, Irvine) Embracing the Fourth Paradigm: Building Population Statistics for Meteorological Events Using an Object-Oriented Connectivity Algorithm and Machine Learning
• 2013-09-12 Travis Oliphant, Co-Founder and CEO (Continuum Analytics) High Performance Computing with Python
• 2013-09-11 Karin Dahmen (University of Illinois) Tuned-critical quake statistics: from compressed nanopillars to earthquakes
• 2013-09-09 No Colloquium
• 2013-09-04 Clio Andris (Santa Fe Institute) Spatializing Social Networks and Social Flows
• 2013-09-02 No Colloquium
• 2013-08-26 Laura Slivinski (Brown University) A Hybrid Filter Scheme for Lagrangian Data Assimilation
• 2013-08-15 Petr Sulc (Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford) Coarse-grained modelling of nucleic acids
• 2013-08-08 Slava Lukin (Naval Research Laboratory) Plasma Physics of the Heliosphere: From Sun to Earth
• 2013-08-06 Jim M. Ferguson (Texas A&M University) Radiative Shock Solutions with Grey Sn-transport
• 2013-08-05 Michael Fisher (Swarthmore College) Optimum Steady-State Natural Gas Compression for Tree Networks
• 2013-08-05 Ilya Nemenman (Emory University) Inferring phenomenological models of cellular regulation from data
• 2013-08-01 Jeff Haack (University of Texas at Austin) A Conservative Spectral Method for Solving the Boltzmann Equation
• 2013-07-29 Jean Luc Thiffeault (University of Wisconsin) The Topology Of Fluid Mixing
• 2013-07-16 Florian Dorfler (University of California, Santa Barbara) Slow Coherency and Sparsity-Promoting Optimal Wide-Area Control in Power Networks
• 2013-07-16 Marcus Hanwell (Kitware) Avogadro, Open Chemistry and Scientific Visualization/Analysis Software Process
• 2013-07-16 Alex Rudkevich (Newton Energy Group ) pCloud: a Cloud-based Power Market Simulation Environment
• 2013-07-15 Nathan Gibson Analysis of FDTD methods for polydispersive media
• 2013-07-14 Dennice Gayme (Johns Hopkins University) Toward renewable and efficient power systems
• 2013-07-10 Edward Dougerty (Texas A&M University) Error Estimation and Classification in the Context of Prior Knowledge
• 2013-07-01 Sidhant Misra (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Computing the partition function of the coloring problem
• 2013-06-26 Randal Burns (Johns Hopkins University) The Open Connectome Project: A Big Data Architecture for the BRAIN Initiative
• 2013-06-26 Auna Moser (P-24) Introduction to plasma laboratory astrophysics
• 2013-06-25 Guillaume Chapuis (University of Rennes) Shortest Path Computation on Multi-GPU Platforms
• 2013-06-25 Muthusamy Lakshmanan (Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, Bharathidasan University) Synchronization of an Array of Spin Torque Nano Oscillators
• 2013-06-25 A. Idesman (Texas Tech University) Accurate Numerical Solutions of Wave Propagation Problems Based on New Dispersion-Reduction Technique and New Two-Stage Time-Integration Technique. Comparative Study of Different Finite Element Techniques
• 2013-06-24 William Klein (Physics Department, Boston University) The Relation Between Economic Growth and Economic Equality
• 2013-06-20 Julie Phillips (UC Merced) Molecular Evolution and Dynamics in a Eukarytoic tRNA "Hot Pocket"
• 2013-06-20 Lyudmyla Adamska (University of South Florida) Theory and Modeling of Graphene and Molecular Electronic Devices
• 2013-06-19 Mike McKerns (California Institute of Technology) 'mystic' and uncertainty quantification in materials design, analysis, and failure
• 2013-06-19 Fabio Luciani (School of Medical Sciences, University of New South Wales) Computational models and next generation sequencing technologies to study hepatitis viruses
• 2013-06-18 Wolfgang Losert (University of Maryland) Physics of Cancer
• 2013-06-18 Peter Veerman (Portland State University) Rank Driven Dynamical Systems
• 2013-06-18 Cristina Garcia-Cardona (Claremont Graduate University) Multiclass Diffuse Interface Models for Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs
• 2013-06-18 Peter Veerman (Portland State University) Control of Transients in the Synchronization of Oscillator Networks
• 2013-06-17 Wolfgang Losert (University of Maryland) Collective Dynamics of Granular Materials
• 2013-06-12 Lav Varshney (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) Informational Limits of Systems with Humans and Machines
• 2013-06-11 Juliana Freire (Polytechnic Institute of New York University) Exploring Big and not so Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges
• 2013-06-10 Jupiter Bagaipo and A. B. Hassam (University of Maryland) Boundary induced amplification and nonlinear instability of interchange modes
• 2013-06-10 Changhong Zhao (California Institute of Technology) Power system dynamics as prima-dual-algorithm for optimal load control
• 2013-06-06 Adam Stanier (University of Manchester) Two-fluid simulations of merging-compression start-up in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak
• 2013-06-05 Barbara Jones (IBM Almaden Research Center) Data-Driven Discovery of Physical, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Materials
• 2013-06-03 No Colloquium
• 2013-05-30 Marc Vuffray (EPFL) Diluted p-spin glass, spatial coupling and application to Lossy source coding
• 2013-05-30 Kenley Pelzer (University of Chicago) Quantum Biology: Elucidating Design Principles from Photosynthesis
• 2013-05-29 Chris North (Virginia Tech) Semantic Interaction in Visual Analytics -- Towards the Goal of Cognition+Computation
• 2013-05-29 Chenye Wu (Tsinghua University) Deregulated Electricity Market for Smart Grid: A Network Economic Approach
• 2013-05-27 No Colloquium
• 2013-05-20 Niels Gronbech-Jensen (University of California, Davis) A Verlet-type Algorithm for Improved Simulations of Langevin Equations
• 2013-05-14 Scott Bergeson (Brigham Young University) Manipulating the ion temperature in a strongly coupled neutral plasma
• 2013-05-13 Blair Sullivan (Oak Ridge National Lab) Intermediate-scale tree-like structure in informatics networks
• 2013-05-07 Ed Stites (Washington University in St. Louis) Model-based analysis of promiscuity in the phosphotyrosine signaling network motif
• 2013-05-06 No Colloquium
• 2013-05-06 Gregory Voth (University of Chicago) Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems: Surmounting the Challenge of Bridging the Scales
• 2013-04-30 John Abraham (UCLA) Observation of a New Casimir Effect in Saturated Superfluid 4He Films
• 2013-04-29 Jonathan Sellinger (Kent State University) Curvature and Defects in Soft Membranes with Orientational Order
• 2013-04-25 Igor Aronson (Argonne National Laboratory) Modeling of Eukaryotic Cell Motility on Engineered Substrates
• 2013-04-23 Thomas Halsey (Exxon Mobil) Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
• 2013-04-22 Dr. Thomas Halsey (Exxon Mobil) The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040
• 2013-04-18 Joe Pedlosky (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) KAC Lecture: The Circulation around Islands and Kelvin’s Theorem
• 2013-04-18 Allen Boozer (Columbia University) Magnetic Reconnection in Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
• 2013-04-17 Joe Pedlosky (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) KAC Lecture: Baroclinic Instability and the Meandering of Ocean Currents, Chaos and Associated Spatial Contraction
• 2013-04-15 No Colloquium
• 2013-04-15 Joe Pedlosky (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) KAC Lecture: The Structure of the Oceanic Thermocline and the Equatorial Undercurrent
• 2013-04-08 Mike Thorpe (Arizona State and Oxford Universities) Rigidity Percolation and Jamming
• 2013-04-08 Soumya Kundu (University of Michgan, Ann Arbor) Seamless Integration of Renewable Generation and Plug-in Electric Vehicles into the Electrical Grid
• 2013-04-01 Mark G. Raizen (University of Texas at Austin) Controlling Matter with Maxwell's Demon
• 2013-03-25 Richard Sayre (New Mexico Consortium) Molecular strategies for enhanced biomass and biofuel production from microalgae
• 2013-03-20 Pascal van Hentenryck (NICTA) Energy Systems Research at NICTA: An Overview
• 2013-03-19 Alexey Morozov (University of Michgan) Ensemble-based data assimilation for GITM: assimilating CHAMP neutral density and GPS TEC measurements
• 2013-03-19 Ian Hiskens (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Model Predictive Control Strategies for Post-Disturbance Corrective Action
• 2013-03-18 David Hill (University of Sydney, Australia) Future Power Grids
• 2013-03-13 Diane Oyen (University of New Mexico) Interactive Learning of Dependency Networks for Scientific Discovery
• 2013-03-04 Dean Astumian (University of Maine) Microscopic Reversibility: The Organizing Principle for Molecular Machines
• 2013-02-18 No Colloquium
• 2013-02-15 Curtis Huttenhower (Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Medicine) Computational methods for meta'omic characterization of the human microbiome
• 2013-02-14 Professor Anthony Leggett (University of Illinois) Superfluidity, phase coherence and the new Bose-condensed alkali gases.
• 2013-02-13 Professor Anthony Leggett (University of Illinois) Testing the limits of quantum mechanics: motivation, state of play, prospects
• 2013-02-12 César López Bautista (University of Groningen-The Netherlands) Coarse graining the world: Insights through a Martini glass
• 2013-02-12 Ivan Christov (Princeton University) Transport phenomena in flows of granular materials
• 2013-02-11 Ken Chambers (Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii) Pan-STARRS Sky Survey
• 2013-02-06 Nils Bertschinger (Max Planck Institute) Probabilistic Programming
• 2013-01-28 Lei Zhao (University of California, San Diego) The Role of Turbulence in Electron-Ion Energy Transfer in Tokamak Plasmas
• 2013-01-28 Christopher Long (University of California, San Diego) Using Isogeometric Analysis to Simulate Operation of a Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device and Shock Hydrodynamics
• 2013-01-23 M. Vucelja (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University) A glass transition in population genetics: Emergence of clones in populations
• 2013-01-21 No Colloquium
• 2013-01-11 Stefanos Papanikolau (Dept. of Physics, Yale University) Frictional Jamming Crossover
• 2013-01-10 Stefanos Papanikolau (Dept. of Physics, Yale University) From dislocations to earthquakes: The emergence of oscillations in driven systems
• 2013-01-09 Warren B. Powell (Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University) The Knowledge Gradient Policy for Optimal Learning
• 2013-01-09 Yair Mau (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Spatial Periodic Forcing Can Displace Patterns It Is Intended to Control
• 2013-01-09 Guzin Bayraksan and David Love (University of Arizona, Tucson) A Likelihood Robust Method for Water Allocation under Uncertainty
• 2013-01-07 Joe Niemela (ICTP Trieste) Turbulent convection at very high Rayleigh and Taylor numbers
• 2013-01-03 Dave Ussery (The Technical University of Denmark) Methods to Compare Bacterial Genomes - with special emphasis on AT content

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