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CNLS Talks, 2007
• 2007-12-12 Anil Deane (Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD) An Unsplit Staggered Mesh Scheme for MHD
• 2007-12-10 Dr. Marko Djordjevic (Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University) Quantitative modeling and bioinformatics of gene transcription
• 2007-12-06 Clayton Webster (John von Neumann Fellow, Computer Science Research Institute, Sandia National Laboratories) Analyzing Dimension-Adaptive Sparse Grid Stochastic Collocation Techniques for Partial Differential Equations with High-Dimensional Random Input Data
• 2007-12-03 Professor Micah Dembo (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University) Mechanosensory Transduction and the Dynamics Of Cellular Traction Forces
• 2007-11-26 Kurt Wiesenfeld (Georgia Institute of Technology) Of Metronomes and Pendulum Clocks and Fiber Lasers
• 2007-11-20 Andrew Sykes (University of Queensland) Pair Correlations in the 1D Bose gas
• 2007-11-15 Cristiano Nisoli (Penn State University) Ground State Lost, Degeneracy Found in Artificial Spin Ice
• 2007-11-08 Peter Fawcett (University of New Mexico) Climate change over two mid-Pleistocene glacial cycles in the Valles Caldera, New Mexico
• 2007-11-05 John Weeks (Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland) Surface dynamics from chemical potential gradients: step bunching and superstep motion in solution growth of crystals
• 2007-10-29 Edward B. Saff (Vanderbilt University) Discrete Minimal Energy Problems
• 2007-10-29 S. P. Schofield (T-7) A new second-order accurate, material order independent interface reconstruction method
• 2007-10-22 Jianshu Cao (Department of Chemistry, MIT) Classical-quantum correspondence of response functions
• 2007-10-22 Jin Yao (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Geometrical Interface Reconstruction on Unstructured Meshes
• 2007-10-15 Edriss S. Titi (Weizmann Institute of Science and University of California - Irvine) Alpha Sub-grid Scale Models of Turbulence and Inviscid Regularization
• 2007-10-15 Arik Yochelis (University of California at Los Angeles) Biology beyond Turings' Morphogenesis: From Nonlinear Theory to Stem Cell Self-Organization
• 2007-10-02 Dr. Ali Beskok (Old Dominion University) AC Electrokinetic Manipulation of Colloids & Biological Particles
• 2007-10-02 Mike Watson (University of Colorado at Boulder) Efficient Solution of Differential Equations with Chebyshev Discretizations
• 2007-09-24 Ricardo Marti-Arbona (Texas A & M University) Seminar: Function Discoveries within the Amidohydrolase Superfamily
• 2007-09-18 Prof. Jacques Tempere (University of Antwerp) Seminar: "Path integral description of imbalanced Fermi gases"
• 2007-09-13 Ariel Rivas (Cornell University) Nework theory and GIS: applications in epidemiology
• 2007-09-13 Jian-Zhou Zhu (T-7) Thermalization and Bottleneck in Turbulence
• 2007-09-13 Charles S. Jackson, Mrinal K. Sen, Gabriel Huerta, Yi Deng, Kenneth P. Bowman (Institute for Geophysics, The University of Texas) Error Reduction and Convergence in Climate Prediction
• 2007-09-12 Golan Bel (University of California at Santa Barbara) Ergodicity Breaking in the Continuous Time Random Walk
• 2007-09-10 Konstantin Efetov (Ruhr-University Bochum) Effect of Disorder on Transport in Graphene
• 2007-09-05 Alexander Danilov Reduced mesh representations in MSTK
• 2007-09-05 Dylan Allegretti (University of Chicago) Cellular Automata for Distributed Sensor Networks
• 2007-08-30 Francisco-Jose Perez-Reche (Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides, Ecole Polytechnique) Statistical Mechanics applied to Structural Transformations in solids:
• 2007-08-29 Cyril Measson (Lucent Technologies) From Belief Propagation (BP) to Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) Decoding and back
• 2007-08-28 Devavrat Shah (MIT) Message Passing Algorithms for Network Scheduling
• 2007-08-27 Marija Vucelja (Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science) Seminar: Clustering of matter in waves and currents
• 2007-08-27 Xianping Li (University of Kansas) Seminar - Mesh Adaptation and Discrete Maximum Principle for 2D
• 2007-08-27 Victor Steinberg (Weizmann Institute) Dynamics and interaction of vesicles in various external flows
• 2007-08-24 Ekaterina Badaeva (University of Washington) Theoretical analysis of enhanced two-photon absorption in organic dyes using time-dependent density functional theory
• 2007-08-22 Dylan Allegretti (University of Chicago) Cellular Automata for Distributed Sensor Networks
• 2007-08-22 Emanuel Rubensson (Royal Institute of Technology) Recursive Inverse Factorization
• 2007-08-20 Christos N. Kavouklis (University of Texas at Austin) Two-phase flow simulation using the level set method
• 2007-08-20 Vladimir Privman (Clarkson University) Mechanisms of synthesis and self-assembly of uniform colloids and nanoparticles
• 2007-08-15 David Dreisigmeyer (HPC-4, LANL) Direct Search Methods on Lipschitz Manifolds
• 2007-08-14 Jack F. Douglas (Polymers Division, NIST) Waves of Self-Assembly
• 2007-08-14 David Dreisigmeyer (HPC-4, LANL) The Implicit Function Theorem
• 2007-08-13 Jack F. Douglas (Polymer Div., NIST) Transport Properties of Polymers and Nanoparticles
• 2007-08-10 Youzuo Lin (Arizona State University) Estimation of optimal regularization parameters for Total Variation Methods
• 2007-08-09 William I. Newman (UCLA) Gang Recruitment and Growth: A Cellular Automata and Directed Graph Approach to the Statistics of Gang Sizes
• 2007-08-09 Stephen DeSalvo, Sharif Ibrahim, Jennifer Treanor (University of Southern California) Image Processing for C. elegans Movement Video Streams: Interim Report
• 2007-08-08 Dominique Orban (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal) Solving Trust-Region Subproblems and Constrained Optimization Problems
• 2007-08-07 Dominique Orban (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal) Introduction to Interior-Point Methods for Constrained Optimization
• 2007-08-06 Wotao Yin (Rice University) Optimization on Networks
• 2007-08-02 David Dreisigmeyer (HPC-4, LANL) Direct Search Methods Using Triangulations
• 2007-08-01 Wotao Yin (Rice University) Iterative Methods for Convex Programming
• 2007-08-01 David Dreisigmeyer (HPC-4, LANL) Extending Direct Search Methods to C^{2} Regular Level Surfaces
• 2007-07-31 David Dreisigmeyer (HPC-4, LANL) Introduction to C^{2} Regular Level Surfaces
• 2007-07-30 Alexander Fetter (Stanford University) Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates
• 2007-07-19 Mark Abramson (Air Force Institute of Technology) Extensions of Direct Search Methods
• 2007-07-18 Mark Abramson (Air Force Institute of Technology) Direct Search Algorithms for Derivative-Free Optimization
• 2007-07-17 Mark Abramson (Air Force Institute of Technology) Optimization Theory and Algorithms
• 2007-07-11 Amber Smith (University of Utah) Within-Host Dynamics of a Secondary Infection: Influenza and Streptococcus pneumoniae
• 2007-07-11 Pavel Vachal (Czech Technical University in Prague) Physically Motivated Modal Decomposition of Mesh Deformations for Rezoning in ALE Simulations
• 2007-06-28 Ekhard Salje (University of Cambridge, UK) Ferroelastic twin boundaries as super-highways for ionic transport
• 2007-06-12 Prashant Sardeshmukh (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science) Sensitivity of Regional Climates to Remote Tropical Ocean Changes
• 2007-06-11 Roberto Camassa (University of North Carolina) Spinning rods, microfluidics, and mucus propulsion by cilia in the lung
• 2007-05-23 Philip Mannheim (University of Connecticut) Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Fact or Fiction
• 2007-05-16 Thierry Emonet (Yale University) From network dynamics to cell behavior in bacterial chemotaxis
• 2007-05-15 Nora Nortmann (Institut of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabr) Viewing Behavior: Influence and Integration of Task Dependent Information
• 2007-05-14 Donald L. Turcotte (University of California, Davis) Earthquakes, Landslides, Wildfires, and Floods - What Do They Have in Common?
• 2007-05-10 Hugh F. Jones (Imperial College London) Equivalent Hermitian Hamiltonians
• 2007-05-09 George N. Phillips Jr. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Dynamics of proteins in crystals
• 2007-05-07 Predrag Cvitanovic (Georgia Institute of Technology) Geometry of state space of a turbulent plane Couette flow
• 2007-05-03 Fred Cooper (NSF) Time Dependent Variational Methods: The Dynamics of Solitary Waves in Classical and Quantum Field Theories
• 2007-04-30 A. Peter Young (University of California, Santa Cruz) Phase transitions in spin glasses
• 2007-04-30 Stephen Boettcher (Emory University) Large-Scale Simulations of Ising Spin Glasses on bond-diluted Lattices
• 2007-04-23 Alan Middleton (University of Syracuse) Should physicists in finite dimensions care about computer science?
• 2007-04-18 Peter A. Clarkson (Institute of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Kent) Rational Solutions of the Painlevé Equations and Applications to Soliton Equations
• 2007-04-18 Prof. Marco Merkli (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Some recent developments in the theory of open quantum systems
• 2007-04-16 Pierre Gremaud (North Carolina State University) Modeling and computational issues in slow granular flows
• 2007-04-10 John Harnad (University of Montreal) Tau functions, matrix integrals and random processes
• 2007-04-09 Vitaly Vodyanoy (Auburn University) Role of Zn nanoclusters in signal transduction in olfactory neurons
• 2007-04-09 Weizhang Huang (University of Kansas) Mathematical principles for anisotropic mesh adaptation
• 2007-03-29 David Nelson (Lyman Laboratory of Physics, Harvard University) Neutral Mutations and Gene Surfing in Microorganisms
• 2007-03-28 David Nelson (Lyman Laboratory of Physics, Harvard University) Non-Hermitian Luttinger Liquids and Vortex Physics
• 2007-03-27 David Nelson (Lyman Laboratory of Physics, Harvard University) Crystallography on Curved Surfaces: Virus Buckling and Grain Boundary Scars
• 2007-03-23 Thierry Dauxois (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) Internal gravity waves and topography: emission, propagation and reflection
• 2007-03-22 Thierry Dauxois (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) Statistical mechanics of systems with long-range interactions: problems, solutions applications and perspectives
• 2007-03-20 Igor Kolokolov (Landau Institute, Moscow) Optimal fluctuation approach to a directed polymer in a random medium
• 2007-03-19 Keith Julien (University of Colorado) Generalized Quasi-geostrophy for Spatially Anisotropic Rotationally Constrained Flows: Non-Hydrostatic Flows
• 2007-03-16 Michel Shats (Australian National University) Shear suppression of turbulence and structural changes in plasma and
• 2007-03-15 Karen Daniels (Dept. of Physics, North Carolina State University) Three Short Granular Stories
• 2007-03-13 Vladimir Lebedev (Landau Institute, Moscow) Dynamics of nearly spherical vesicles in an external flow
• 2007-03-13 Annette Zippelius (Institute for Theoretical Physics) Viscoelasticity of gels
• 2007-03-12 Punit Boolchand (University of Cincinnati) Discovery of the intermediate phase
• 2007-03-12 Yuri Vassilevski (Russian Academy of Sciences) Numerical schemes for the 3D contaminant transport in porous media
• 2007-03-08 Edriss S. Titi (Weizmann Institute and the University of California at Irvine) Global Regularity for Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations and Other Relevant Geophysical Models
• 2007-03-06 Igor Kolokolov (Landau Institute) Effects of diffusion on large scales in passive advection
• 2007-03-05 De Witt Sumners (Florida State University) DNA Knots Reveal Chiral Packing of DNA in Phage Capsids
• 2007-02-15 Professor Ruth Nussinov (Head, Computational Structural Biology Group, National Cancer Institute, Fredrick, MD and Department of Human Genetics, School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, 69978 Israel) Nanobiology: Nanostructure Design Using a Library of Protein Parts
• 2007-01-29 Ildar Gabitov (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Arizona) Nonlinear phenomena in optical metamaterials
• 2007-01-22 Lawrence Pratt (LANL, T-12) Theory of Liquids and Landau’s “neither convincing nor useful” Epithet
• 2007-01-16 Daniel Ben-Avraham (Clarkson University) Diffusion-Limited One-Species Reactions in the Bethe Lattice
• 2007-01-10 Patrick Knupp (Sandia National Laboratories) Formulation of a Target-Matrix Paradigm for Mesh Optimization
• 2007-01-08 Jerry Gollub (Haverford College and University of Pennsylvania) Irreversibility and Chaos in Fluids

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