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CNLS Talks, 2022
• 2022-12-07 Jacob Muldoon (IUPUI, Indianapolis) Exploring Super-Quantum Temporal Correlations of Non-Hermitian Systems
• 2022-12-05 Joe Subotnik (University of Pennsylvania - Department of Chemistry) Role of Berry Forces in Nonadiabatic Dynamics and Implications for Spintronics
• 2022-11-30 Andrew Christlieb (Michigan State University) A new Particle-In-Cell method based on integral equations
• 2022-09-29 Tess Smidt (MIT) PIML Seminar Series 9: Euclidean Symmetry Equivariant Machine Learning for Atomic Systems -- Overview, Applications, and Open Questions
• 2022-09-15 Taco Cohen (Qualcomm AI Research in Amsterdam) From Equivariance to Naturality
• 2022-08-25 Lu Lu (University of Pennsylvania) PIML Seminar Series 5: Learning operators using deep neural networks for multiphysics, multiscale, & multifidelity problems
• 2022-08-11 Johannes Brandstetter (Senior Researcher at Microsoft Lab ) PIML Series Talk 3: Neural PDE solvers

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