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CNLS Talks, 2019
• 2019-12-19 Amy Lovell (T-CNLS, T-2) Learning Nuclear Masses with Mixture Density Networks
• 2019-10-28 Mark R. Pederson (University of Texas – El Paso) Molecular Magnets for Spectroscopic Sensing of Chemical Reactions and Qubits
• 2019-10-07 Hansmann Ulrich (University of Oklahoma) In Silico studies of protein folding and aggregation
• 2019-10-03 Masanao Yamaoka (Hitachi) A New-Paradigm Computing Accelerator, CMOS Annealing Machine, to Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems
• 2019-10-03 Borys Drach (New Mexico State University) MODELING AND ANALYSIS OF 3D WOVEN COMPOSITES ON MESO-SCALE
• 2019-09-26 Ryan Wollaeger (LANL, CCS-2) Doppler shift in Monte Carlo radiative transfer with discrete diffusion and opacity regrouping optimizations
• 2019-09-24 Nigel Goldenfeld (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 2019 KAC Lecture: The Life and Death of Turbulence
• 2019-09-19 Jonah Miller (CNLS, CCS-2) Neutrino Transport and Nucleosynthesis in Compact Disks
• 2019-09-18 Peter Loxley (University of New England in Australia) Dynamic Programming with Sparse Codes: Investigating a New Computational Role for Sparse Representations of Natural Image Sequences
• 2019-09-18 Gianluca Iaccarino (Stanford University) Parametric and Model-Form Uncertainty Quantification in Multiphysics Simulations
• 2019-09-18 Carl Merrigan ( Brandeis University) Arrested States in Persistent Active Matter: Gelation without Attraction
• 2019-09-16 Eric Mjolsness (University of California, Irvine) Combining symbolic and numeric AI for modeling: Intelligent formal methods for complex model stacks
• 2019-09-16 Sameer Singh (University of California, Irvine) Detecting Bugs and Explaining Predictions of Machine Learning Models
• 2019-09-16 James Faeder (University of Pittsburgh) Identifying biochemical mechanisms that give rise to heterogeneity in single-cell responses
• 2019-09-04 Alexander I. Boldyrev (Utah State University) Delocalized Chemical Bonding in Novel Materials
• 2019-09-03 Gino Del Ferraro ( City College of New York) Finding influential nodes for integration in brain networks using optimal percolation theory
• 2019-08-27 Igor Mracka (Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia) Utilization of parallelization for solving selected inverse problems in gas transport
• 2019-08-22 Donghyun Cho (Korea University) How to grab an atom without squeezing it
• 2019-08-21 Mark Glickman (Harvard) Analysis of Longitudinal Studies with Treatment by Indication
• 2019-08-19 Godehard Suttmann (Forschungszentrum Jülich) Multi-Level Load Balancing for Particle Simulation Methods
• 2019-08-19 Swapnil Baral (University of Delaware) Predicting Spectral Properties of Polarity Sensitive Dyes with QM/MM Simulation
• 2019-08-16 Qiang Zhu (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Predicting phase behavior of grain boundaries with evolutionary search and machine learning
• 2019-08-15 Dennis Bowen (XCP-2) Predicting Electromagnetic Counterparts to Supermassive Binary Black Hole Mergers
• 2019-08-08 Trevor Michael and Naia Butler-Craig CTA Summer Student Talks
• 2019-08-07 Guoning Chen (University of Houston) Toward Robust Structure-Aware Hexahedral Meshing
• 2019-08-07 Kimberly Sellers (Georgetown University) Flexible Regression Models for Dispersed Count Data
• 2019-08-06 Sergey Kruk (Australian National University, Canberra) Nonlinear and topological meta-optics
• 2019-08-06 Uttam Bhat (University of California-Merced ) Modeling a Population of Diffusive Consumers on a Clustered Resource Landscape
• 2019-08-06 Andreas Baertschi (LANL) Preparation and Compression of Symmetric Pure Quantum States
• 2019-08-01 Mohira Rassel; Coleman Kendrick; Phuong Chau CNLS Student Seminars
• 2019-08-01 Edison Liang (Rice University) Relativistic Shear Flows and the Electromagnetic Radiation of GW170817
• 2019-08-01 Fred Hickernell (Illinois Institute of Technology) Tutorial on Understanding Error Analysis for Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods
• 2019-07-31 Fred J. Hickernell (Illinois Institute of Technology) The Challenges of Approximating Functions of Many Variables
• 2019-07-25 Frederik Geth (CSIRO Energy ) Missing features in unbalanced OPF: towards 4-wire OPF, transformers and OLTCs, lifted nonconvex formulations
• 2019-07-25 Christopher W Johnson (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) What’s all that seismic noise? Classifying emergent and impulsive signals in continuous waveforms
• 2019-07-24 Carl Morris (Harvard University) A Finite Selection Model (FSM) for Experimental Design
• 2019-07-23 Arvind Mohan (CCS-2) & Nicholas Lubbers (CCS-3) Interactive Tutorial: The PyTorch Library for Deep Learning
• 2019-07-23 Sue Mniszewski, Prosper Akrobotu, Jason Terry (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Combinatorics Algorithms on Near-term Quantum Architectures
• 2019-07-17 Dingwen Tao (The University of Alabama) High-Performance Computing at Extreme Scale-Keeping-Up with Scientific Data Explosion
• 2019-07-17 Ken Ryan (West Virginia University) On Data Integration Problems with Manifolds
• 2019-07-16 Benoit Legat (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique - FNRS) Automatic reformulation using optimization bridges
• 2019-07-16 Artemy Kolchinsky (Santa Fe Institute) Updated: Machine Learning through the Information Bottleneck
• 2019-07-11 Chris Neale (T-6) How to Give an Effective Research Presentation
• 2019-07-11 Efstathios Charalampidis (California Polytechnic State University) "Deflated Continuation: A bifurcation analysis tool for Nonlinear Schr\"odinger (NLS) Systems"
• 2019-07-11 Ebraheem Farag (LANL, XTD-IDA) Is There a Solar Model Solution to The Faint Young Sun Paradox?
• 2019-07-11 Mathias Fink (Langevin Institute) From Time-Reversed Waves to “Time Materials”
• 2019-07-09 Theresa-Marie Rhyne (Self-Employed) Color Fundamentals for Scientific Visualization
• 2019-07-08 David Mobley (University of California, Irvine) Understanding and predicting biomolecular motions and interactions using molecular simulations
• 2019-07-02 Jennifer Leopold (Missouri University of Science and Technology ) Diagnostic, Predictive, and Descriptive Analytics: Applications Using Graph Data Mining
• 2019-07-02 RAMIL NIGMATULLIN (THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY) Investigating nanofriction in zigzag Coulomb crystals
• 2019-07-02 Cody Greer (Washington University in St. Louis) Fast Objective Coupled Planar Illumination Microscopy
• 2019-07-01 Orit Peleg (U. Colorado Boulder) Physics of Social Insects
• 2019-06-26 Pawel Dlotko On the Shape of Data
• 2019-06-25 Mac Hyman (Tulane University) Good Choices for Great Careers
• 2019-06-25 Melek Saouessi (Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS and Université d’Orléans, Orléans, France Synchroton SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France) Time versus frequency domain analysis of quasielastic neutron scattering spectra from free and inhibited human Acetylcholinesterase
• 2019-06-25 Christopher Rackauckas Model-Free Scientific Computing with Neural Differential Equations
• 2019-06-24 Gerald Kneller (Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS and Université d’Orléans, Orléans, France) Energy landscape versus trajectory interpretation of neutron scattering spectra from complex systems
• 2019-06-20 Jacob Miner (T-6/CNLS) A translatable modeling paradigm for disease outbreaks: Avian Influenza A(H7N9)
• 2019-06-20 Peter Polko (T-2) Self-similar jet models: is the end in sight?
• 2019-06-13 Ryan Jadrich (T-1/CNLS) Accelerating materials design and ab initio simulation via statistical inference and machine learning
• 2019-06-10 CANCELLED-Luca Argenti CANCELLED-Attosecond two-photon interferometric measurements of resonant photoemission delays
• 2019-06-06 Steven Sanche (T-6/CNLS) Investigating hypotheses regarding the development of drug resistance and the persistence of HIV in hosts through mechanistic modeling
• 2019-06-06 Tony Lelièvre (Ecole des Ponts) Mathematical foundations of accelerated molecular dynamics
• 2019-06-05 Emilian M. Nica (Arizona State University) Interacting Majorana fermions in strained nodal superconductors and transport properties of graphene-based quantum-dot realizations of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models
• 2019-06-03 Alexander Taits and Keith Ciccotello, P.E. (FusionFlight Inc.) JetQuad Development for Remote Sensing Missions
• 2019-05-23 Arshan Nasir (Oppenheimer Fellow, T-6) Using Protein Structure to Study Deep Evolution
• 2019-05-23 Ivan Oseledets (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) Tensor decompositions and machine learning
• 2019-05-20 James Fraser (University of California, San Francisco) Protein conformational change we can believe in!
• 2019-05-16 Yen Ting Lin, collaborative work with Marian Anghel (CCS-3) (T-6/CNLS) Solving classical inference problems on modern machine-learning platforms
• 2019-05-15 Nirmal Rai (The University of Iowa) Meso-informed reactive burn model for heterogeneous energetic materials
• 2019-05-14 Yasha Shnir (LTP, JINR, Dubna) Skyrmions: from condensed matter to hairy black holes
• 2019-05-13 Ehud Meron (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Nonlinear dynamics of desertification
• 2019-05-09 Tillmann Weisser (T-5/CNLS) The Power of Moments and Positive Polynomials
• 2019-05-08 You-Hua Chu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Taiwan) Type Ia Supernova Remnants - what can they tell us about SN Ia?
• 2019-05-07 Misha Chertkov (University of Arizona & LANL) and Angel Garcia (CNLS/LANL) Collaboration in Mathematics Applied to Physical, Biological and Engineering Systems between University of Arizona and LANL
• 2019-05-07 Paolo Patelli Predicting financial markets
• 2019-05-06 Mette Gaarde (Louisiana State University) Driving ultrafast electron dynamics in the condensed phase through high harmonic generation
• 2019-05-06 Henry van den Bedem (SLAC) Protein receptor-ligand conformational dynamics from conventional and serial mix-and-inject X-ray crystallography
• 2019-05-02 Van Ngo (T-CNLS) How two different end tails control overall dynamics of their proteins?
• 2019-05-02 Philipp Mösta (UC Berkeley) Jet-driven supernovae in the multimessenger era
• 2019-04-26 Silke Paschen (Vienna University of Technology) New horizons in heavy fermion systems
• 2019-04-25 Dibyajyoti Ghosh (T-1/CNLS) Perovskite materials for solar cells: atomic-scale insights from ab initio modelling
• 2019-04-22 Niels Gronbech-Jensen (University of California, Davis) Precise Kinetic and Configurational Statistics in Langevin Systems and Molecular Dynamics
• 2019-04-18 Andreas Baertschi (T-CNLS) Efficient Delivery with Mobile Agents
• 2019-04-17 Sayonee Ray (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque) Disorder-free localization in the Kitaev honeycomb model
• 2019-04-15 Junko Yano (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Making Movies of Molecules - The Application of X-ray Lasers
• 2019-04-11 David Métivier (T-4/CNLS) Mean Field Control and Polynomial Chaos Expansion for compensating and estimating uncertainty in Renewable Energy generation
• 2019-04-08 Edward Ionides (University of Michigan) Likelihood-based inference for complex partially observed systems, with applications to genetic sequences, panel data and spatiotemporal data
• 2019-04-08 Kun Wang (Columbia University) A supervised/reinforcement learning approach for constitutive modeling of geomaterials
• 2019-04-04 Matthew Sweeney (EES-16/CNLS) Exploiting novel computational geometry methods to overcome fundamental problems in subsurface flow and transport
• 2019-04-04 Benoit Cote (Hungarian Academy of Sciences ) Probing the Origin of r-Process Elements and Isotopes in the Milky Way
• 2019-04-04 Vishwanath Shukla (Institut de Physique de Nice, Université Côte d’Azur, Nice, France) Superfluid hydrodynamics at fintie temperatures: Estimation of effective viscosity
• 2019-04-03 David Guera Cobo (Purdue University) The Adversarial Landscape: Satellite Imagery Forgery Detection and Counter-Forensic CNNs.
• 2019-04-01 Alexander Wagner (North Dakota State University) Deriving lattice Boltzmann methods as coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics simulations
• 2019-03-28 Ingo Tews (T-2/CNLS) Neutron-star mergers as probes for nuclear physics
• 2019-03-28 Dr. Crystal Anderson CANCELLED - Particle-in-Cell Simulations and Astrochemistry of Galactic and Extragalactic Star Forming Regions
• 2019-03-27 Dr. Pedro D. Manrique ( University of Miami) Heterogeneity in Complex Systems: Online Extremism and Crawling Organisms
• 2019-03-27 Christoph Sens-Schönfelder (German Research Centre for Geosciences) Fast variations of elastic properties due to cyclic strain
• 2019-03-21 Rachael A. Mansbach (T-6) Rational Molecular Design: Applications to Antibiotics and Conotoxins
• 2019-03-21 Xilu Wang (Notre Dame University) Probing Nucleosynthesis From Transients
• 2019-03-20 Yigit Subasi (CCS-3) Solving Systems of Linear Equations with a Quantum Computer
• 2019-03-19 Truong Nguyen (T-5) A deterministic-stochastic method for computing the Boltzmann’s collision integral in O(MN) operations
• 2019-03-18 Michael Chini (University of Central Florida) Crystal Symmetry and High-Order Harmonic Generation from Solids
• 2019-03-14 Kateryna Yakymenko (T-5/CNLS) Beam-plasma interactions physics in support of active space experiments
• 2019-03-13 Feliks Nueske (Rice University ) Spectral Properties of Projected Dynamics
• 2019-03-12 Bruno deHarak (Illinois Wesleyan University) An electron, an atom, and some photons: testing the Kroll-Watson Approximation, and other tales
• 2019-03-11 Hélène Bolvin (Laboratoire de Chimie et de Physique Quantiques, IRSAMC, Toulouse, France) MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF f MAGNETIC CENTERS WITH QUANTUM CHEMISTRY TOOLS.
• 2019-03-08 Zachary Fox, Postdoc Candidate (Colorado State University) New Computational Tools to Integrate Discrete Stochastic Models and Single-Cell Experiments
• 2019-03-07 Manos Chatzopoulos (Louisiana State University) A systematic study of superluminous supernova lightcurve models using clustering
• 2019-03-06 Mohit Tawarmalani (Purdue University) New relaxations for composite functions
• 2019-03-05 Brad Munson (Louisiana State University) A More Realistic Numerical Study of the Evolution of R Coronae Borealis Stars
• 2019-03-01 Joshua Introne (Michigan State University) Collective Narrative Dynamics: Towards a new understanding of disinformation
• 2019-02-28 Alexis A. Chacon (T-1/CNLS) Observing topological phases and transitions with high harmonic generation
• 2019-02-28 Chris Belczynski (Copernicus Center, Poland) Comparison of LIGO/Virgo data with stellar and binary evolution models
• 2019-02-26 CANCELLED-Philipp Moesta (University of California, Berkeley) CANCELLED-Jet-driven supernovae in the multimessenger era
• 2019-02-25 Sidney Redner (Santa Fe Institute ) The Dynamics of Foraging and Starvation
• 2019-02-21 Yigit Subasi (CCS-3) Solving systems of linear equations on a quantum computer
• 2019-02-21 Nicholas Stone (Columbia University) Mergers and Acquisitions: Dynamically Manufactured Transients in Galactic Nuclei
• 2019-02-14 Justin Smith (T-1/CNLS) Accelerated modeling of atomistic physics with machine learning
• 2019-02-12 Urs R. Haehner (ETH Zurich) DCA++: A software framework to solve correlated electron problems with modern quantum cluster methods
• 2019-02-11 Heidi Newberg (Rensselaer Polytechnic University) Locating dark matter using ripples and tidal streams in the Milky Way
• 2019-02-07 Jonah Miller (CCS-2/CNLS) Black Holes, Neutrinos, Neutrons, et al.: How The Merger of Two Dead Stars Makes the Heaviest Elements in the Universe, and How We Know
• 2019-02-07 Evan Grohs (T-2) Primordial Nucleosynthesis and Neutrino Quantum Kinetics in the Early Universe
• 2019-02-05 Amrapalli Garanaik (CCS-2) Mixing in stably stratified turbulent flows: improved parameterizations of diapycnal mixing in oceanic flows
• 2019-02-04 Jacopo Grilli (Santa Fe Institute ) Coexistence in large ecological communities
• 2019-01-31 Nithin Mathew (T-1/CNLS) Thermo-mechanics of Crystalline High Explosives: Insights from Atomistic Simulations
• 2019-01-31 Luke Roberts (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory) Neutrino Driven Core-Collapse Supernovae and the Evolution of Their Remnants
• 2019-01-28 Mira Todorova (Max-Planck-Institute) A fully ab initio approach to electrochemistry and corrosion
• 2019-01-22 Song Feng (Los Alamos Natinoal Laboratory, T-6) Cellular Networks: evolution, design, and control
• 2019-01-22 Bismark Singh (Sandia National Laboratories) An Adaptive Model with Joint Chance Constraints for a Hybrid Wind-Conventional Generator System
• 2019-01-17 Liujiang Zhou (T-1) Polaron Behaviors in Hybrid Lead-halide Perovskites Understood
• 2019-01-17 Sjoert van Velzen (New York University) Tidal disruption flares: new tools for black hole astrophysics
• 2019-01-15 Georgios Tsironis (University of Crete/Harvard University) Prediction of complex spatiotemporal evolution through machine learning methods improved with the addition of observers
• 2019-01-14 Matthias Kling (LMU Munich/MPQ) Controlling and tracing ultrafast dynamics in and around nanoparticles
• 2019-01-10 Joshua Wood (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Neutrino emission from the blazar TXS 0506+056
• 2019-01-07 Anthony W. Schlimgen (Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago) Strong Correlation in Organometallic Electronic Structure: Reduced Density-Matrix Techniques

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