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CNLS Talks, 2017
• 2017-12-25 No Colloquium
• 2017-12-14 Eero Hirvijoki (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Metriplectic dynamics - a framework for plasma kinetic theory and numerics
• 2017-12-13 Rebecca Slayton (Cornell University) What is the Cyber Offense-Defense Balance? Conceptions, Causes, and Assessment
• 2017-12-13 Carmen Molina-Paris (University of Leeds ) A mathematical study of CD8+ T cell responses calibrated with human data
• 2017-12-12 Benjamin Mord Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Cryptographic Failures: Classical users, quantum adversaries, and unproveable foundations
• 2017-12-12 Lee F. Ricketson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Sparse grid techniques for kinetic plasma simulation
• 2017-12-11 Abdessattar Abdelkefi (New Mexico State University) Nonlinear Dynamics & Energy Harvesting Laboratory: Challenges, Discovery, and Innovation
• 2017-12-11 Benjamin Mord Redesigning Trust with Cryptography: Blockchains, Zero Knowledge "Proofs", and more
• 2017-12-07 Davit A. Potoyan (Iowa State University) Non-equilibrium mechanisms in gene regulation: from single molecule action to system level broadcasting
• 2017-12-04 Nakao Hiroya (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Phase reduction and synchronization of a network of coupled dynamical elements exhibiting collective oscillations
• 2017-12-04 Ganapathi (Ganesh) Subramania (Sandia National Laboratories) Nanophotonics at Sandia: Tailoring Propagation, Emission and Topological behavior of Light
• 2017-11-30 Sean Marks (T-CNLS) Accelerating molecular simulations of lipid bilayers
• 2017-11-27 Pavel Lushnikov (University of New Mexico) Dynamics of singularities and wavebreaking in 2D hydrodynamics with free surface
• 2017-11-27 John Golden (University of Michigan) The Fractal Ising Model via Conformal Bootstrap
• 2017-11-27 Marek Kochanczyk (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland) Information processing in the NF-kappaB pathway
• 2017-11-17 Liney Arnadottir (Oregon State University) Calculating the Entropy of Adsorbed Species using Density Functional Theory Calculations and a Hindered Translator/Rotor Models
• 2017-11-15 Carolyn Branecky (UC Santa Cruz) Observations of ocean stratification below an Antarctic ice shelf
• 2017-11-15 Valentina Baccetti (Macquarie University) Effects of black hole radiation: horizon avoidance
• 2017-11-09 Georges Akiki (T-3/CNLS) Introducing the Next Generation of Particle-Fluid Force Models
• 2017-11-08 Nikola Jurisic (UCLA) Universal scaling and ferroelectric hysteresis regimes in the giant squid axon propagating action potential: a Phase Space Approach
• 2017-11-08 Asmus O. Dohn (University of Iceland) QM/MM Born Oppenheimer MD for Femtochemistry of Transition Metal Complexes
• 2017-11-07 Tudor Oprea (The University of New Mexico) The Foundation for Successful AI-driven Drug Discovery Approach
• 2017-11-02 Nithin Mathew (T-1/CNLS) Analyzing Molecular Dynamics Trajectories using Strain Functionals and Machine Learning
• 2017-11-02 Maria Antonietta Loi (Photophysics and OptoElectronics, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen) Sn-based Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells from solar cells to hot electrons
• 2017-11-01 Donato Fantauzzi (University of Iceland) Pt(111) surface oxidation–from surface science to electrochemical surface science–a theoretical multiscale approach
• 2017-10-30 Peter Kasson (University of Virginia) Membrane organization and cooperativity in influenza binding and fusion
• 2017-10-30 David Pinney (NRECA) Rural Electric Systems and Grid Modernization
• 2017-10-26 Alexis Chacon (T-1/CNLS) High-order harmonic generation: from gases to solids
• 2017-10-25 Bert Zwart (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) Heavy-tailed Stochastic Systems: Sample-path Large Deviations and Rare Event Simulation
• 2017-10-24 James Llinas (University of Buffalo) Knowledge Requirements for the Design of Distributed Multisensor Multitarget Tracking Systems
• 2017-10-18 Ximena Bonilla (University of Geneva Medical ) Genomic characterization of basal cell carcinoma of the skin
• 2017-10-18 Andrea Trombettoni ((CNR-IOM and SISSA, Trieste)) Junctions of weakly-coupled strongly-interacting ultracold systems
• 2017-10-18 Nicolas Buchler (Duke University) Redox rhythms are coupled to the plant circadian clock and the yeast cell cycle
• 2017-10-17 Nicolo Defenu (University of Heidelberg ) Critical properties of long range quantum rotor models
• 2017-10-09 No Colloquium
• 2017-10-05 Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA) Mathematics of Crime
• 2017-10-03 Natalie Stingelin (Georgia Institute of Technology) Solution-Processed Photovoltaics: Opportunities provided by Use of Material Science Tools
• 2017-10-02 Kimberly Claffy (UC San Diego and Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA)) Mapping Our Way to a more Secure Internet
• 2017-10-02 Alex Zakhidov (Texas State University) Carrier transport and reliability issues in perovskite solar cells
• 2017-09-29 Dr. Ruben Tommasi (Chief Scientific Officer of Entasis Therapeutics) Entasis' efforts on Gram-negative Drug Discovery
• 2017-09-28 Hannes Jonsson (University of Iceland ) Path optimization with application to particle tunneling, seismic wave propagation and radio wave tracing in the ionosphere
• 2017-09-27 Fabio Caccioli (University College London) Variance portfolio optimization under an L1 constraint
• 2017-09-20 Hannes Jonsson (University of Iceland) Rate theory for magnetic transitions applied to nanoislands, elements of spin ice and skyrmions
• 2017-09-20 Joseph B. Prescott (Colorado State University) Comparative Immunology of VHFs: Natural Reservoirs vs. Disease Models
• 2017-09-19 Alexander Shapeev (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia ) Machine-learning interatomic potentials
• 2017-09-11 Shmuel Gurvitz (Weizmann Institute) Generalized Landauer formula for time-dependent potentials and zero bias dc current
• 2017-09-07 Kathleen Weichman (T-5) Stability of pick-up ion rings in the outer heliosheath
• 2017-09-07 Luke Sefton (T-CNLS) The role of connectivity in polymer glasses
• 2017-09-06 Andrew Alvarado (University of California, Los Angeles) Stochastic integration of Langevin Equation of Motion
• 2017-09-06 Johannes Hachmann (University at Buffalo) A Roadmap to Data-Driven Discovery and Rational Design in Chemical and Materials Research
• 2017-09-06 Art Owen (Stanford University) Adaptive importance sampling ideas for grid science'
• 2017-09-05 Roland Willa (Argonne National Lab) Vortex pinning by spherical inclusions: Strong pinning theory revisited
• 2017-09-04 No Colloquium
• 2017-08-28 David Aristoff (Colorado State University ) The parallel replica method for long time simulation of discrete and continuous time Markov chains
• 2017-08-24 Sai Krishna Hari (T-CNLS) Hierarchical Predictive Control Algorithms for Optimal Design and Operation of Microgrids
• 2017-08-24 Site Wang (T-CNLS) Energy Infrastructure Adaptation Framework toward Storm Surges under Rising Sea Level
• 2017-08-24 J. Joel Janke (T-CNLS) Conformational Ensembles of Heparin
• 2017-08-24 APURV SHUKLA (Columbia University) NON-STATIONARY STREAMING PCA
• 2017-08-24 Shayan Mohanty (Co-Founder and CEO of Real Time Text Matching at Scale
• 2017-08-24 Astrid Atkinson (Google ) Internet scale software systems & the smart grid
• 2017-08-23 Nicholas Polys (Virginia Tech) Immersive Analytics: New Approaches to Scaling High-Performance Visualization
• 2017-08-23 Alex Gonzalez (UCLA ) Nonlinear boundary layer modeling of dry ITCZs
• 2017-08-23 Rachele Dominguez (Randolph-Macon College ) Spatial and temporal clustering in inhomogeneous OFC earthquake models with long-range stress transfer
• 2017-08-21 Vineet Goyal (Columbia University ) On the Power of Affine policies in Two-stage Adaptive Optimization
• 2017-08-21 Jin Xu (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences) Investigation on Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing and Software Development
• 2017-08-17 Shane Kelly (UC Riverside) The Ghost of Schrodinger Cat: Macroscopic Superposition in BEC Bubbles
• 2017-08-17 Kyle Hackett (T-CNLS) Equilibrium Distributions of TMAO around an RNA Oligomer
• 2017-08-17 Murti V. Salapaka (University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities) Robust Reconstruction of interconnectedness in networks of dynamical systems based on passive observations
• 2017-08-17 Annick Pouquet (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder CO) A few advances and a few questions in some examples of turbulence with waves
• 2017-08-16 Han-Wei Shen (The Ohio State University) Large Scale Distribution-based Data Analysis and Visualization
• 2017-08-16 Yee Sian Ng (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)) Towards Optimal Recourse for Stochastic Optimal Power Flow
• 2017-08-15 Edward Kim (Villanova University) Deep Sparse Autoencoders for Invariant Multimodal Halle Berry Neurons
• 2017-08-14 Achim Stoessel (Texas A&M University) Antarctic Sea-Ice and Bottom Water in High-Resolution Climate Models
• 2017-08-10 Andreas Baertschi (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) Efficient Delivery by Heterogeneous Mobile Agents
• 2017-08-09 Valerio Pascucci (University of Utah) Interactive Visualization of High Dimensional Data Between Curse of Dimensionality and Failure of Intuition
• 2017-08-09 Daniel Bienstock (Columbia University) Ongoing work on grid stochastics
• 2017-08-09 Grace Metcalfe (Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)) DoD Quantum Information Science Initiatives
• 2017-08-07 Andrew Mathematical Problems in Network Data Analysis for Cyber Defense
• 2017-08-03 Mustafa Bilgic (Illinois Institute of Technology) Interactive and transparent machine learning
• 2017-08-02 George Markowsky (Missouri Univeristy of Science and Technology) The Metric at the End of the Rainbow
• 2017-07-31 Enrico Facca, Franco Cardin, Mario Putti (Dipartimento di Matematica Tullio Levi Civita, Universita di Padova) Biologically inspired formulation of optimal transportation problems: an unexpected branching source.
• 2017-07-26 Eric Bittner (University of Houston) Identifying electron transfer coordinates in Donor-Bridge-Acceptor systems using mode projection analysis
• 2017-07-26 Gus Hart (Brigham Young University) Anomaly Detection in Materials Space
• 2017-07-26 Chih-Chun Chien (University of California, Merced) Relation connecting thermodynamics and transport in unitary Fermi superfluids
• 2017-07-25 David Pozo (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) Planning power systems with n-k security criteria and large penetration of renewable energy
• 2017-07-25 Avinash M. Dongare (University of Connecticut) Unraveling the Evolution of Microstructure of Materials at the Atomic Scales and the Mesoscales
• 2017-07-20 Robert Paprocki (PSE, Poland) Current challenges in power system operation within Continental Europe with a focus on relevant market design issues
• 2017-07-19 Rhonda Vickery (Engility Corporation High Technologies Services Group) HPC Enabled Data Analytics for High-Throughput High-Content Cellular Analysis
• 2017-07-18 Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology) PortHadoop-R: Support the Merging of HPC and Cloud
• 2017-07-13 Tong Wu (North Carolina State University) Well-Balanced Central-Upwind Schemes for Shallow Water Models
• 2017-07-13 Marek Rams (Jagiellonian University) Inhomogeneous quasi-adiabatic driving of quantum critical dynamics in disordered spin chains
• 2017-07-12 Dr. T. Alan Keahey (Conversant Media) Bridging the Scale Gap Between Visual Perception and Big Data
• 2017-07-12 Kate Keahey (Argonne National Laboratory) Chameleon: A Deeply Reconfigurable, Large Scale Instrument for Computer Science Experimentation
• 2017-07-11 Jeffrey Linderoth (University of Wisconsin, Madison ) One Relaxation to Rule Them All: Strong Convex Nonlinear Relaxations of the Pooling Problem
• 2017-06-22 Banerjee Siddhartha (Cornell University ) The Power of Bidirectional Estimators: Personalized search, Markov Chain estimation and beyond
• 2017-06-21 Madhur Behl (University of Pennsylvania ) The foundations of Data Predictive Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
• 2017-06-12 Martin Muller (Université de Lorraine) Membranes and bio-polymers in confinement
• 2017-06-06 Marcello Colombino (ETH, Zurich) Global phase and voltage synchronization for power inverters: A decentralized consensus-inspired approach
• 2017-06-05 Gal Dalal (Technion) Hierarchical Decision Making for Power Systems under Uncertainty: Stochastic Optimization and Reinforcement Learning Solutions
• 1:00 PM - 2017-06-02 2:00 PM Rasul Tutunov (University of Pennsylvania) Fast Distributed Second Order Method for Large Scale Optimization
• 2017-05-31 Calvin Chen (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY) Molecular determinant of the effects of hydrostatic pressure on protein folding stability
• 2017-05-29 No Colloquium
• 2017-05-25 Van Ngo (University of Ucalgary) From Ion Selectivity to Drug Design in Transmembrane Proteins
• 2017-05-18 Line Roald (T-4/CNLS) Saving the Planet (and the Electric Grid) through Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization
• 2017-05-18 Ravi Samtaney (Kaust University) Large-Eddy Simulations of Wall Bounded Turbulent Flows
• 2017-05-15 Eric Mjolsness (University of California, Irvine) Towards AI and ML Methods for Automating Computational Science
• 2017-05-11 Seyoung Yun (T-4/CNLS) Noisy Power Method with and without Spectral Gap
• 2017-05-08 CANCELLED-Debashish Chowdhury (IIT Kanpur) CANCELLED-Stochastic kinetics of molecular motors: a statistical physics perspective-CANCELLED
• 2017-05-02 John E. Dolbow (Duke University ) Recent Advances in Gradient-Based Damage Methods for Fracture and Fragmentation
• 2017-05-01 CANCELLED-Bryce Meredig (Citrine Informatics) CANCELLED-Democratizing large-scale data and machine learning in materials research-CANCELLED
• 2017-04-27 Tapio Ala-Nissila (Aalto University, Finland, and Loughborough University, UK) Non-Markovian Effects, Quantum Jumps and Fluctuation Relations in Driven Quantum Systems
• 2017-04-27 Seyoung Yun-CANCELLED (T-4/CNLS) Cancelled-Noisy Power Method with and without Spectral Gap-Cancelled
• 2017-04-17 Rosalyn Rael (Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research) Data-driven spatial modeling of rodent dynamics and zoonotic disease risk in post-Katrina New Orleans
• 2017-04-17 Michael Frank (Sandia National Laboratory) Fundamental Energy Limits and Reversible Computing Revisited
• 2017-04-17 Timothy Schutt (DOE-SCGSR Fellow (National Renewable Energy Labs) Chemical Engineering (Colorado School of Mines)) Development of a Biomimetic Ionic Liquid for Simultaneous Solvation and Saccharification of Cellulosic Biomass
• 2017-04-03 Andrea L. Bertozzi (UCLA) Geometric graph-based methods for high dimensional data
• 2017-03-27 Steven D. Schwartz (University of Arizona) Rapid Protein Dynamics – Tunneling, Catalysis, and Enzyme Design
• 2017-03-23 Jake Miner (T-6/CNLS) Quantifying interactions of biomolecules and cosolvents – or – ‘Linking structure to solution’
• 2017-03-23 Jesús Rubayo-Soneira ( Instituto Superior de Tecnologías y Ciencias Aplicadas) Dynamics of NO photoexcitation in rare gas solid and H2 matrices
• 2017-03-21 KEIJI NAKATSUGAWA (Hokkaido University) Quantum Time Crystal By Decoherence in Ring Crystals
• 2017-03-21 Steven E. Anderson (Dept. Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M Univ., College Station ) Development of an enhanced gas-kinetic scheme for two-fluid MHD
• 2017-03-20 Satoshi Tanda (Hokkaido University, Sapporo) Topological Crystals: as a new paradigm
• 2017-03-16 Yury Maximov (T-4/CNLS) Statistical Learning Approach for AC Power Flow Feasibility
• 2017-03-15 Allon Percus (Claremont Graduate University) Network Classification in Rocks and on Roads
• 2017-03-15 Greg Ver Steeg (University of Southern California) Hierarchical coarse-graining of information in complex systems
• 2017-03-09 Nicholas Lubbers (T-1/CNLS) Processing Textures with Convolutional Neural Networks
• 2017-03-09 Roman Groger (CEITEC and Institute of Physics of Materials, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Atomistically informed continuum dislocation dynamics model for slip in bcc metals
• 2017-03-08 Horacio Vargas Guzman (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research ) Scalable and Fast Heterogeneous Molecular Simulation with Predictive Parallelization Schemes
• 2017-03-08 Prof. Ellen Arruda (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan) Computational Modeling of Knee Biomechanics
• 2017-03-08 Christopher Biwer (Syracuse University) The Search for Binary Neutron Star and Black Hole Mergers in Advanced LIGO
• 2017-03-08 Vladimir Lebedev (Landau Institute) Profile of a coherent vortex in two-dimensional turbulence at static pumping
• 2017-03-08 Vladimir Lebedev (Landau Institute ) Profile of a coherent vortex in two-dimensional turbulence at static pumping
• 2017-03-08 Vladimir Lebedev (Landau Institute ) Profile of a coherent vortex in two-dimensional turbulence at static pumping
• 2017-03-06 Kateryna Yakymenko (University of Saskatchewan) Multi-instrumental investigation of ionospheric phenomena and their role in the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling
• 2017-03-06 Kristine Manibog (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology) Single molecule bond mechanics of cadherin cell adhesion proteins
• 2017-03-02 Cesar Lopez Bautista (T-6/CNLS) Membrane perturbing properties of toxin mycolactone from Mycobacterium ulcerans
• 2017-03-01 Olexandr Isayev (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Predicting the electronic structure and properties of inorganic materials with machine learning
• 2017-02-24 Sukanya Sasmal (University of California, Berkeley) Understanding Amyloid-β Peptide Structure & Aggregation Mechanisms from Molecular Simulations
• 2017-02-22 Daniel Tartakovsky (Stanford University) Quantitative Modeling of Physical Systems with Uncertain Parameters
• 2017-02-22 Darren Engwirda (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Polyhedral grid-generation: Delaunay tessellations, Voronoi complexes and generalised structures
• 2017-02-21 Rajesh Ramaswamy (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden) Computational methods for chemical reactions and mechanical processes in biology
• 2017-02-20 No Colloquium
• 2017-02-13 Mert Gurbuzbalaban (Rutgers University) Incremental methods for additive convex cost optimization
• 2017-02-09 C. Akcay (Tibbar Plasma Technologies Inc.) Plasma driven by helical electrodes
• 2017-02-09 Paul Lammert (Pennsylvania State University) DFT from the outside: some rigorous results
• 2017-02-06 Davide Donadio (University of California, Davis) Thermal energy transport and dissipation: from inorganic nanostructures to hydrogen bonded liquids
• 2017-02-06 Daniel Kirschen (University of Washington) Factoring Battery Degradation in Power System Operation
• 2017-01-31 Gustavo Marques (Princeton University/GFDL) Modeling processes controlling dense shelf water outflows and sub-ice-shelf melting in Antarctica
• 2017-01-31 Eshan Mitra (Cornell University) Super-resolution imaging and computational modeling of mast cell signal initiation
• 2017-01-30 Carlton Caves and Ivan Deutsch (Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM) Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM
• 2017-01-30 Alejandro Lopez Bezanilla (Argonne National Laboratory) Computational and Artisanal Approaches for Materials Discovery
• 2017-01-26 Arunima K. Singh (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Computational Study of Nanoscale Surfaces and Interfaces
• 2017-01-25 Phillip Ames (Google) Scalable Modern Security
• 2017-01-25 Vladimir Frolov (Skoltech/Moscow) Operational Aware Investments in Transmission Systems
• 2017-01-24 David Bell (University of Texas, Austin) Coarse-Grained Modeling of RNA
• 2017-01-24 Gyorgy Korniss (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Cascading Overload Failures in Spatially-Embedded and Random Networks with Distributed Flows
• 2017-01-23 Hannes Jonsson (University of Iceland) Towards optimal mean field theory of electronic structure, beyond Kohn-Sham DFT and Hartree-Fock
• 2017-01-23 Tamara Broderic (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Fast Quantification of Uncertainty and Robustness with Variational Bayes
• 2017-01-18 Christian Reidys (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute) Modeling Evolution
• 2017-01-17 William Klein (Boston University) A New Approach to Gutenburg - Richter Scaling
• 2017-01-12 Michael Johansson (Center for Disease Control and Prevention/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) Epidemic forecasting: Connecting research to decision making
• 2017-01-09 Alex Perkins (Notre Dame University) Using mathematical models to address key unknowns about the epidemiology of dengue and Zika
• 2017-01-05 Jiaxu Zhang ( Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison) Understanding the deglacial evolution of Atlantic water masses in an isotope-enabled POP2

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