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CNLS Talks, 2009
• 2009-12-18 Steve Richardson (MIT Plasma Fusion Center) The lower hybrid wave cutoff: a case study in eikonal methods
• 2009-12-17 Ghanim Ullah (Pennsylvania State University) Tracking and Controlling Seizure Dynamics Using Kalman Filter
• 2009-12-14 Tom Witten (University of Chicago) Capillary deposition: mesoscopic patterns, nonlocal control and breakways
• 2009-12-14 Mithat Unsal (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Conformality or confinement: (IR)relevance of topological excitations
• 2009-12-08 Alexandre Bayen (University of California, Berkeley) Mobile Millennium: using smartphones as monitoring sensors in privacy aware environments
• 2009-12-07 Eric Dufresne (Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Cell Biology, Yale University) Imaging Stress in Soft Matter
• 2009-12-07 Yingjie Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology) Hierarchical Reconstruction for Computing Non-smooth Solutions: The Recent Success and Open Problems
• 2009-12-02 Yannis Kevrekidis (PACM and Chemical Engineering, Princeton University) Coarse-graining Agent-based Computations: Equation-free and Variable-free Computations
• 2009-11-30 C. Rycroft (Dept. of Mathematics, LBNL) Multiscale modeling of granular flow: an application of the Voronoi tessellation
• 2009-11-24 Joerg Kliewer (Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Mexico State University) On Trapping Sets for Repeat Multiple Accumulate Codes
• 2009-11-23 Martin Savage (University of Washington) Hadron Scattering with Lattice QCD
• 2009-11-18 Adam Roitberg (University of Florida) Optimizing efficiency in replica-exchange molecular dynamics and avoiding the traps of Langevin dynamics
• 2009-11-17 David Papp (Rutgers University) Modern Convex Optimization Models
• 2009-11-16 Peter Widmayer (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland) From Local Snapshots to a Global Picture
• 2009-11-16 Joydeep Mitra (Michigan State University) Long-term planning of Generation, Transmission and Distribution Assets
• 2009-11-16 Shiv Kumar Sambasivan (University of Iowa) A General Framework for Solving High-Speed Multi-material Dynamics and Impact Mechanics
• 2009-11-12 Bryan James Kaehr (Sandia National Laboratories) Free-form microfabrication of biological architectures and smart materials
• 2009-11-10 Andreas Albrecht (UC Davis) Dark Energy: Current theoretical issues and progress toward future experiments
• 2009-11-09 Terran Lane (University of New Mexico) High Efficiency Model Identification for Statistical Graphical Models
• 2009-11-02 Moses Chan (Pennsylvania State University) Is supersolid a superfluid ?
• 2009-10-26 Shaolin Mao (Advanced Dynamics Inc, Lexington, KY) Numerical Modeling of Multiphase and Multimaterial Flow Problems
• 2009-10-22 Robert Hoy (Yale University) Thermoreversibly Associating Polymer Networks with Variable Chemical Kinetics
• 2009-10-22 David H. Wolpert (NASA Ames Research Center) Schelling Formalized: Strategic Choices of Non-Rational Personas
• 2009-10-21 Leonid Isaev (Indiana University) Local theory of magnetization plateaux in the Shastry-Sutherland Model
• 2009-10-21 Aimee Bailey (Imperial College, London) Thermodynamics of polymer solutions using simple theory
• 2009-10-20 David H. Wolpert (NASA Ames Research Center) Applying Game Theory to Control and Vice Versa
• 2009-10-19 Sol Gruner (Cornell University) Biomolecules under pressure: Why it matters
• 2009-10-19 Srinivas Yarlanki (ESI US R&D, Huntsville, Alabama) Simulation of Free Surface Flows on Moving Grids
• 2009-10-15 Ranis Ibragimov (Dept. of Mathematics and RSCAMM (Research & Support Center on Applied Mathematical Modeling) New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology) Internal waves and mixing processes in the ocean and atmosphere
• 2009-10-14 Huriye Sezer Atamturktur (LANL and Clemson University) Predicative Maturity: A Quantitative Metric for Optimizing Complex Simulations via Systematic Experimental Validation
• 2009-10-14 Franz Mertens (University of Bayreuth) Nonlinear Schr÷dinger solitons under external spatio-temporal forces and a new stability criterion
• 2009-10-08 Lena Lopatina (T-1 and Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University) Jamming in Granular Polymers and Frictional Granular Assemblies
• 2009-10-05 Bob Behringer (Duke University) Complexity in Granular Materials
• 2009-09-28 Thomas Schaefer (North Carolina State University) In Search of the Perfect Fluid
• 2009-09-28 Steve Ackley (University of Texas at San Antonio) Antarctic Sea Ice: International Polar Year Cruises-Results from the SIMBA and SIPEX Field Campaigns (Sept-Oct 2007)
• 2009-09-23 Jim Kroger (New Mexico State University) Frontopolar cortex and complex thought
• 2009-09-23 Alexander Orlov (Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences) Integrable Systems and Random Processes
• 2009-09-23 Anton Zabrodin (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia) Logarithmic gases and Laplacian growth: Geometry and integrability
• 2009-09-21 Stephanie Forrest (University of New Mexico) Fixing Real Bugs in Real Programs Using Genetic Programming
• 2009-09-16 Maria E. Pezzoli (Rutgers University) What can we learn from impurities on the hidden order of URu2Si2 ?
• 2009-09-10 Joseph Kong (UCLA) An Adventure in Computer and Computational Epidemiology
• 2009-09-09 Artur Izmaylov (Yale University) Vibrational spectroscopy of periodic systems with density functional theory and Gaussian basis sets
• 2009-09-09 Thierry Magin (Stanford University, Center for Turbulence Research) Kinetic Theory for Continuum Plasmas
• 2009-09-08 Shmuel S. Oren (University of California, Berkeley) Improving Economic Dispatch through Transmission Switching: New Opportunities for a Smart Grid
• 2009-09-03 Paul Lammert (Pennsylvania State University) Interpreting Quantum Density Functional Theory
• 2009-09-02 Paul Lammert (Pennsylvania State University) Entropic Investigation of Artifical Spin-Ice
• 2009-09-02 Kody Law (CNLS) Vortex solutions to the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
• 2009-09-02 HyeongKae (Ryosuke) Park (Multiphysics Methods Group, Reactor Physics Analysis & Design, Idaho National Laboratory) Tightly coupled multiphysics simulation for Pebble-bed reactor
• 2009-08-25 Pravin Varaiya (University of California, Berkely) Risk-Limiting Dispatch of the Smart Grid
• 2009-08-24 Douglas Durian (University of Pennsylvania) Granular Impact Cratering
• 2009-08-24 Blair Perot (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Scientific Computation using Multiple Graphics Processors
• 2009-08-24 Blair Perot (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) A Third-Order Discrete Calculus Methods for Diffusion
• 2009-08-20 Michael Simpson (Idaho National Laboratory) Spent Nuclear Fuel Pyroprocessing
• 2009-08-18 Grace Chen (UGS at Columbia), Samuel Denny (UGS at Cambridge), Locally Disrupted Synchronization in Langevin Molecular Dynamics
• 2009-08-17 David H. Wolpert (NASA Ames) From Game Theory to Game Engineering
• 2009-08-13 Vladimir Privman (Department of Physics, Clarkson University) Noise Reduction and Scalability in Biochemical Computing
• 2009-08-12 Mario Castro (University Pontifica Comillas-Madrid, Spain) The Physics of Cauliflowers
• 2009-08-10 Zhilan Feng (Purdue University) Evolutionary Implications of Influenza Medication Strategies
• 2009-08-10 Thomas Gardiner (Sandia National Laboratories) Godunov-type Algorithms for MHD
• 2009-08-05 Christian Sommer (CCS-3 and Tokyo University) Approximate shortest path and distance queries in power-law graphs
• 2009-08-05 Alexander Szalay (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University) Science in an Exponential World
• 2009-08-04 Martin Frank (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany) Optimal Treatment Planning in Radiotherapy Based on Boltzmann Transport Equations
• 2009-08-03 Carrie Manore (T-5 and Oregon State University) How Mathematical Models Can Help Control the Spread of Animal Diseases
• 2009-08-03 Jim Kadtke (George Mason University Center for Infrastructure Protection) Dr. Kadtke will address the following questions:
• 2009-08-03 Denis Ridzal (Optimization and UQ-Sandia National Laboratories) Additive Operator Decomposition and Optimization-Based Coupling with Applications
• 2009-07-30 Golan Bel & Brian Munsky Common Complex Biochemical Processes Exhibit Simple Completion Time Distributions
• 2009-07-30 Ben Kunsberg Synthetic Visual Cognition Student Seminar: How important are lateral interactions in a V_1 model?
• 2009-07-30 David Lyttle Synthetic Visual Cognition Student Seminar: On the Fokker-Planck Analysis of Neural Network Learning Rules
• 2009-07-29 Doug Jacobsen (Florida State University) Effects of Vertical Mixing Closures on Overflow in the North Atlantic
• 2009-07-29 Jordan M. Horowitz (University of Maryland) Directing Motion in Driven Mesoscopic Machines
• 2009-07-27 Michael Berry (Physics Department, University of Bristol, United Kingdom) Tsunami asymptotics
• 2009-07-27 Lourenco Beirao Da Veiga (Department of Mathematics) Asymptotic analysis of shell vibration and related numerical hazards
• 2009-07-23 Andrew Knyazev (University of Colorado, Denver) Multigrid Eigensolvers for Image Segmentation
• 2009-07-22 William Klein (Boston University) A Cellular Automation Model of Damage
• 2009-07-22 Charles Martin (University of California, Santa Barbara) Quadrature domains and shape reconstruction
• 2009-07-22 Aurelien Decelle (Universite Paris-Sud XI Orsay) Message-Passing Algorithm on a Power-Grid Model
• 2009-07-20 Aurel Bulgac (University of Washington) The unitary Fermi gas: so simple and yet so complex!
• 2009-07-20 Jan-Michael Frahm (Dept of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Fast Reconstruction of the World from Photos and Videos
• 2009-07-14 Daniel Bienstock (Columbia University) Smart Grid Seminar: New algorithms for power flow problems
• 2009-07-13 Marco Manzini (Istituto di Matematica Applicata e Tecnologie Informatiche, Pavia) A second-order flux approximation for the mimetic finite difference method
• 2009-07-08 Charles Reichhardt (T-4) Realizing Novel Collective Particle Dynamics on Periodic Substrates: From Superconductors to Bacteria
• 2009-07-07 William Jones (Coastal Carolina University) Impact of Non-optimal Checkpoint Intervals on Application Efficiency in Cluster Computing
• 2009-07-06 Eliahu Barkai (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) Chalk Talk - Single File Diffusion in a Force Field
• 2009-07-06 Alfred Hubler (University of Illinois) Self-assembling fractal particle networks: Physical systems with an understanding?
• 2009-06-29 G. P. Tsironis (Department of Physics, University of Crete, and FORTH) Discrete breathers in magnetic metamaterials
• 2009-06-23 Jed Brown (Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Glaciology ETH-Zurich) Efficient nonlinear solvers for nodal high-order finite elements in 3D
• 2009-06-22 George Shaw (University of Alabama - Birmingham) Transmitted/founder viruses and their progeny in acute HIV-1 and SIV infection
• 2009-06-18 John Widloski (University of Texas at Austin) Selection Rules in Laplacian Growth
• 2009-06-18 James Davis (University of California at Santa Cruz) Exploring Human Body Shape and Motion
• 2009-06-18 Charles Martin (University of California, Santa Barbara) Entropy methods in the problem of moments
• 2009-06-17 Mihai Putinar (University of California at Santa Barbara) Recent Advances in Polynomial Optimization
• 2009-06-10 Dmitry Khavinson (University of South Florida) From the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to Astrophysics: a "Harmonious Path"
• 2009-06-09 Adrian Turner (University College, London) Arctic ocean modelling at the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling
• 2009-06-04 Marios S. Pattichis (UNM ECE Department) Diagnostically Driven Image Processing for Emerging Software and Hardware Systems
• 2009-06-03 Professor Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins University) A Web-Services Accessible Turbulence Database of Isotropic Turbulence
• 2009-06-03 Angel Garcia (Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute) Simulations of the Folding / Unfolding Thermodynamics of Proteins and RNA oligomers
• 2009-06-03 Juan M. Restrepo (Uncertainty Quantification Group, Mathematics, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona) Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian Time Series and Parameter Estimation
• 2009-06-02 James J. Nutaro (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Modeling Power Systems of the Future: Information Technology and Power System Dynamics
• 2009-06-01 Pierre Sikivie (University of Florida) Bose-Einstein Condensation of Dark Matter Axions
• 2009-05-28 Allison Harris (Missouri University of Science and Technology) Projectile Interactions and Electron Correlation in Four-Body Collisions
• 2009-05-27 Michael Saveageau (University of California, Davis) A System Design Space for Biochemical Systems: Qualitative Phenotypes and Algebraic Geometry
• 2009-05-26 Muhammad Zaman (University of Texas at Austin) Quantitative Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment: From Systems Biology to Multi-Scale Modeling
• 2009-05-26 Loubre Raphael (Universite de Toulouse) An adaptation of Multiscale Finite Element Method (MsFEM) to efficient simulation of Urban Transport of Pollution
• 2009-05-20 Ron Sass (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) Scientific Computing with an All-FPGA Parallel Computer
• 2009-05-19 David Mooney (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Renewable Systems Integration at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
• 2009-05-18 Loubere Raphael (UniversitÚ de Toulouse) An adaptation of Multiscale Finite Element Method (MsFEM) to efficient simulation of Urban Transport of Pollution
• 2009-05-14 Willemien Kets (Santa Fe Institute) Inequality and network structure
• 2009-05-14 Prof. Victor Gurarie (University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Physics and Astronomy) Many particle generalization of the Landau-Zener problem
• 2009-05-14 Konstantin Khanin (University of Toronto) Directed Polymers and KPZ scalings
• 2009-05-14 Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann Institute) Floaters on the water and droplets in clouds: multifractals and caustics
• 2009-05-13 Charles Bennett (IBM Yorktown) CNLS-QUANTUM DISTINGUISHED LECTURE: Entanglement, Quantum Darwinism, and the Fate of Jimmy Hoffa
• 2009-05-13 John T. Daly (Center of Exceptional Computing) Resilience for Advanced Computing Systems: Challenge & Opportunity
• 2009-05-12 Adrienn Ruzsinszky (Tulane University) Diminished gradient dependence of density functionals: GGA`s for solids and meta-GGA`s for ordinary matter
• 2009-05-11 John Perdew (Tulane University) Local hybrid: Fourth rung on the ladder of density functional approximations
• 2009-05-11 Michael Savageau (University of California, Davis) Function, Design and Evolution of Gene Circutry
• 2009-05-11 Pierre-Henri Maire (UMR CELIA, Universit Bordeaux I and CEA/CESTA) Formulation of Staggered Two-dimensional Lagrangian Schemes by Means of Cell-centered Approximate Riemann Solver
• 2009-05-07 Jorge Kurchan (Conseil National Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France) Fluctuation Theorem(s) and their experimental tests
• 2009-05-06 Michael Savageau (University of California, Davis) A Canonical Nonlinear Formalism: Several perspectives, Opportunities and Challenges
• 2009-05-06 Scott A. Brandt (University of California, Santa Cruz) Managing the Performance of Large, Distributed Storage Systems
• 2009-05-06 David Scott (Rice University) Streaming Poisson Data
• 2009-05-05 Michael Caramanis (Boston University) Management of Electric Vehicle Charging to Mitigate Renewable Generation Intermittency and Distribution Network Congestion
• 2009-05-04 Sidney Nagel (University of Chicago) The Life and Death of a Drop: Topological Transitions and Singularities in Fluids
• 2009-04-30 David Roberts (T-4/CNLS) Induced interaction and crystallization of self localized impurity fields in a Bose-Einstein condensate
• 2009-04-30 Xiangmin Jiao (Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Stony Brook University) Interface Tracking Using Face Offsetting and Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation
• 2009-04-27 Sergei Krasheninnikov (University of California at San Diego) Edge Plasma Transport, Sheath, Wall, and Synergy
• 2009-04-23 Kirill Velizhanin (T-1/CNLS) Nanoscale ultrafast energy and charge transfer: from approximate theories to numerically exact simulations.
• 2009-04-22 Fred Roberts (Rutgers University) ISTC Seminar: Selections from "Discrete Sciences" Research at DIMACS and DyDAn
• 2009-04-22 Claire White (University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) Towards the Total Structure Solution of Metakaolin
• 2009-04-20 Daniel Stein (New York University) The Tipping Point: How Does A Little Noise Make a Big Difference?
• 2009-04-20 Bhuvana Srinivasan (University of Washington) A Study of Two-Fluid Plasma Equations using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
• 2009-04-16 Florent Krzakala (ParisTech) Jamming Versus The Glass Transition
• 2009-04-16 Giovanni Bellesia (Univ of California, Santa Barbara) Protein folding, misfolding and aggregation: insights from fully atomistic and coarse-grained molecular simulations
• 2009-04-15 Melanie Mitchell (Department of Computer Science, Portland State University) ISTC Seminar: Using Analogy to Discover the Meaning of Pictures
• 2009-04-15 Ian Dobson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Can we quantify the risk of cascading failure blackouts with branching processes?
• 2009-04-08 Krishna Rajan (Iowa State University) Statistical Learning for Crystal Chemistry
• 2009-04-07 Chih-Chun Chien (University of Chicago) BCS-BEC crossover theory of ultra-cold fermions and cuprate superconductors
• 2009-04-06 Pei Wang (Temple University, Department of Computer and Information Sciences) A Logical Model of Intelligence
• 2009-04-01 Jonas Thies (University of Groningen) Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of Ocean Flows on Parallel Computers
• 2009-03-26 Piotr Deuar (LPTMS (Laboratoire de Physique Theorique et Modeles Statistiques) Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France) The superfluidity of dipolar Fermi gases
• 2009-03-18 Panayot S. Vassilevski (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Numerical Analysis Seminar: Finite Volume/DG Schemes Based on Constrained Minimization Function Recovery
• 2009-03-17 Walter Scott (DigitalGlobe, Inc) ISTC Seminar: Building The Digital Globe
• 2009-03-16 Klaus Bartschat (Drake University) Few Cycle Intense Laser Interactions with Complex Atoms
• 2009-03-11 J.S. Abercrombie Professor Emeritus Don H. Johnson (Dept of Electrical & Computing Engineering, Rice University) Information Theory and Neural Information Processing
• 2009-03-11 Alexander Vasiliev (Mathematical Institute, University of Bergen) Conserved quantities of planar contour dynamics
• 2009-03-11 James Langer (University of California at Santa Barbara) What is the Temperature of a Deforming Glass
• 2009-03-10 James Langer (University of California at Santa Barbara) The Mysterious Glass Transition
• 2009-03-09 James Langer (University of California at Santa Barbara) Mechanical Deformation of Glassy Solids: Why Structural Engineers Need New Ideas in Nonequilibrium Physics
• 2009-03-09 Paul Hines (University of Vermont) Complexity in Power Grids: Surviving and Mitigating Large Failures in Power Grids
• 2009-03-04 David Gamarnik (Operations Research, MIT Sloan School of Management) Statistical Physics and Algorithms for Graph Counting Problems
• 2009-03-04 Vladimir Kazakov (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris) The Perfect World of Integrability in Physics
• 2009-03-03 Thierry Mora (Princeton University) Thermodynamics of Natural Images
• 2009-03-02 Jim DiCarlo (McGovern Institute for Brain Research and Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Untangling Visual Object Recognition in the Brain
• 2009-03-02 Sebastian Mernild (International Arctic Research Center and Water & Environmental Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks) Greenland Runoff from Observations to Modeling
• 2009-02-27 Bruce C. Wheeler (University of Florida) Brain on a Chip: Can we Build One?
• 2009-02-26 Steven Kotler One journalist's misadventures in science writing: Harrowing tales about turning technical ideas into stories the public wants to read
• 2009-02-25 Rex Jung (The MIND Research Network, UNM) The Creative Brain: From Neuromythology to Neuroscience
• 2009-02-24 Burkhard Morgenstern (University of Goettingen, Institute of Microbiology and Genetics) Multiple Sequence Alignment - DIALIGN Approach: Basic Concepts and Recent Developments
• 2009-02-23 Burkhard Morgenstern (University of Goettingen, Institute of Microbiology and Genetics) jpHMM: A Jumping Profile HMM to Predict Recombinations in HIV-1
• 2009-02-19 Walter R. Duncan (Seattle University) Electron Transfer at the Organic/Inorganic Interface: A Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics Approach
• 2009-02-19 Donald Hamelberg (Georgia State University) Reweighting-based molecular dynamics in studying long-timescale biomolecular events
• 2009-02-17 Eugene Agichtein (Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Emory University) Modeling User Interactions in Web Search and Social Media
• 2009-02-17 Chris Ticknor (Swinburne University of Technology) Ultracold Dipolar Scattering
• 2009-02-17 Tz. V. Kolev and R. N. Rieben A Tensor Artificial Viscosity Using a Finite Element Approach
• 2009-02-10 Creighton Thomas (Department of Physics, Syracuse University) Simulating Glassy Systems with Patchwork Dynamics
• 2009-02-09 Teng Yang ( Physics and Astronomy Department, Michigan State University) Self-assembly of nanostructures: from nanowires to complex polymer assemblies
• 2009-02-05 Joel Miller Converting PDE age-of-infection models into ODEs
• 2009-02-05 Joel Miller The spread of infectious diseases in clustered populations
• 2009-02-02 Victor M. Yakovenko (University of Maryland) Statistical Mechanics of Money, Income, and Wealth
• 2009-02-02 Chris Newman (Multiphysics Methods Group, Idaho National Laboratory) Fully coupled solution methods for nuclear fuel performance analysis
• 2009-01-26 Nigel Goldenfeld (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) The friction factor and roughness-induced criticality in turbulent pipe flow in two and three dimensions
• 2009-01-22 Liban Rong (LANL, T-6) Modeling HIV/HCV drug treatment and resistance
• 2009-01-21 Todd Leen (Oregon Health & Sciences University) Stochastic Learning in Brains and Machines
• 2009-01-12 Victor Steinberg (Weizmann Institute) Single vesicle dynamics in a general flow
• 2009-01-08 Nicole Smith-Downey (University of Texas at Austin) Terrestrial biogeochemistry of Mercury - a new model

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