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CNLS Talks, 2016
• 2016-12-14 Robert Fowler (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) An Approach to Productivity and Performance Portability Through Domain-specific Optimization of C++
• 2016-12-12 Bryan Daniels (Arizona State University and Santa Fe Institute) Automated adaptive inference of phenomenological dynamical models
• 2016-12-08 Ryan Suderman (T-6/CNLS) Formal modeling of early signaling events in the mast cell immune response
• 2016-12-07 Cory Lanker (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Improving hyperspectral detection of solids using spectral features.
• 2016-12-06 Dr. Xiaohu Hu (ORNL) Forever aging – Complex non-equilibrium structural dynamics in single protein molecules
• 2016-12-06 Keesha E. Erickson (University of Colorado, Boulder) Signatures in gene expression and gene expression variability during bacterial adaptive evolution
• 2016-12-06 Shengxi Huang (MIT) Spectroscopic Study of Light-Matter Interaction between Nanostructures and Two-Dimensional Materials
• 2016-11-30 Laura A. McNamara (Sandia National Laboratory) Our Analytic Systems are (Mostly) Failing End Users … But the Problem is Fixable!
• 2016-11-28 Qimiao Si (Center for Quantum Materials, Rice University) Iron-based Superconductivity as a Prototype for Strongly Correlated Physics
• 2016-11-22 Bethany Nicholson (Sandia National Laboratory) Pyomo.dae: A framework enabling rapid development of optimization problems constrained by differential equations
• 2016-11-17 Hye-In Jeong (APEC Climate Center, Busan, South Korea) Predictability of coupled models in predicting the Two Types of ENSO and their impacts / Impact of initial conditions on ENSO predictions and their teleconnections using CCSM3
• 2016-11-16 Kody Law (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Bayesian computation: Inverse problems, data assimilation, and machine learning
• 2016-11-16 Jose Onuchic (Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, Rice University) Kac Lecture Series: The Genetics and Biophysics of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT): Can Theory Help Cancer Biology?
• 2016-11-15 Jose Onuchic (Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, Rice University) Kac Lecture Series: A Transferrable Model for Chromatin Folding
• 2016-11-15 Robyn L. Miller (The Mind Research Network) New Approaches to Studying Network Connectivity Dynamics and Patterned Spatiotemporal Activation in fMRI Data
• 2016-11-09 Claire Guilbaud (CEA/DAM-Ile de France, France) LOVE: Large Object Visualisation Environment
• 2016-11-09 Professor Michael Zudov (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis) NEW TIME: Nonequilibrium and anisotropic transport in high-mobility semiconductor heterostructures
• 2016-11-08 Henry Stopfel (Uppsala University) Thermodynamics in magnetic meta-materials
• 2016-11-07 Andrej Risteski (Princeton University) How to calculate partition functions using convex programming hierarchies: provable bounds for variational methods
• 2016-11-03 Hassan Hijazi (Australian National University College of Engineering and Computer Science) Convex Optimization for Energy Systems
• 2016-10-26 David Alderson (Naval Postgraduate School) Assessing and Improving the Operational Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Systems: Recent Progress and Future Challenges
• 2016-10-24 Adrian Roitberg (University of Florida) Pushing the envelop in Molecular Dynamics of Biological Systems: Speedups and New Ensembles
• 2016-10-12 Gunther Weber (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Topological Analysis at the Extreme Scale: Finding Features in Large Data Sets
• 2016-10-12 Patricia Grubel (New Mexico State University) Performance Monitoring and Dynamic Adaptation in HPX - A Task-based Runtime System
• 2016-10-12 Anastassia Alexandrova (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles and California NanoSystems Institute) Boron in Functional Materials: from clusters and catalytic surfaces to ultra-hard alloys
• 2016-10-10 No Colloquium
• 2016-10-03 Thomas Kurtz (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Identifying separated time-scales in stochastic models of reaction networks
• 2016-09-26 Wilbert Weijer (CCS-2) Agulhas Leakage: A critical link in the global ocean circulation.
• 2016-09-22 Carmen Molina-Paris (University of Leeds) Mathematical Immunology at Leeds
• 2016-09-21 Daniel Vacanti (ActionableAgileTM) Kanban Crash Course: From Novice to Expert in 60 Minutes
• 2016-09-20 Matthias Geilhufe (NORDITA, Stockholm) A data mining approach for the search of organic Dirac materials
• 2016-09-19 Rajan Gupta (T-2) In a world with 10 billion people, what will 8 billion do?
• 2016-09-15 John P. Weyant (Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University) Overview of a New DOE Sponsored Research Program on Integrated Climate Impacts Analysis
• 2016-09-15 Gopinath Chennupati (CCS-3) Grammatical Evolution + Multi-Cores = Automatic Parallel Programming!
• 2016-09-14 Stanley R. Rotman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Remote Sensing Change Detection for Disaster Management
• 2016-09-13 Daniel Arovas (University of California at San Diego) The Amplitude Mode in Condensed Matter : Higgs Hunting on a Budget
• 2016-09-12 Henry Herce (Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Department of Biology, Germany) The art of delivery: A journey from atomistic models to living cells and organisms
• 2016-09-08 Wei-Chia Chen (Florida State University) Information and Statistics: A New Paradigm in Theoretical Nuclear Physics
• 2016-09-07 Matthew Larsen (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Performance Modeling of In Situ Rendering
• 2016-09-07 Leeor Kronik (Department of Materials and Interfaces, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth 76100, Israel) Understanding Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Structures and Materials from First Principles
• 2016-09-05 No Colloquium
• 2016-09-01 Thomas Swinburne (Culham Center for Fusion Energy) Stochastic dynamics of crystal defects: glide and climb
• 2016-08-31 Patricia Crossno (Sandia National Laboratory) Slycat Analysis and Visualization
• 2016-08-25 Miles Lubin (MIT) Mixed-integer convex optimization
• 2016-08-25 Hidemaro Suwa (Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo) Quantum Monte Carlo Analysis of Linearly Dispersing Spinons at Deconfined Quantum-Critical Point
• 2016-08-22 Edward Arevalo (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) Nonlinear excitations in photonic honeycomb lattices: Beyond the high-symmetry points of the Band structure
• 2016-08-18 Dhruv Balwada (Florida State University) Lagrangian Observations of Ocean Turbulence
• 2016-08-17 Torstten Hoefler (ETH Zurich) Model-driven Automatic GPU Compilation and Why You Want to Run MPI On Your GPU
• 2016-08-17 Jinwoo Shin (KAIST/Korea) Approximating the Spectral Sums of Large-scale Matrices using Chebyshev Approximations
• 2016-08-15 Benjamin Nebgen (Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California) Excited States in Finite Systems: Both Time Dependent and Independent Approaches
• 2016-08-15 Nicholas Ruozzi (UT Dallas) MAP Inference in Continuous Graphical Models
• 2016-08-15 Oxana Chkrebtii (The Ohio State University) Uncertainty quantification for dynamical systems without closed form solutions
• 2016-08-15 Pierson Guthrey (Dept. Math., Iowa State University ) A Family of Regionally Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with Applications to solving the Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell System
• 2016-08-11 Emrah Akyol (University of Illinois) Statistical Physics Based Optimization for Stochastic Control Problems
• 2016-08-09 William Dewar (Florida State University) My worries about Mr.Boussinesq and what to do about them
• 2016-08-08 No Colloquium
• 2016-08-07 Joel Yuen (University of California, San Diego) TBD
• 2016-08-05 Justin Kinney (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) Formal diagrammatic methods for modeling large macromolecular complexes
• 2016-08-03 Walter A. Harrison (Dept. of Applied Physics, Stanford University) Does an Inelastic Event Randomize the Phase?
• 2016-07-27 Kerstin Kleese van Dam (Brookhaven National Laboratory) ​Exploring Increased Synergies Between Computing and Experiments
• 2016-07-27 Niall Adams (Imperial College London and Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research) Adaptive Estimation for Change Point Detection in Continuous Monitoring
• 2016-07-27 Marco Merkli (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Dynamics of a dimer in thermal environments
• 2016-07-25 Ulf Schiller (Clemson University) Computational modeling in a virtual materials laboratory
• 2016-07-19 Arvi Freiberg (Institute of Physics, University of Tartu) The Nature of Photosynthetic Excitations: Exciton, Exciton Polaron or Something Else?
• 2016-07-07 Aurelia Chenu (MIT) Portraits of Thermal Equilibrium & Dynamics of Open Systems
• 2016-07-06 Ryan Wilson (United States Naval Academy) Ordering and phase transitions in photon cavity arrays
• 2016-07-05 Ali Hassanali (International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)) Hydrophobic Effects in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems: From Liquid Water to Amyloid Proteins to Charged Water Clusters
• 2016-06-27 Ahmad Rushdi (University of Texas in Austin and SNL,) A Comprehensive Mesh Improvement Framework via Constrained Resampling
• 2016-06-23 Bertrand Rouet-Leduc (University of Cambridge) Learning the Physics of Failure
• 2016-06-16 Jacob Miner (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Dynamics of RNA tetraloop folding
• 2016-06-16 Sydney Andrews (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology) Nucleosynthesis and Shockwave Revival in Core-Collapse Supernovae
• 2016-06-16 Gaoxue Wang Theoretical investigation of group IV and V related 2D materials
• 2016-06-13 Jin Wang (SUNY Stony Brook) The potential and flux landscape for physical and biological nonequilibrium systems
• 2016-06-13 Mohamed S. Ebeida (SNL) VoroCrust Algorithm: 3D Polyhedral Meshing with True Voronoi Cells Conforming to Surface Samples
• 2016-06-07 Jacob Miner Dynamics of RNA tetraloop folding
• 2016-06-06 Marilyn Gunner (City College of New York, CUNY) Proton pumping and electron tunneling to power the cell
• 2016-06-06 Chris Marone (Pennsylvania State University) The Mechanics of Sldow Earthquakes and the Spectrum of Fault Slip Behavior
• 2016-06-06 Tyler Reddy (University of Oxford) Computational Virology: From the Outside In
• 2016-06-06 Deepanshu Vasal (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Decision making in dynamical systems with decentralized information
• 2016-06-02 Daniel Reiche (Humboldt University of Berlin) Quantum Friction
• 2016-06-01 Christopher Rozell (Georgia Institute of Technology) Exploiting Low-dimensional Geometric Structure in High-dimensional Data: Lessons from Neuroscience for Machine Learning
• 2016-06-01 John Michalakes ( UCAR Visiting Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory, Marine Meteorolgy Division) Code restructuring to improve performance in WRF performance on Intel Xeon Phi
• 2016-05-31 Brian Munsky (Colorado State University) Measuring, Modeling and Predicting Fluctuations of Signal-Activated Gene Expression
• 2016-05-30 No Colloquium
• 2016-05-25 Christopher Burke (Department of Physics, Tufts University) Order and Jamming on Curved Surfaces
• 2016-05-25 Spiros Eliopoulos (Inhabited Type LLC) Approaching the Ideal of Contemporary Software Development and Operations
• 2016-05-23 Marco Drewes (Munich Tech. U.) Experimental tests of leptogenesis
• 2016-05-19 Daniele Funaro (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) Can we build matter from electromagnetism?
• 2016-05-19 Denis D. Sheka (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine) Curvature–induced effects in low-dimensional nanomagnets
• 2016-05-17 Sean Ahern (Computational Engineering International) OpenSWR: A High Performance, Highly Scalable Software Rasterizer for OpenGL
• 2016-05-17 Vincent Spata Photoinitiated-processes in Adenine Oligonucleotides as Revealed Through QM/MM Simulations
• 2016-05-13 Michael Zwolak (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Thermodynamic cycle of catalytic nanoparticle morphology driven by carbon nanostructure growth
• 2016-05-09 Charles Doering (University of Michigan) Heat rises: 100 Years of Rayleigh-Benard convection
• 2016-05-05 Yves Meheust (University of Rennes, France) The flow of aqueous foams in subsurface porous media: experimental investigation using an analog setup and implications for large scale modeling
• 2016-05-05 Francesco Sorrentino (University of New Mexico) Optimal Target Control of Complex Networks
• 2016-05-04 Jonathan Jerke (Texas Southern University) Frontiers of Electronic Structure: From Gaussian-Sinc to Canonical Cardinal Sine
• 2016-05-04 Fan Guo (LANL T-2) New Insights on Nonthermal Particle Acceleration during Magnetic Reconnection
• 2016-05-03 Ian Hiskens (University of Michigan) Corrective Model-Predictive Control in Large Electric Power Systems
• 2016-05-02 Anders Rantzer (Lund University) Scalable Control of Positive Systems
• 2016-05-02 David Wolpert (Santa Fe Institute) Extending Landauer's Bound from Bit Erasure to Arbitrary Computation
• 2016-04-27 Travis Sjostrom (LANL T-1) Dense Quantum Plasma Simulation: Density Functional Theory Algorithms and Bottlenecks
• 2016-04-20 Soren Taverniers (University of California, San Diego) Algorithm development for multiphysics problems in the presence of stochastic noise
• 2016-04-18 Michael Bachmann (University of Georgia) On the Broken Geometry of Life as a Reason of Us Being
• 2016-04-18 Daniel Mohsenizadeh (Texas A & M University) Optimal Objective-Based Experimental Design for Uncertain Dynamical Gene Networks
• 2016-04-13 Eugenia Kim (LANL T-5) The mimetic finite difference method for the Landau-Lifshitz equation
• 2016-04-11 No Colloquium
• 2016-04-08 Nathan Thomas and Timmie Smith (Texas A&M University) STAPL hands on tutorial
• 2016-04-07 Nathan Thomas and Timmie Smith (Texas A&M University) STAPL: A High Productivity Infrastructure for Parallel Application Development
• 2016-04-07 Sidhant Misra (LANL T-5) Monotonicity Properties in Dissipative Flow Networks
• 2016-04-07 Peter L. Erdos (Hungarian Academy Of Sciences) Degree Sequences Decompositions and Sampling with Fast Mixing Markov Chains (Part 3)
• 2016-04-06 Peter L. Erdos (Hungarian Academy Of Sciences) Degree Sequences Decompositions and Sampling with Fast Mixing Markov Chains (Part 2)
• 2016-04-04 Qing Nie (University of California, Irvine) Stem Cells: Interplay Between Complex Data and Models
• 2016-04-04 Peter L. Erdos (Hungarian Academy Of Sciences) Degree Sequences Decompositions and Sampling with Fast Mixing Markov Chains (Part 1)
• 2016-03-28 David Sivak (Simon Fraser University) Efficient molecular-scale energy transmission
• 2016-03-28 Dr. Wei Zhu (California State University, North Ridge) Numerical detecting topological states of matter in strongly-correlated systems
• 2016-03-24 Anatoly Zlotnik (LANL T-4) Nonlinear Control & Optimization under Uncertainty - From Biological Rhythms to Infrastructure Networks
• 2016-03-24 Madhu Advani (Stanford University) New Perspectives on High Dimensional Inference
• 2016-03-23 Roland Faller (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, UC Davis) Multiscale Modeling of Soft Matter and its Integration to Experiment
• 2016-03-22 Libin Rong (Oakland University) Virus and T cell dynamics in HIV-infected individuals
• 2016-03-22 Jack Douglas (NIST) Fluctuations and Cooperative Motion in the Interfacial Dynamics of Nanoparticles, Thin films, Proteins, Grain Boundaries and Other Glassy Materials
• 2016-03-21 Jie Liang (University of Illinois at Chicago) Multiscale modeling of stochastic network, chromatin folding, and tissue formation for understanding cellular epigenetic states and tissue patterning
• 2016-03-21 Debashish Mukherji (Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research) Co-non-Solvency: Soft, Smart Responsive Systems in Solvent Mixtures
• 2016-03-17 Vladimir Frolov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) A Novel Approach for Planning of Placement and Sizing of FACTS Devices
• 2016-03-16 Kasia Pawelek (University of South Carolina Beaufort) Within-Host Models of High and Low Pathogenic Influenza Virus Infections: The Role of Macrophages
• 2016-03-16 Adam Stanier (LANL XCP-6) Magnetic reconnection in weak and strong guide-field regimes
• 2016-03-14 Emiliano Dall Anese (NREL) Bridging the gap between real-time control and steady-state optimization in power distribution systems
• 2016-03-14 Brian Johnson (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Nonlinear Oscillators and Self-organizing Power Electronics Systems
• 2016-03-10 Sebastian Deffner (LANL T-4) Quantum thermodynamics: Thermodynamics and information processing at the nanoscale
• 2016-03-10 Nicholas Ruozzi (University of Texas at Dallas) Scaling Up Approximate Variational Learning
• 2016-03-10 Elizabeth Simons (Florida State University) A brief observational occupation of Apalachicola Bay, Florida
• 2016-03-09 Kyle Hickmann (LANL ) Imaging Electro-acoustic Properties with Thermoacoustic Tomography
• 2016-03-08 Ha Truong (Rice University) Funneling, Frustration and Folding Pathways in the Energy Landscapes of Proteins
• 2016-03-07 Michael Hinczewski (Case Western) The price of information: thermodynamics and the limits of signaling in living systems
• 2016-03-07 Ross Maciejewski, PhD (Purdue University) Enabling Predictive Analytics through Visualization
• 2016-03-07 Ariane Middel (Arizona State University) How to Stay Cool in the Desert -- Examples of Urban Climate Research at the Local and Micro-scale
• 2016-03-02 Vladimir Parfenyev (Landau Institute, Moscow) Nonlinear generation of vorticity by surface waves
• 2016-02-29 Michele Benzi (Emory University) Numerical methods for differential equations on graphs
• 2016-02-29 Sergey Belan (Landau Institute, Moscow) Localization-delocalization transition of inertial particles in wall-bounded random flows
• 2016-02-24 Timothee Nicolas (National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), Japan) 3D MHD simulations of sawtooth cycles in tokamaks and of the interchange mode in stellarators
• 2016-02-24 Ruediger Schultz (University of Duisburg-Essen) On the Quantification of Nomination Feasibility In Stationary Gas Networks with Random Load
• 2016-02-22 Pavel Bochev and Paul Kuberry (Sandia National Laboratory) VARIATIONS ON AN INTERFACE THEME
• 2016-02-22 Ryan King (University of Colorado, Boulder) Machine Learning and Optimization for Modeling and Control of Turbulent Flows
• 2016-02-17 Morgan Kelly (Washington State University) Effects of Binary Water/Methanol Solutions on Ion Solvation: computational modeling meets Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
• 2016-02-15 No Colloquium
• 2016-02-10 C.S. Chang (Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL)) Gyrokinetic simulation of blobby edge turbulence and divertor heat-flux width in tokamak edge
• 2016-02-09 Marylesa Howard (National Security Technologies, LLC) Quantifying Uncertainties in Inverse Problems: Meaning and Usefulness of Error Bars on Information Extracted from Stockpile Stewardship Experiments
• 2016-02-08 Korana Burke (University of California, Davis) The Role of Phase Space Structures in Chaotic Ionization or Using Geometry to Understand Ionization from Mathematical Perspective
• 2016-02-08 Yonatan Dubi (Ben-Gurion University, Israel) Interplay between environment and geometry and directed heat flow in photosynthetic exciton transfer complexes
• 2016-02-08 Stamatis Lefkimmiatis (UCLA Math Dept.) Convex Generalizations of Total Variation with Applications to Inverse Problems in Image Processing
• 2016-02-04 Andriy Zhugayevych (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) Modeling of energy and charge transfer in molecular systems
• 2016-02-01 Oxana Chkrebtii (The Ohio State University) Uncertainty quantification for dynamical systems without closed form solutions
• 2016-01-30 Carlton Caves and Ivan Deutsch (Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM) Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM
• 2016-01-25 Jr-Shin Li (Washington University in St. Louis) Control of Dynamic Structures in Underactuated Ensembles
• 2016-01-25 Antoine Lemoine (Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux ) Moment-of-Fluid Analytic Reconstruction on 2D Cartesian Grids
• 2016-01-20 Christa Brelsford (Santa Fe Institute) Towards a Topology of Cities
• 2016-01-18 No Colloquium
• 2016-01-13 Joachim M. Buhmann (Computer Science Department Institute for Machine Learning, ETH Zurich) Information theory of algorithms: How precisely should we compute in Big Data settings?
• 2016-01-11 Robert Cordery (Fairfield University) Improved renormalization group on the D4 lattice

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