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CNLS Talks, 2018
• 2018-12-19 Julien Tranchida (Sandia National Laboratory) Coupled Magnetic Spin Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics in a Massively Parallel Framework
• 2018-12-10 CANCELLED-Michael Chini (University of Central Florida) CANCELLED-Crystal Symmetry and High-Order Harmonic Generation from Solids
• 2018-12-06 Jiaxu Zhang (CCS-2/CNLS) The changing Arctic Ocean and the increasing impact from the Atlantic
• 2018-12-05 Alberto Gobbi (Genentech Inc.) To be strained, or not to be strained, that is the question
• 2018-12-05 Patrick King (University of Virginia) Gas Dynamics Near and Far: Observational Magnetohydrodynamics of Interstellar Molecular Clouds and X-Ray Ablation of Asteroids for the Earth’s Defense
• 2018-11-29 Gopinath Chennupati (Los Alamos National Laboratory, CCS-3) Scalable Performance Prediction of Codes on CPUs and GPUs
• 2018-11-27 Martin Berzins (University of Utah) A Portable Applications Driven Approach to Scalability on Present and Future Exascale Systems
• 2018-11-26 Fred Glover, Andy Badgett, and Gary Kochenberger (University of Colorado, Denver/XtremeGeo) Integrating Classical and Quantum Computing for Combinatorial Optimization Using the QUBO Model
• 2018-11-19 Claudio Castelnovo (University of Cambridge, The Cavendish Laboratory) Dynamics of quasiparticle excitations in spin ice materials
• 2018-11-15 Ying Su (T-4) Nontrivial topology and localization in the double exchange model with possible applications to perovskite manganites
• 2018-11-09 Chen-Ching Liu (Virginia Tech) Resilient Distribution Systems
• 2018-11-09 Yifeng Tian (Michigan State University) Numerical Study of Variable Density Flow Interaction with a Normal Shock Wave
• 2018-11-08 Amy Lovell (T-2/CNLS) Improvements in Prompt Fission Modeling
• 2018-11-08 Benjamin Ryan (CCS-2) General Relativistic Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Slowly Accreting Black Holes, Particularly M87
• 2018-11-08 Dmitry Gromov (St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia) Control of Epidemics: Numerical Optimal Control and Beyond
• 2018-11-01 Jacopo Simoni (T-5/CNLS) Ab-initio calculation of electron-ion relaxation in warm dense plasmas
• 2018-11-01 Jeremy Bailin (University of Alabama) Nucleosynthetic Self-Enrichment of Globular Clusters
• 2018-11-01 Forrest Sheldon (UCSD) Leveraging collective dynamics to accelerate computation
• 2018-10-26 Racheet Matai (Iowa State ) Machine learning augmented turbulence modelling
• 2018-10-25 Sivaramakrishnan Balachandar (University of Florida) Center for Compressible Multiphase Turbulence Euler-Lagrange Simulations that Capture Fully Resolved Physics For Explosive particle dispersal
• 2018-10-25 Georges Akiki (T-3/CNLS) The Discovery of a New Stress in Multiphase Flows
• 2018-10-18 Srirupa Chakraborty (T-6/CNLS) Decrypting the sugar coated network on the HIV envelope
• 2018-10-16 Steve P. Meisburger (Princeton University/Cornell University) Correlated Motions from Protein Crystallography
• 2018-10-11 Rakshya Khatiwada (Fermilab) Exploring the Mystery of Dark Matter with ADMX
• 2018-10-10 S L Dudarev (University of Oxford) A practical step towards a virtual nuclear reactor
• 2018-10-04 Shriram Srinivasan (EES-16/CNLS) System-size reduction for fractured porous media: A machine-learning approach for identifying flow backbones of variable size
• 2018-10-04 Yan-Fei Jiang (University of California, Santa Barbara) Three Dimensional Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulations Reveal the Mysteries of Luminous Blue Variables
• 2018-09-13 Deepjyoti Deka (T-4) Learning and Control using Fluctuations in Distribution Grids: Graphs, Buildings and MDPs
• 2018-09-04 Alvaro Cardenas (UT-Dallas) A Decade of Research in CPS Security: An Unconsummated Union Between Control Theory and Information Security
• 2018-08-27 Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University) OPTIMAL CONTROL OF SWEEPING PROCESSES WITH APPLICATIONS
• 2018-08-16 Nicholas Manton ( University of Cambridge ) Skyrmions and Nuclei
• 2018-08-13 Daniel Tudor (University of Liverpool) Investigating the behaviour of contaminated colloidal particles within porous media using agent based modelling
• 2018-08-07 Dr. Qiang Guan (Kent State University) Tensorview: In situ Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks
• 2018-08-01 Maicol Ochoa (NIST) Dynamic and thermodynamic representations of nanoscale systems in the strong coupling regime
• 2018-07-30 Justin Elenewski (NIST) Ensembles, Connectivity, and Energy Transport in Biomolecules
• 2018-07-30 Chrysm Watson Ross (University of New Mexico) Troll Hunter: Understanding Collective Behavior in Social Networks
• 2018-07-25 Adam Kirrander (University of Edinburg) Ultrafast x-ray scattering: chemical dynamics and beyond
• 2018-07-06 Pietro Cicuta (University of Cambridge) Waves in the airways: a carpet of microscopic rowers keeps us alive
• 2018-07-02 Bjoern Baumeier (TU Eidhoven ) Excited states and their dynamics in complex molecular systems: insights from many-body Green's function theory
• 2018-06-28 Jing Su (T-1) Determining Oxidation State of Metal Center in Molecular Compounds
• 2018-06-25 Giovanni Bussi (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati) Using molecular simulations and solution experiments to predict RNA structural dynamics
• 2018-06-21 Charles Lieou (EES-17/CNLS) Dynamic recrystallization in adiabatic shear banding: an entropic, effective-temperature model
• 2018-06-11 No Colloquium
• 2018-06-04 Aniket Bhattacharya (University of Central Florida) DNA folds and dynamics squeezed inside a nano-channel with a sliding gasket
• 2018-05-31 Marco Merkli (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Evolution of open quantum systems: resonance theory
• 2018-05-23 Dr. Minsu Choi (Missouri University of Science and Technology) Efficient Quasi-Stochastic Computing in FPGA for Parallelism, Scalability and Programmability
• 2018-05-23 Beth Lindquist (The University of Texas at Austin) Self-Assembly of Complex Crystalline Phases: Forward vs. Inverse Approaches
• 2018-05-23 Ryan B. Jadrich (The University of Texas at Austin) Accelerating materials design and characterization
• 2018-05-21 Martin Murtagh (Corning Incorporated) An Industrial Perspective: Particle Modeling and Multi-Scale Analysis of Particulate Systems
• 2018-05-16 Ivan I. Smalyukh (University of Colorado, Boulder) Special Colloquium: Topology, Switching and Dynamics of 2D and 3D Solitons
• 2018-05-09 Petr Vorobev (MIT) Flexible microgrids for stand-alone and grid connected applications
• 2018-05-08 Jörg Schumacher (Technische Universität Ilmenau) Turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh-Bénard convection
• 2018-05-03 Thomas A. Witten (University of Chicago) Towards a continuum understanding of kinetically selected one-dimensional self assembly
• 2018-05-03 David K. Campbell (Boston University) Fold, Staple,and Mutilate: Kirigami for 2D Electronic Materials and Beyond
• 2018-05-02 Triet Nguyen-Beck (University of Notre Dame) Development and Applications of the Real-Time Electronic Dynamics Method OSCF2
• 2018-05-01 Chanexi Dai (Clarkson University) A Tight Configuration-Component Based Hybrid Model for Combined-Cycle Units in MISO Day-Ahead Market
• 2018-04-25 Cindy Bolme (M-9), Jim Ahrens (CCS-7), David Walters, Earl Lawrence (CCS-6), David Rogers (CCS-7), Richard Sandberg (MPA-CINT) Real-time Adaptive Acceleration of Dynamic Experimental Science
• 2018-04-16 Pablo Laguna (Georgia Technical University) Black-Holes, Neutron-Stars, Numerical Relativity and the Birth of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
• 2018-04-05 Shriram Srinivasan (CNLS/EES-16) System Reduction Techniques for Discrete Fracture Networks in Porous Media
• 2018-04-05 Monique Combescot (Institut des NanoSciences de Paris) Composite bosons and their many-body physics
• 2018-03-29 Soyoun Son (EES-17) Numerical study of nonlinear elastic behavior of rocks with Bricks and Mortar model
• 2018-03-29 Ross Baldick (University of Texas at Austin) Stitching seams with different threads: US versus EU electricity markets
• 2018-03-28 Dr. Patrick Taylor (Missouri University of Science and Technology) Effective Learning and Control in Biologically Realistic Spiking Neural Network Simulations
• 2018-03-26 Daniel Molzahn (Argonne National Laboratory) Characterizing Non-Convexities in the Feasible Spaces of OPF Problems and an Algorithm for Finding Multiple Local Optima
• 2018-03-22 Kateryna Yakymenko (T-5/CNLS) Nonadiabatic motion of energetic ions in the inner magnetosphere
• 2018-03-21 Richard Marchand (University of Alberta) Simulation-based interpretation of particle sensor measurements
• 2018-03-15 Prof Alina Chertock (North Carolina State University) A Simple Eulerian Approach for Compressible Multifluids and to Flows in Domains with Moving Boundaries
• 2018-03-15 Prof. Alina Chertock (North Carolina State University) Interaction Dynamics of Singular Wave Fronts Computed by Particle Methods
• 2018-03-12 Edwin K. P. Chong (Colorado State University) State-Dependent Action Optimization Schemes
• 2018-03-12 Chiyu Max Jiang (University of California, Berkeley) 3D Deep Learning for Shapes and its Applications in Engineering
• 2018-03-12 David Saad (Aston University) Computational hardness in p-spin models – a microscopic perspective
• 2018-03-05 Yuri Bazilevs Air-Blast FSI Using an Immersed Approach: Coupled IGA-Meshfree Formulation and Phase-Field Modeling of Fracture
• 2018-03-05 Oliver Hennigh (AIGrant) Lat-Net: Compressing Lattice Boltzmann Flow Simulations using Deep Neural Networks
• 2018-02-22 Guido Cavraro ( Virginia Tech) Topology Identification and Voltage Control on Distribution Networks
• 2018-02-15 Jonas Lippuner (CCS-2/CNLS) The origin of heavy elements
• 2018-02-15 Elena Jakubikova (North Carolina State University) Fe(II) chromophores + TiO2 + light = electricity: Designing iron-based sensitizers with computational chemistry
• 2018-02-13 Georges Belfort (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Evidence for the N-Terminal Hypothesis for Alzheimer’s Disease
• 2018-02-12 Cristina Marchetti (Syracuse University) The Physics of Active Matter
• 2018-02-12 Kathleen E. Hamilton (Quantum Computing Institute ) Graphical elements in algorithmic design for next-generation processors
• 2018-02-12 Spencer Fox (The University of Texas at Austin) Modeling disease emergence for public health
• 2018-02-08 Ryan Suderman (T-CNLS) Model-driven characterization of immunoreceptor signaling dynamics
• 2018-02-08 Luther McDonald (University of Utah ) Quantifying Morphological and Oxygen Isotopic Signatures of UO2 Based on Production History
• 2018-02-08 Rebecca Carlson (University of Minnesota) Metal-Metal Bonds and Multiconfiguration Pair-Density Functional Theory
• 2018-02-07 Matt Kroonblawd (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Towards predictive modeling of molecular materials at extremes: Critical insights from atomistics for understanding shocks, transport, and chemistry
• 2018-02-01 Samuel Jones (CCS-2) Hydrodynamic simulations of stars and supernovae
• 2018-01-30 Xiangyu Meng (Boston University) Optimal Sampling and Control of Stochastic Systems
• 2018-01-29 J. S. Chen (University of California, San Diego) Accelerated and Stabilized Meshfree Methods for Extreme Events Modeling
• 2018-01-26 Jirka Fink (Karlov University, Prague) Balancing electricity using buffering devices
• 2018-01-24 Jeremiah Brackbill (Jemez Room, LANL Study Center) Francis H. Harlow as We Knew Him
• 2018-01-22 Christian Klingenberg (Wuerzburg University) On the numerical discretization of the Euler equations with a gravitational force
• 2018-01-18 Jacques de Chalendar (Stanford University) Optimization of District Scale Thermal Storage for Grid Services and Reliability
• 2018-01-17 Satoru Tokuda (Tohoku University) Bayesian approach to spectroscopy: beyond data analysis toward experimental design
• 2018-01-17 Pawel Dabrowski (University of Warsaw) The topological links in proteins and their macroassemblies
• 2018-01-16 Sumantra Sarkar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)) Sufficient physical conditions for self-replication
• 2018-01-16 Brendan Tracey (Santa Fe Institute) Harnessing Machine Learning for Uncertainty Quantification and System Design
• 2018-01-08 Vakhtang Putkaradze (University of Alberta) Variational approach to fluid-structure interactions: tubes conveying fluid, friction, poromechanics and Darcy's laws
• 2018-01-04 Larry Baxter (Brigham Young University) Potential Pitfalls and Their Solutions In Bayesian Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification
• 2018-01-01 No Colloquium

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