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CNLS Talks, 2003

• 12/22 Vladimir Privman (Clarkson Univ.) Solid State Semiconductor Quantum Computing

• 12/18 Vladimir Chernyak (Corning Inc) Dendrimeric Nanostars: Artificial Molecular Antennae

• 12/15 Aric Hagberg (T-7) Frequency locking in extended systems: The impact of a Turing mode

• 12/12 Erika Camacho (CNLS) and Steven Wirkus Natural and Applied Sciences Dissertation Workshop

• 12/10 Pavel Lushnikov (T-7) Forward stimulated Brillouin scattering instability of a spatially and temporally incoherent laser beam

• 12/09 Dennis M. Gorman (RRES-DO) The Ecology of Alcohol Availability and Violence and its Relation to Environmental Approaches to Prevention

• 12/09 Paul Gruenewald (Prevention Res. Cntr.) Model Behavioral Systems in Alcohol Studies

• 12/09 Greg Snyder (Univ. Illinois UC) Nanometer localization of single Green Fluorescent Proteins: Evidence that myosin V walks hand-over-hand via telemark configuration

• 12/08 Misha Ovchinnikov (Inst. Chemical Physics) Semiclassical molecular dynamics: methods and their application in condensed phase spectroscopy.

• 12/01 Robert Ecke (MST-10) Understanding 2D turbulence: The connection between structures and inertial transfer

• 11/24 Meeko Oishi (Stanford Univ.) User-Interfaces for Hybrid Systems: Analysis and Design Through Hybrid Reachability

• 11/24 Brian Dyer (CNLS) Fast Events in Protein Folding: Dynamics of the Primary Processes

• 11/20 Dima Mozyrsky (CNLS) Renormalization of resonant tunneling in MOSFETs

• 11/20 Dmitry Vasiliev (Steklov Math. Inst) Effective Actions for Supersymmetric Gauge Theories from Matrix Models

• 11/20 Zoltan Toroczkai (CNLS/T-13) An Introduction to Complex Networks I: Structural Properties

• 11/18 John Dennis, Jr. (Rice Univ.) Optimization and the surrogate management framework: algorithmic and mathematical details

• 11/17 Natalia Litchinitser (OFS Labs) Photonic crystal structures: from Bragg gratings to microstructured fibers

• 11/14 Anton Zabrodin (CNLS) Geometry and integrability of random matrix theory

• 11/10 Alberto Rojo (Oakland Univ.) From Cornstarch to the Giant Causeway: The Origin of Columnar Quasi-Hexagonal Patterns

• 11/06 J. K. Percus (NYU) Classical Fluids Under Nanoscale Confinement

• 11/05 Fred Brauer (CNLS) Some Simple Models for Disease Outbreaks

• 11/04 Anton Zabrodin (CNLS) Laplacian growth and Whitham equations

• 10/30 Avinash Khare (Bhubaneswar, India) Linear Superposition for Nonlinear Differential Equations and New Identities for Jacobi Elliptic Functions

• 10/27 Alex Travesset (CNLS) Disclinations, dislocations, Packing and Encapsulation

• 10/23 S.V. Goupalov (T-12) Radiative lifetime of exciton in a semiconductor quantum dot: Beyond long wavelength limit

• 10/20 James Landry (Sandia Nat. Lab) Structure, stress, and forces in silos and hoppers

• 10/16 Crystal Linkletter (D-1) Predicting Natural Gas Production in the Presence of Reporting Delays

• 10/14 Ivar Martin (T-11) Quantum coherent behavior in nanomechanical systems

• 10/09 Simon Kos (CNLS) Forster transfer between a quantum well and a quantum dot and its implications for an electrically powered quantum-dot laser

• 10/06 Peter Littlewood (Cambridge, UK) Phase coherence in excitonic matter

• 09/25 Zhijun Qiao (CNLS) Completely integrable systems II

• 09/23 Rajendra Agrawal (New York State Health Dept.) The Mammalian Mitochondrial Ribosome: A Translational Apparatus with Novel Features

• 09/15 Mark Achermann (C-PCS) Exciton-exciton interactions: The effect on lasing and light harvesting performance

• 09/11 Zhijun Qiao (CNLS) Completely integrable systems I

• 09/11 Karl Hadeler (CNLS) Differential Equations for Granular Matter

• 09/10 Richard Scalettar (UC Davis) Dynamical Mean Field Theory of the Cerium Volume Collapse Transition II

• 09/09 Richard Scalettar (UC Davis) Dynamical Mean Field Theory of the Cerium Volume Collapse Transition

• 09/08 Andrea Montanari (CNLS) Iterative coding systems and spin glasses

• 09/02 Philip Rosenau (Tel-Aviv, Israel) Why singularities are good for you, or: On genuinely nonlinear patterns in dispersive medium

• 08/28 Andrei Piryatinski (CNLS) Non-adiabatic Dynamics in Electron Phonon Coupled System

• 08/25 Antonio Celani (Nice, France) Two-dimensional turbulence of dilute polymer solutions

• 08/25 Stefan Wabnitz (Alcatel Res. Innovation) Wideband Multimedia Transmissions And Optical Fiber Nonlinear Effects

• 08/18 Alain Pumir (Nice, France) Electric field in cardiology: From clinics to theory and back, perhaps

• 08/15 Wenzhang Huang (Univ. Kansas) Traveling wave solutions for reaction-diffusion equations with time delay and nonlocal responses

• 08/14 Paul Fenimore (CNLS) Protein dynamics and simulation of kinase conformational motion

• 08/13 David Sherrington (Oxford, UK) Glassy dynamics due to kinetic constraints

• 08/13 Misha Chertkov (T-13) Phenomenology of Rayleigh-Taylor Turbulence

• 08/12 Boris Spivak (Univ. of Washington) Propagation of nonlinear waves in disordered media

• 08/11 Misha Chertkov (T-13) Phenomenology of Rayleigh-Taylor Turbulence

• 08/11 Stephen Carr (P-23) Observation and Actuation of Mesoscopic Higher-Order Buckling Modes

• 08/05 Michael (MST-NHMFL) Dynamics of disordered quantum Hall crystals

• 08/04 Pavel Lushnikov (T-7) Nonlinear theory of the excitation of surface waves by Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

• 08/04 Mauro Mobilia (CNLS) Exact Results for a Class of Stochastic Many-Body Systems''

• 08/01 Alejandro Aceves (T-7) Mathematical Modeling of Linear and Nonlinear Waves

• 07/31 Matthew Hastings (T-13) Mean-field and Anomalous Behavior on a Small-World Network

• 07/29 Sandip Ghosal (Northwestern Univ.) Electro-osmotic Flow & Dispersion in Electrophoretic Separation of Samples in Microfluidic Channels

• 07/29 Cheryl Kuske (B-1) Use of the 16S rRNA gene in bacterial phylogenetics, environmental microbiology and pathogen detection

• 07/28 Laszlo Granasy (CNLS) Phase field theory of polycrystalline solidification

• 07/25 John Franke (CNLS) Applications of Periodic Dynamical Systems in Biology

• 07/22 Diana Thomas (CNLS) Iterations of Linear Maps over Finite Fields

• 07/21 Avner Peleg (CNLS) Effects of perturbations on soliton collisions in optical fibers

• 07/17 Eberhard Voit (CCS-3) Systems Biology: It's new. It's hot. But what can we do with it?

• 07/16 David Sherrington (Oxford, UK) Statistical Physics of Adaptive Cooperation of Agents in a Market

• 07/16 William Yslas Velez (Univ. Wisconsin) Cryptography-an excuse to display mathematics

• 07/15 John Dunbar (B-1) Modeling bacterial diversity in natural environments

• 07/15 Faina Berezovskaya (CNLS) Traveling wave solutions in some population models with taxis”

• 07/14 Leonid Levitov (MIT) Charge transport and pattern formation in a cold exciton system

• 07/11 Edriss Titi (Weizmann, Israel) Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems of Dissipative PDEs

• 07/10 David A. Luce (Clarence Center) Glaucoma and Human Eye Pressure: How can the Pressure be Measured Accurately?

• 07/10 Kevin E. Bassler (University of Houston) Self-organized Development of Canalization in Networks of Competing Boolean Agents

• 07/10 Juan Campos (CNLS) Coexistence States and Extinction in Competition Systems

• 07/07 Edriss S. Titi (Weizmann, Israel) Global Regularity for Certain Analytic Turbulence Models

• 07/03 Gyorgy Korniss (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.) Dynamic phase transition and finite-size effects in a periodically driven

• 07/02 S. Li (Northwestern Univ.) Maintaining Divergence-Free Condition for Adaptive Mesh Refinement

• 06/30 Shmuel Gurvitz (T-13) Relaxation and Zeno effect in qubit measurements

• 06/30 Brendt Wohlberg (T-7) Extending the JPEG 2000 Image Coding Standard to Support Floating Point Data

• 06/17 Paul Wiegmann (Univ. Chicago) Stochastic Conformal Maps - A New Approach to 2D Critical Phenomena

• 06/16 Mikhail Stepanov (CNLS) Viscous instanton for Burgers turbulence

• 06/12 Satya Majumdar (Tata Inst. Fund. Res.) Understanding Search Trees via Statistical Physics II

• 06/12 Zoltan Racz (T-13) Distribution functions for nonequilibrium fluctuations

• 06/11 Leslie Smith (CNLS) Anisotropic turbulence in geophysical flows

• 06/11 Edriss S Titi (Weizmann, Israel) Determining Degrees of Freedom for Turbulent Flows II

• 06/10 Oscar Moreno (Univ. Puerto Rico) ???

• 06/09 Satya Majumdar (Tata Inst. Fund. Res.) Understanding Search Trees via Statistical Physics

• 06/09 Cristina Marchetti (Syracuse Univ.) Rain down dirty windshields and vortices in superconductors: the collective dynamics of driven disordered systems.

• 06/09 Yakov Ben-Haim (ESA-WR) Modeling a System Which We Don't Understand

• 06/09 Edriss Titi (Weizmann, Israel) Determining Degrees of Freedom for Turbulent Flows I

• 06/05 Charles R. Doering (Univ. Michigan) Variational bounds on turbulent energy dissipation for forced flow in a slippery channel

• 06/04 Charles R. Doering (Univ. Michigan) The stochastic Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piscunov equation, interacting particles, and duality

• 06/04 Mohammed Ziane (CNLS) Regularity results for some geophysical models

• 06/04 Mehran Kardar (MIT) Teaching Statistical Physics in Biology

• 06/03 Nakul Chitnis (T-7) A MATLAB Code to Model the Spread of an Epidemic of a Multiple-Stage

• 06/03 Sharath S. Girimaji (Texas A&M) Partially averaged Navier-Stokes (Pans) method for Turbulence: A seamless RANS to LES Bridging Model

• 06/02 Mehran Kardar (MIT) The 'Friction' of Vacuum, and other Fluctuation-Induced Forces

• 05/29 Cynthia Reichhardt (T-12) Dislocations in 2D: Friction, mesoscopic dynamics, and liquids

• 05/28 Allen Hunt (T-7) Understanding unsaturated porous media with continuum percolation theory and fractal geometry.

• 05/27 Steve Vogel (Duke Univ.) When Muscle Mattered Most: The Biomechanics of Some Ancient Tasks

• 05/22 Vladimir Chernyak (Corning Inc) Random Walk in Groups and Associated Quantum Mechanical Models III

• 05/21 Vladimir Chernyak (Corning Inc) Random Walk in Groups and Associated Quantum Mechanical Models II

• 05/21 Eugene Tsiper (Princeton) Electronic polarization in organic molecules and molecular solids: classical interactions between quantum systems

• 05/20 Vladimir Chernyak (Corning Inc.) Random Walk in Groups and Associated Quantum Mechanical Models

• 05/20 Stan Mare (Durban Inst Tech.) Modeling Slime Mould Morphogenesis: the Culmination

• 05/19 Jim Skinner (Univ. Wisconsin) Dynamics in liquid water as probed by ultrafast infrared spectroscopy

• 05/12 Eric Bittner (Rice) Theoretical basis for enhanced electro-luminescent efficiency in organic LEDS

• 05/07 Darryl D. Holm (T-7) Nonlinear fluid convection: From solitons to turbulence

• 05/06 Arpita Upadhyaya (MIT) Actin pushy and pulling springs: Two forms of cell motility”

• 05/05 Brian DiDonna (Univ. Penn) Energy condensation in crumpled sheets

• 05/05 Luis M. A. Bettencourt (CCS-3) Tipping the balances of a small world: information, social trends & fashions and the structure of human societies

• 05/05 Yoseph Imry (Weizmann, Israel) The Meso- And Nano- World, Why Is It Interesting?

• 05/01 Thomas C. Halsey (Exxon/Mobil Res.) Dense Granular Flow

• 04/30 David Sherrington (Oxford, UK) Magnets, microchips, memories and markets; statistical physics of complex systems

• 04/29 Raymond E. Goldstein (Univ. Arizona) Coiling Fluids, Flipping Flagella, and Growing Tubes

• 04/29 Stephanie Ruby (UNM) Regulation of the yeast DNA damage response

• 04/28 John M. Lupton (Mainz, Germany) Energy transfer processes in organic semiconductors

• 04/28 Salman Habib (T-8) The Quantum Emergence of Chaos

• 04/24 Charles Reichhardt (CNLS) Dynamics in Superconducting and Metallic Nanostructures

• 04/23 V. S. Gerdjikov (Inst. Nucl. Res. & Nucl. Energy) Real Hamiltonian forms of Toda chains and Toda field theories

• 04/22 Miriam Nuno (CNLS) Singular Perturbation Methods for multiple-scale problems

• 04/21 Benjamin Schwartz (UCLA) Non-adiabatic simulation of interacting quantum degrees of freedom in the condensed phase: The hydrated dielectron

• 04/21 Sara Del Valle (CNLS) EBOLA

• 04/17 Zoltan Toroczkai (T-CNLS/T-13) Agent-Collective Optimization through Influence Network Design: Effects of Social Networks on Market Behavior

• 04/16 V. S. Gerdjikov (Inst. Nucl. Res. & Nucl. Energy) On Adiabatic N-soliton Interactions in Nonlinear Optics

• 04/15 Jens E. Nielsen (T-10) Homology modeling of protein kinases

• 04/15 Steven Strogatz (Cornell) Book Review Special: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order `SYNC'

• 04/14 Jeffrey Olafsen (Univ. Kansas) Granular Engineering of Pits for Prey Capture by Antlions

• 04/14 Sara Del Valle (CNLS) Stability Analysis: Methods and Examples in Epidemiology

• 04/10 Zoltan Neufeld (CNLS) Synchronization by mixing in oscillatory media

• 04/09 Colm Connaughton (ENS Paris, France) Transient Spectra in the Theory of Wave Turbulence

• 04/08 Ariel Cintron-Arias (CNLS) There is Something About Rumors

• 04/07 Erika Camacho (CNLS) Dynamics of Two van der Pol Oscillators Coupled via a Bath

• 04/07 Chris Henley (Cornell) Overcoming Degeneracy in Highly Frustrated Antiferromagnets

• 04/01 Gerardo Chowell (Cornell) Scaling Laws for the Movement of People Between Locations in a Large City

• 03/31 Miriam Nuno (CNLS) Immune-response based approach to multiple influenza strain dynamics

• 03/31 Konstantin Khanin (Cambridge, UK) Global shocks structure in Burgers turbulence and KPZ scalings

• 03/26 Shmuel Nussinov (T-16) A simple physicist approach to complex problems

• 03/25 Carlos-Castillo Chavez (CNLS Ulam) Review of Models for Spread of Tuberculosis

• 03/25 Miriam Nuno (CNLS) Immune-response based approach to multiple influenza strain dynamics

• 03/25 Eric Mjolsness (UC Irvine) Integration of data, mathematical models and software for cell and developmental simulation

• 03/24 Sidney Nagel (Univ. Chicago) Jamming at Zero Temperature

• 03/24 Fabio Sanchez (Cornell University) Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

• 03/21 Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Cornell University) Tutorial lecture on epidemics in populations with age-structure

• 03/18 Svetlana Rouden (T-7) Functions Spaces

• 03/18 Sara Del Valle (CNLS) Nonlocal Response in a Simple Epidemiological Model

• 03/18 W. Klein (Boston University) Fundamentals of the Kinetics of Phase Transitions V

• 03/17 Ariel Cintron (Cornell University) Global Cascades on Random Graphs

• 03/17 Steven Koch (Ph.D. candidate) Probing Protein-DNA Interactions by Unzipping Single DNA Molecules

• 03/17 Victor Steinberg (Weizmann, Israel) Mixing by polymers: experimental test of Batchelor regime

• 03/14 Carlos Castillo-Chavez (CNLS Ulam) Tutorial lecture on age-dependent demographic models

• 03/13 Svetlana Roudenko (T-7) Mathematical Introduction to Wavelets and Similar Transforms

• 03/12 Gerardo Chowell (CNLS Ulam) Measuring Betweenness in Networks and its Applications

• 03/11 Robert M. Raphael (Rice Univ.) Nanoelectromechanical Transduction in Auditory Hair Cells

• 03/10 Baruch Meerson (The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem) Non-equilibrium phase separation in a box of spheres

• 03/10 Miriam Nuno (CNLS) Dynamics of Two-Strain Influenza with Isolation and Partial Cross-Immunity

• 03/10 Rajan Gupta (T-8) Experiments in Understanding Development and Stability

• 03/05 Miriam Nuno (CNLS) Dynamics of Two-Strain Influenza with Isolation and Partial Cross-Immunity

• 03/03 Vladimir Lebedev (Landau Inst. Russia) Disclination Motion in Liquid Crystalline Films

• 03/03 Gerardo Chowell (Cornell University) History's Mysteries Small Pox Deadly Again?

• 02/27 Fabio Sanchez (Cornell University) Models of Dengue Fever

• 02/26 Sara Del Valle (CNLS) Transmission Potential of Smallpox

• 02/25 Anton Andreev (Northwestern Univ.) Full charge counting statistics of a quantum charge pump

• 02/24 Alexander Burin (Northwestern Univ.) Charge Transfer in DNA: Kinetics Analysis and a Microscopic Model

• 02/20 Ariel Cintron-Arias (CNLS) Epidemics on Networks

• 02/20 W. Klein (Boston University) The Kinetics of Phase Transitions IV

• 02/18 W. Klein (Boston University) The Kinetics of Phase Transitions III

• 02/13 W. Klein (Boston University) Fundamentals of the Kinetics of Phase Transitions II

• 02/13 Patricio Cordero (Univ. Chile) Dynamics of granular gases. Simple states.

• 02/12 Didier Sornette (UCLA) Endogenous versus Exogenous Origins of Crises

• 02/11 W. Klein (Boston University) Fundamentals of the Kinetics of Phase Transitions I

• 02/11 Silvina Ponce Dawson (Univ. Beunos Aries) Calcium signals: obtaining the calcium current that underlies fluorescent images

• 02/10 Tobias Schaefer (Univ. North Carolina) Modeling nonlinear pulse propagation in optical fibers

• 02/10 Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann, Israel) Particle Settling Through Turbulent Fluid

• 02/04 Dorothee Kern (Brandeis Univ.) Enzymes in Action in the NMR Tube: Protein Dynamics During Catalysis and Signaling

• 02/03 Daniel Stein (Univ. Arizona) Spin Glasses: Old Questions and New Results; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Replica Symmetry Breaking

• 01/27 Ioannis Kevrekidis (Princeton) Coarse Multiscale Computations

• 01/27 Vitaly A. Rassolov (Univ. South Carolina) A Geminal Model Chemistry

• 01/21 Alfons Schulte (Univ. Central Florida) Ligand Binding and Protein Dynamics in Myoglobin at High Pressure

• 01/14 Bob Eisenberg (Rush Medical Center) Ion Channels as Natural Nanotubes -- Electrostatics of Crowded Charge implies Biological Selectivity and Permeation

• 01/13 Alan Newell (Warwick/Univ. Arizona) Wave turbulence and its breakdown: From whitecaps to condensates

• 01/07 Julien Barre (CNLS/T-11) A Classification of Phase Transitions

• 01/06 Anna Krylov (USC) Breaking the Curse of the Non-Dynamical Correlation Problem: The Spin-Flip Method Applied to Diradicals and Triradicals

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