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CNLS Talks, 2011
• 2011-12-22 Ido Regev (T-4 and CNLS) Dislocation Mediated Plasticity with Configurational Entropy Effects
• 2011-12-22 Dibyendu Roy (University of Cincinnati, Department of Physics) Correlated electrical and electro-optical transport in atoms and molecules.
• 2011-12-21 Rajan Gupta (T-2: NUC & PARTICLE PHYS, ASTROPHYS & COSMOLOGY) What will the global energy landscape look like over the next 50 years?
• 2011-12-21 Todor Karaulanov (P-21, APPLIED MODERN PHYSICS) Novel types of magnetic sensors with ultra-high sensitivity
• 2011-12-20 Laura Smith (University of California - Los Angeles) Modeling Street Gang Rivalries in Los Angeles
• 2011-12-15 Ryan Behunin (T-4 and CNLS) Electrostatic patch effects in Casimir force measurements
• 2011-12-15 Emmanuel Kpemlie (CNRS/LEGI, UJF BP53X, 38402 Grenoble, France) Experiments on an adaptive scheme for the Kalman filter error statistics
• 2011-12-13 Jeff Drocco (T-4) Multiuser detection and applications to imaging
• 2011-12-12 Chick Keller (Institutes) Global Warming: First and Second Order Issues, an Update
• 2011-12-12 Chuck Horowitz (Indiana University, Bloomington) The Lead Radius Experiment at Jefferson Laboratory
• 2011-12-12 Oleksiy Roslyak (Hunter College, CUNY, NY and Chemistry Department, University of California, Irvine) Signatures of carrier multiplication in the frequency resolved fluorescence spectra from polaritons.
• 2011-12-08 Tigran V. Shahbazyan (Department of Physics, Jackson State University) Plasmon-mediated spectroscopies in metal nanostructures: many-body and cooperative effects
• 2011-12-06 David Wineland, CNLS 2011 Distinguished Quantum Lecturer (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Quantum Information Processing and Quantum-Limited Metrology with Trapped Ions
• 2011-12-01 Yasuyuki Kato (T-4 and CNLS) Orbital and magnetic ordering in ZnV2O4
• 2011-11-30 Valerio Mante and David Sussillo (Stanford University) Integration and Gating of Sensory Information is Achieved by a Single Cortical Circuit with Orthogonal Mixed Representations
• 2011-11-30 V. L. Berdichevsky (Wayne State University, Detroit MI ) One more law of thermodynamics?
• 2011-11-30 Peter Rakich (Sandia National Labs) Optical Force Mediated Light-Matter Interactions in the Sub-Wavelength Limit
• 2011-11-28 Mark G. Raizen (Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Department of Physics, The University of Texas at Austin) Maxwell, Einstein, and Their Impossibilities
• 2011-11-21 Stephanie Mazevet (Université Paris Diderot, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon ) Ab Initio Calculations of the Equation of State for Hydrogen and Iron and XANES Spectra of Iron at High Pressure and Temperature
• 2011-11-21 Ethan Coon (T-5) The multiple scales of flow and transport in geologic porous media
• 2011-11-17 Hao Li (T-1 and CNLS) A Quasiparticle View of Electronic Excitations in Branched Conjugated Oligomers
• 2011-11-17 Jim Sethna (Cornell University) Sloppy Model: Differential Geometry of Multiparameter Fits to Data
• 2011-11-15 Giovanni Bellesia (T-6 and CNLS) CNLS Teaching Seminar Series, Depletion Forces in a Nutshell
• 2011-11-14 Efrem Vitali and Ilya N. Lomov (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) An Eulerian Extended Finite Element Method for Godunov Formulations
• 2011-11-10 Ido Regev (T-4 and CNLS) Effective Temperature Theory of Radiation Induced Amorphization
• 2011-11-07 Fausto Cattaneo (University of Chicago) Magneto-Rotational Turbulence and Dynamo Action in Accretion Discs
• 2011-11-07 Bhuvana Srinivasan (T-5: Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics) Generation and Growth of Magnetic Fields in Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Plasmas
• 2011-11-03 Jon Yard (CCS-3: INFORMATION SCIENCES) Quantum communication with zero capacity gaussian channels
• 2011-11-02 Emil Constantinescu (Argonne National Laboratory) The time integration landscape for multi-physics problems and tightly coupled solvers with loosely coupled software: multi-physics and time integration in PETSc
• 2011-11-02 Kathleen Sprouffske (University of Pennsylvania) Mutation pressure overwhelms adaptation in experimental populations of E. coli: some genomic consequences
• 2011-11-02 Jed Brown (Argonne National Laboratory) The time integration landscape for multi-physics problems and tightly coupled solvers with loosely coupled software: multi-physics and time integration in PETSc
• 2011-11-01 Chris Ticknor (T-1) quasi-2D Dipolar gases at finite Temperature
• 2011-10-27 Kevin Bauer (University of Waterloo) Improving Security and Performance in Low-Latency Anonymity Networks
• 2011-10-27 Jared Whitehead (University of Michigan) Ultimate State of Two-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Convection Between Free-Slip Fixed-Temperature Boundaries
• 2011-10-25 Yuri Makarov (Chief Scientist - Power Systems Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) Approaches to simulate uncertainties in power system operations and planning
• 2011-10-24 Mike Thorpe (Arizona State University) The Flexibility and Mobility of Frameworks
• 2011-10-24 Joseph Eto (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Use of a Frequency Response Metric to Assess the Planning and Operating Requirements for Reliable Integration of Variable Renewable Generation
• 2011-10-24 Jozsef Bakosi & J.R. Ristorcelli (T-5) Consistent stochastic transport models for mixing in variable-density turbulence.
• 2011-10-20 Robin Blume-Kohout (T-4 and CNLS) Extracting perfectly random bits from an i.i.d. stream (oh, and concentrating quantum entanglement, too!)
• 2011-10-18 Zhengping Ji (T-5: Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics) Hierarchical Sparse Coding Models of the Primate Visual Cortex
• 2011-10-17 Joaquin E. Drut (T-2: NUC & PARTICLE PHYS, ASTROPHYS & COSMOLOGY) Two new roads to nuclei from first principles
• 2011-10-13 Brian Munsky (CCS-3: INFORMATION SCIENCES) Systematic Identification of Signal-Activated, Stochastic Gene Regulation
• 2011-10-13 Brendt Wohlberg (T-5: Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics) Robust Local Principal Component Analysis for Nonlinear Data
• 2011-10-12 Joseph M. Hilbe (Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Arizona State University, an emeritus professor at the University of Hawaii, a Solar System Ambassador with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and a senior instructor with ) Recent Advances in Astrostatistics: Guidelines for the Future
• 2011-10-11 Lijian Jiang (T-5: Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics) A new multiscale finite element method with application to stochastic elliptic equations.
• 2011-10-11 Carleton Coffrin (Brown University and LANL) Strategic Planning for Power System Restoration
• 2011-10-06 James Carroll (P-21: APPLIED MODERN PHYSICS) Turning Bayesian Model Averaging Into Bayesian Model Combination
• 2011-09-29 Jeffrey Drocco (T-4 and CNLS) Bidirectional sorting of flocking particles in the presence of asymmetric barriers
• 2011-09-29 Matt Pratola (CCS-6: STATISTICAL SCIENCES) Statistical Uncertainty Quantification of Complex Computer Models
• 2011-09-27 Hans Frauenfelder (T-6) LIFE IN SCIENCE
• 2011-09-26 Michael Loewenberg (Chemical Engineering, Yale University) Coalescence of drops with tangentially-mobile interfaces
• 2011-09-26 Humberto C. Godinez (T-5: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND PLASMA PHYSICS) Ensemble Data Assimilation for a Radiation Belt Model
• 2011-09-26 R.V. Duncan (University of Missouri) Highly interacting systems driven away from equilibrium: Experiments ranging from novel superfluid dynamics, to hedge fund failures and the detection of fraudulent internet data
• 2011-09-22 Caizhi Zhou (T-3 and CNLS) Dislocation induced anomalous softening of solid helium
• 2011-09-20 Martin Berzins (Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, School of Computing, University of Utah) Scalable DAG-Based PDE Software Frameworks for Petascale and Exascale?
• 2011-09-15 Anushree Chatterjee (T-6) The antibiotic resistance game in Enterococcus faecalis: A bistable genetic switch controls antibiotic resistance transfer
• 2011-09-12 Vitaliy Gyrya (T-5: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND PLASMA PHYSICS) Adaptation of Mimetic Finite Difference discretizations to reducing the numerical dispersion in wave equations
• 2011-09-12 Jeremy Fyke (Climate Modelling Group, University of Victoria ) Simulation of the global coupled climate/ice sheet system over millennial timescales
• 2011-09-08 Andrew Sykes (T-4 and CNLS) Probing the quantum state of a 1D Bose gas using off-resonant light scattering
• 2011-09-07 Ehud Meron (The Institute for Dryland Environmental Research & Physics Department Ben-Gurion University, Israel) The pattern behind vegetation patterns and what does it tell us about desertification
• 2011-09-06 Maxim Nikurashin (Princeton University) Dissipation of geostrophic eddies and mixing in the Southern Ocean
• 2011-09-01 Cornelia Verspoor (University of Colorado, Denver) Beyond Search: Enabling Biomedical Knowledge Discovery through Natural Language Processing
• 2011-09-01 Hussein Aluie (T-5 and CNLS) The conservative cascade of kinetic energy in compressible turbulence
• 2011-08-31 Tsvi Achler (T-5: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND PLASMA PHYSICS) Computing, Learning, and Estimating, Under the Inverse
• 2011-08-30 Neil Toronto (Brigham Young University, Computer Science) Trustworthy, Useful Languages for Bayesian Modeling and Inference
• 2011-08-30 Elena Giorgi (T-6 ) A mathematical growth model of the viral population in early HIV-1 infections
• 2011-08-29 Shiv Kumar Sambasivan (T-5) A Lagrangian Cell Centered Mimetic Approach for Computing Elasto-plastic Deformation of Solids on General Unstructured Grids
• 2011-08-25 Max Watson (University of California, Santa Barbara) Theory and Simulation of Lipid Bilayers Including the Effects of Shape, Thickness, and Molecular Orientation
• 2011-08-24 Stanley R. Rotman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL) Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery with Singular Covariance Matrices
• 2011-08-24 Stefan Solntsev (Northwestern University) Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles: When and Where?
• 2011-08-23 Kunaal Verma (LANL & Michigan State) A survey of recent advances in transmission network switching
• 2011-08-22 Christian Reidys (CCS-3: INFORMATION SCIENCES) Random induced subgraphs of Cayley graphs induced by transpositions
• 2011-08-18 Xylar Asay-Davis (T-3 and CNLS) Advection Corrected Correlation Image Velocimetry: An Open-Source Software Package for Extracting Velocity Fields from Image Sequences
• 2011-08-18 Eric Jones (CEO of Enthought) What Matters in Scientific Software Projects? 10 Years of Success and Failure Distilled ?
• 2011-08-16 Joel Miller (Harvard School of Public Health) Haven't I seen you before? Accounting for repeated contacts in epidemic spread
• 2011-08-16 Professor Osama A. Mohammed (Energy Systems Research Laboratory Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Florida International University) Dynamic Source Commitment Schemes and Wide Area Measurement Systems for AC Distribution Networks Involving Hybrid Renewable Energy Assets for Smart Power Grid Applications
• 2011-08-15 Colm Connaughton (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Warwick Centre for Complexity Science) Gelation phenomena in cluster-cluster aggregation
• 2011-08-15 Colm Connaughton (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Warwick Centre for Complexity Science) Feedback of zonal flows on Rossby/drift-wave turbulence driven by small scale instability
• 2011-08-11 Francesco Intravaia (Theoretical Division, LANL) Looking inside the Casimir Effect
• 2011-08-11 Chengkun Huang (XCP-6), Numerical modeling of novel electron and ion acceleration schemes with plasma and high intensity laser/electron beams
• 2011-08-10 Ned Seeman (New York University) DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life.
• 2011-08-04 Ian Cloet (University of Washington) Quarks and the Nuclear Medium
• 2011-08-04 Douglas Shepherd (MPA-CINT and CNLS) Exploiting Blinking of Individual Semiconductor Nanocrystals to Probe Energy Flow in Small Nanocrystal Aggregates
• 2011-08-04 B. Despres (Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory) Stability and convergence for cell-centered Lagrangian schemes
• 2011-08-03 Niall M. Adams (Imperial College London) Streaming Change Point Detection Methods
• 2011-08-03 Nick Heard and Melissa Turcotte (Imperial College London) Bayesian Anomaly Detection Methods for Social Networks
• 2011-08-03 Luis de la Torre (Northwestern University) Disaster Relief Delivery Operations in Urban and Rural Settings
• 2011-08-02 Madhav Marathe (Virginia Bioinformatics Intitute, Virginia Tech) Pervasive Informatics to Support Science and Engineering of Co-evolving Networks
• 2011-08-01 B. Despres (Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory) The numerical structure of cell-centered Lagrangian schemes
• 2011-07-26 Mac Hyman (T-5 and Tulane University) Good Choices for Great Careers in Scientific Research
• 2011-07-26 Geoffrey Vasil (University of Toronto) New Nonlinear Models of Rapidly Rotating Thermal Convection and Baroclinic Instability
• 2011-07-25 Annick Pouquet (University of Colorado, Boulder) Rotating Turbulence, Self-Similarity and the Return to Isotropy
• 2011-07-21 Herbert L. Berk (Institute for Fusion Studies UT Austin, Texas) Basic Theory of Spontaneous Chirping Phenomena in Weakly Unstable Plasmas
• 2011-07-19 Prof. Zhihua Qu (University of Central Florida) Distributed Optimization, Control and Dynamic Game Algorithms for Transmission Network and Self-Organizing Distribution Networks in Smart Grids
• 2011-07-13 Andrew Marshall (Ray W. Herrick Laboratories Purdue University) Human Response to Supersonic Aircraft Noise - the Development of a Startle Model
• 2011-07-13 Mac Hyman (T-5 and Tulane University) Good Choices for Great Careers in Scientific Research
• 2011-07-13 Smart Grid Summer Student Seminar
• 2011-07-12 Sarah Nurre Solution Methodologies for Integrated Network Design and Scheduling Problems
• 2011-06-30 Giovanni Bellesia (T-6 and CNLS) CNLS Postdoc Seminar
• 2011-06-29 Gérard Medioni (University of Southern California) Wide Area Airborne Surveillance: Opportunities and Challenges
• 2011-06-29 Smart Grid Summer Student Seminar
• 2011-06-27 Iain Couzin (Princeton University) From Demoratic Consensus to Cannibalistic Hordes: The Principles of Collective Animal Behavior
• 2011-06-23 Michael Ham (P-21: APPLIED MODERN PHYSICS) Task-specific saliency from sparse, hierarchical models of visual cortex compared to eye-tracking data for object detection in natural video sequences, now with color!
• 2011-06-22 Smart Grid Summer Student Seminar
• 2011-06-21 Dacian N. Daescu (Fariborz Maseeh Dept. Mathematics & Statistics Portland State University ) Sensitivity Analysis in Variational Data Assimilation and Applications
• 2011-06-21 John R. Klein (Department of Mathematics Wayne State University) Dynamics, Trace and Torsion
• 2011-06-20 Alejandro D. Domınguez-Garcıa (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Coordination and Control of Distributed Energy Resources for Provision of Ancillary Services
• 2011-06-17 Marcus T Cicerone (Biomaterials Group NIST, Gaitersburg, Maryland) Stokes Shifts as a Surrogate for Debye Waller Factors, and the Relationship Between Picosecond Dynamics and Alpha Relaxation
• 2011-06-16 Alexander Gutfraind (T-5 and CNLS) The Sendai Network Problem: Optimizing Network Deployment and Recovery
• 2011-06-15 Christina Tague (Bren School, Univ of California at Santa Barbara) Eco-hydrologic responses of mountain forested watersheds to climate warming: interactions among snowmelt, soil/geology and vegetation water use
• 2011-06-15 Smart Grid Summer Student Seminar
• 2011-06-13 Adrian Jenkins (British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, Cambridge, UK.) Ocean forcing of ice sheet change in West Antarctica
• 2011-06-13 Len Margolin (XCP-4) Finite Scale Analysis
• 2011-06-09 Kirill Velizhanin (T-4 and CNLS) Probing Plasmons in Graphene by Resonance Energy Transfer
• 2011-06-09 Mike McNaughton and Burgandy Brock ( Mike McNaughton is an environmental scientist and certified health physicist with the environmental data group, WES-EDA. Burgandy Brock is a Health Science student at the University of New Mexico at Los Alamos. ) Student Challenge Measuring the Radioactivity Released from Fukushima Daiichi
• 2011-06-08 George Chapline (LLNL) Coherent Detection of Low Energy Neutrinos
• 2011-06-08 Florian Dorfler (University of California, Santa Barbara) Synchronization and Kron Reduction in Power Networks
• 2011-06-06 Liz Bradley (University of Colorado, Boulder) Chaos in computer performance
• 2011-06-06 Peter Moller (T-2) Super-heavy elements, current status of experiments and theory
• 2011-06-02 Jonathan Graham (T-3 and CNLS) Universality of the Small-Scale Dynamo Mechanism
• 2011-06-02 Jan-Michael Frahm ( University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Fast Scalable Dense Reconstruction of the World from Photos and Videos
• 2011-06-01 Terence O'Kane (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Marine and Atmospheric Research and Center for Australian Climate and Weather Research, e-mail:, ) A regularized inhomogeneous statistical dynamical turbulence closure and its application to problems in atmospheric dynamics
• 2011-05-31 P. Chris Hammel (Department of Physics, Ohio State University) Scanned Probe Imaging Using Localized Ferromagnetic Resonance Modes
• 2011-05-26 Horacio Samaniego (T-2 and CNLS) Behavioral Imprint on the Taylor Power Law in Ecology, West Nile Virus and the City.
• 2011-05-25 Prof. Marco Merkli (Dept. of Mathematics, Memorial University, Canda) Application of Resonance Theory to Dynamics of Magnetization in Spin Systems Interacting with Local and Collective Bosonic Reservoirs
• 2011-05-25 Ernesto Muñoz (New Mexico Consortium, Los Alamos) Variability of tornadoes and precipitation in the Mississippi and Ohio River basins
• 2011-05-24 Dr. Frederica Darema (Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)) InfoSymbiotics - The power of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS)
• 2011-05-24 Chris Vale (ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics, Centre for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne 3122, Australia ) Bragg spectroscopic studies of the universal contact in a Fermi gas
• 2011-05-23 Tom Intrator (P-24, LANL) Unsteady wandering magnetic field lines, turbulence and laboratory flux ropes
• 2011-05-23 Eddy Timmermans (T-4, Los Alamos National Laboratory) Cold atom physics: discussing new directions
• 2011-05-19 Ori Sargsyan (T-6 and CNLS) A population genetic model for exploring the evolutionary dynamics of the HIV virus population in an infected person
• 2011-05-19 Phil Jones (Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling Los Alamos National Laboratory) Climate Change and Climate Modeling
• 2011-05-18 Leonid Gurvits (CCS-3) Hyperbolicity, ( Strong) Log-Concavity, Complxity and All That Jazz
• 2011-05-17 John B. Bell (Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley) Combustion Simulation on Next-Generation Architectures
• 2011-05-17 Rebecca Brannon (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah) Enriched Convected Particle Domain Interpolation (CPDI) Method for Analyzing Weak Discontinuities
• 2011-05-16 Daniel Goldman (Georgia Tech) Secrets of swimming in sand
• 2011-05-12 Shrinivas Kudekar (T-4 and CNLS) Achieving Capacity with Belief Propagation: Part II
• 2011-05-11 Evdokia Nikolova (MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) Algorithms for Risk-averse Combinatorial Optimization
• 2011-05-11 Max Gunzburger (Department of Scientific Computing, Florida State University) A nonlocal vector calculus and finite element methods for nonlocal diffusion and mechanics
• 2011-05-10 Xing Wu (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Northwestern University) Modeling Heterogeneous Risk-Taking Behavior in Route Choice: A Stochastic Dominance Approach
• 2011-05-10 Le Xie (Texas A&M University) Distributed Look-ahead Coordination of Intermittent Resources and Storage in Electric Energy Systems
• 2011-05-09 Paulo Bedaque (University of Maryland) Big Bang nucleosynthesis and variation of quark masses
• 2011-05-09 Prof. Mark Sussman (Department of Mathematics, Florida State University) Two new developments for accelerating the simulation of incompressible multiphase flow problems. Joint work with: Yaohong Wang, Svetlana Simakhina, Austen Duffy, and Alan Kuhnle.
• 2011-05-05 Subir Sachdev (Harvard University) KAC Memorial Lecture: Gauge-gravity duality and its applications
• 2011-05-04 Ulisses M. Braga-Neto (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas) Signal Processing Applications in Biomarker Discovery and Inference of Boolean Regulatory Networks
• 2011-05-04 Subir Sachdev (Harvard University) KAC Memorial Lecture: The phase diagrams of the high temperature superconductors
• 2011-05-04 James O'Dwyer (Santa Fe Institute) Field Theory and Ecology: Shedding light on patterns of biodiversity
• 2011-05-03 Subir Sachdev (Harvard University) KAC Memorial Lecture: Quantum Criticality
• 2011-05-02 Ori Sargsyan (T-6 and CNLS) Some computational and numerical challenges in solving recurrence equations
• 2011-05-02 Alla Kammerdiner ( New Mexico State University) Neighborhood structures for solving the problem of transmission network expansion planning
• 2011-04-28 Lijun Zhu (T-4 and CNLS) How to probe a quantum critical point from thermodynamics
• 2011-04-28 Len Margolin (XCP-4) Issues in Computational Mechanics
• 2011-04-27 Ann Mattsson (Sandia National Laboratory) Density Functional Theory: The Bridge between Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Engineering.
• 2011-04-27 David Straub (McGill University) Influence of near-inertial motion on the energetics of geostrophic ocean circulation
• 2011-04-26 Claremont Smart Grid Team, Amelia Musselman, Robert Carrington, and Mark Wilson (Claremont Graduate University) A Hybrid Optimization Approach for Power Grid Design
• 2011-04-25 Katharine Chartrand (New Mexico Consortium) Post Doc Career Development Forum
• 2011-04-21 Ido Regev (T-4 and CNLS) Statistical Mechanics of Tetrahedral Liquids
• 2011-04-21 Dr. Yuri Ralchenko (National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) Kinetics of Neutral Beams in Fusion Plasmas: Charge-Exchange Recombination and Motional Stark Effect
• 2011-04-20 Dr. Peter Hakel (U. Nevada-Reno ) Equation-of-state and plasma spectroscopy modeling efforts at UNR
• 2011-04-20 Nathan Lemons (Alfred Reyni Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary ) Combinatorial Problems
• 2011-04-19 Yuri Ralchenko (National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) Developing Diagnostics of Hot Fusion Plasmas with EBIT Spectra of High-Z Ions
• 2011-04-19 James Bagrow (Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University) Exploring mesoscopic structure in complex networks
• 2011-04-18 Lijun Chen (Caltech) Market models and algorithmic design for demand response in power networks
• 2011-04-14 Claire White (CNLS and the Lujan Center) The role of molecular research in tailoring geopolymer durability
• 2011-04-13 Ennio Mingolla, Massimiliano Versace and Greg Snider (Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University and Director of CELEST (Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology, an NSF Science of Learning Center), and the HP Labs) IS&T Mini Symposium on Neural Computation
• 2011-04-13 Ennio 
Mingolla (Department 
 Boston University 
 for Learning 
 Education, ) The Unexpected Units of Vision
• 2011-04-13 Greg Snider (HP Labs) Building Brains with Memris Memory
• 2011-04-13 Massimiliano
 Versace (Department
and Center
 Science, and
 Technology Boston 
University) Brain Inspired Computing
• 2011-04-12 David Wolpert (NASA Ames Institute and CNLS) Machine Learning, Monte Carlo, and Blackbox Optimization
• 2011-04-12 Zeb Tate (The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Toronto) Estimating and Visualizing the Impact of Forecast Errors on System Operations
• 2011-04-07 Cristiano Nisoli (T-4 and CNLS) Thermomechanics of DNA
• 2011-04-07 Reid Priedhorsky (IBM) Geographic Wikis and Beyond
• 2011-04-05 Rajan Gupta, T-2 and Harihar Shankar, STBPO-RL Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Canada and Transformations in energy systems from Morocco to Indonesia
• 2011-04-04 Beth Wingate (CCS-2: COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS AND METHODS, LANL) Separation of Scales in Rotating and Stratified Flow
• 2011-04-04 Neng Fan (D-6 and Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida) Multi-way Clustering and Biclustering by Graph Partitioning Approaches
• 2011-03-31 Yasuyuki Kato (T-4 and CNLS) Novel Polaron State for Single Impurity in a Bosonic Mott Insulator
• 2011-03-30 Antonis Papchristodoulou (Department of Engineering Science University of Oxford, UK) Nonlinear Systems Analysis tools using Sum of Squares
• 2011-03-28 Gerald Goldin (Rutgers , Departments of Mathematics and Physics) Exploring some variations of classical electromagnetism
• 2011-03-21 Harvey Meyer (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz) Extracting Real-Time Quantities from Euclidean Field Theory
• 2011-03-17 Shrinivas Kudekar (T-4 and CNLS) Achieving Capacity with Belief Propagation
• 2011-03-16 Michael Hecht (Princeton University) Synthetic Biology: From Protein Design to Artificial Genomes
• 2011-03-16 David Sherrington (Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics University of Oxford, Center for Nonlinear Studies LANL, Santa Fe Institute ) Physics and Complexity
• 2011-03-14 Dr. Maksym Kryvohuz (Chemistry Department, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA) Chemical reaction rates with multidimensional quantum tunneling.
• 2011-03-14 Pierre-Henri Maire (CEA, France) Contribution to the numerical modeling of Inertial Confinement Fusion
• 2011-03-11 V. Lebedev (Director, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow) Passive scalar transport in peripheral regions of random flows
• 2011-03-10 Ryan Behunin (T-4, CNLS) Backreaction of Hawking radiation on black hole dynamics in a moving mirror analog
• 2011-03-10 Mark Transtrum (Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Cornell University) Differential geometry and the universality of cost landscapes in nonlinear least squares fits
• 2011-03-09 Randy Bryant (Carnegie Mellon University) ISTC Seminar: "Data-Intensive Scalable Computing: Finding the Right Programming Models"
• 2011-03-09 Dr. Kurt A. Kistler (Chemistry Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) Theoretical Investigations of the Photophysical Properties of the DNA and RNA Pyrimidines and their Fluorescent Analogs
• 2011-03-08 James Bono (American University) Decision-Theoretic Prediction and Policy Design: GDP Slot Auctions in the National Airspace System
• 2011-03-07 Leszek Demkowicz (Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES) University of Texas at Austin) A New Class of Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin (DPG) Finite Element (FE) Methods with Application to Challenging Singular Perturbation Problems
• 2011-03-03 Michael Raghib (T-5 and CNLS) Towards a Computational Theory of Swarming and Collective Searches.
• 2011-02-28 David Banks (Dept. of Statistical Science, Duke University) Adversarial Risk Analysis
• 2011-02-28 Martin Loebl (Charles University, Prague) DNA-inspired information concealing: a new communication network
• 2011-02-24 Chih-Chun Chien (T-4) Pitfalls in calculating correlation functions and response functions in BCS-BEC crossover of ultra-cold fermions
• 2011-02-24 Milan Bradonjic, Joint work with: Aric Hagberg, Nicolas W. Hengartner, Allon G. Percus (T5 and CNLS) Random Intersection Graphs
• 2011-02-24 Milan Bradonjic (T5 Los Alamos National Laboratory) Random Generative Models for Real Structured Networks
• 2011-02-24 Pavel Rytir (Charles University, Prague) Geometric representations of linear codes
• 2011-02-23 Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo ) Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete in the same way that information can be
• 2011-02-22 Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo and The institute for Quantum Computing) On the energy budget of cuprate superconductors
• 2011-02-22 Daniel James (University of Toronto) Coherence, Entanglement, and a really dumb way to do quantum imaging.
• 2011-02-22 Prof. Hsiao-Dong Chiang (Cornell University) On-Line Transient Stability Assessments and Control of PJM Power Systems : Methodology and Evaluations
• 2011-02-17 Jason Johnson (T-4 and CNLS) Orbit-Product View of Inference in Graphical Models (Gaussian and Beyond)
• 2011-02-17 Peter Challenor (National Oceanography Center and Southampton University (UK)) The RAPIT project: towards the risk of the collapse of the Atlantic overturning circulation
• 2011-02-16 Claire Monteleoni (Center for Computational Learning Systems Columbia University) Tracking Climate Models: Advances in Climate Informatics
• 2011-02-16 Michael Nicholas (Mathematics Department, Tulane University) A spectrally accurate algorithm for 3D periodic scattering
• 2011-02-15 Prof. Patrick McDaniel and Stephen McLaughlin (Pennsylvania State University) Security and Privacy Issues in Smart Electric Meters
• 2011-02-15 Eric Jurgenson (LLNL) Evolution of three nucleon forces via the similarity renormalization group
• 2011-02-14 Peter Vincent (Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University, California) Unstructured High-Order Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics
• 2011-02-11 Leonid Berlyand (Department of Mathematics, Penn State University) Flux norm approach to finite-dimensional homogenization approximation with non-separated scales and high contrast.
• 2011-02-10 Brian Munsky (CCS-3 and CNLS) Integrated Experimental and Computational Identification of Stochastic Gene Regulation
• 2011-02-09 Vince Clark (UNM and Mind Research Network) Acceleration of Learning to Identify Concealed Threats using Brain Stimulation Targeted with Neuroimaging
• 2011-02-09 George Hagstrom (UT Austin) The Caldeira-Leggett model, Landau damping, and the linearized Vlasov-Poisson equation
• 2011-02-09 Nathan Urban (Princeton University) Climate uncertainty and learning
• 2011-02-07 K.S. Babu (Department of Physics, Oklahoma State University ) Neutrino Oscillations, Baryon Number Violation, and the Path to Unification
• 2011-02-07 Dr. Yuri Bazilevs (Department of Structural Engineering Jacobs School of Engineering University of California, San Diego) Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction of Wind Turbines
• 2011-02-03 Xylar Asay-Davis (T-3 and CNLS) Parameterizing the Ice/Ocean Boundary Layer Physics for Climate Modeling
• 2011-02-03 Jackie Milhans (LANL, XCP-5: MATERIALS AND PHYSICAL DATA) Solid oxide fuel cell seal material design using statistical continuum mechanics.
• 2011-02-01 Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz (Cornell University) Stability of vortex and wave flows from bifurcation diagrams exploiting a variational argument
• 2011-01-31 Jaqueline L. Kiplinger (MPA-MC: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, LANL) Seeing Uranium Nitride in a New Light: Synthesis and Reactivity of a Terminal Uranium Nitride Complex
• 2011-01-27 Hussein Aluie (T-5 and CNLS) Compressible Turbulence: Cascade, Locality, and Scaling
• 2011-01-27 Nick Hengartner (T-5) Estimating extreme quantiles and probability of rare events.
• 2011-01-26 Hugh Chipman ( Acadia University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics) Discovery and prediction in email networks via statistical modelling
• 2011-01-25 Creighton Thomas (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A & M) Algorithms, chaos, and universality for two-dimensional spin glasses
• 2011-01-25 Ryan Wilson (JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology) Ultracold Bose Gases with Dipolar Interactions
• 2011-01-25 Prof. Yuri Vassilevski (Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences) Monotone finite volume discretization of the diffusion and convection-diffusion equations on polyhedral meshes
• 2011-01-24 Yakov Ben-Haim (Yitzhak Moda'i Chair in Technology and Economics Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) Why Design and Planning is so Difficult, and What to Do About it
• 2011-01-24 John F. Donoghue (UMass, Amherst) Effective field theory: from pions to gravitons
• 2011-01-24 Andrew Gillette (University of Texas at Austin) Conforming Vector Interpolation Functions for Polyhedral Meshes
• 2011-01-20 Noam Shental ( CS Dept. The Open University of Israel) Identification of rare alleles and their carriers using compressed se(que)nsing
• 2011-01-20 Balu Nadiga (T-5) Predictability in a multiscale system
• 2011-01-19 Veselin A. Dobrev (speaker), Tzanio V. Kolev, and Robert N. Rieben (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) High-Order Curvilinear Finite Elements for Lagrangian Hydrodynamics
• 2011-01-18 David Wolpert (NASA Ames Institute and CNLS) Introduction to Game Theory: How to Avoid Mid-Air Collisions, and How to Run a Society
• 2011-01-18 Mesrob I. Ohannessian (MIT) Inference about rare events: parallels in the asymptotics of unobserved probability and tail estimation.
• 2011-01-13 Jon Yard (CCS-3 and CNLS) Quantum mechanics and entanglement
• 2011-01-13 Jon Yard (CCS-3 and CNLS) Quantum Entanglement
• 2011-01-12 David Wolpert (NASA Ames Institute and CNLS) Introduction to Game Theory
• 2011-01-12 Rajan Gupta (T-2) The Emerging Multipolar World and China's Grand Game
• 2011-01-12 David Collins (University of California San Diego) Star Formation and Magnetic Fields
• 2011-01-11 Prof. Aranya Chakrabortty (North Carolina State University) A Network-Theoretic Approach for Wide-area Modeling and Control of Large Power Systems using Distributed Synchrophasors
• 2011-01-10 Sid Redner (Department of Physics, Boston University) Fate of the Kinetic Ising Model
• 2011-01-10 Dong Lai (Cornell University) Protoplanetary Disks Around Magnetic Stars and Spin-Orbit Misalignment in Exoplanetary Systems
• 2011-01-06 Kipton Barros (T-4 and CNLS) Dielectric effects in self-assembly of binary colloid mixtures
• 2011-01-05 Ora E Percus and Jerome K Percus (Courant Institute, NYU) Extrapolation of Threshold Limited Null Measurement Frequencies
• 2011-01-03 Jerome Percus (New York University) How to Win Without Overtly Cheating: The Inverse Simpson Paradox

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