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CNLS Talks, 2014
• 2014-12-16 Neng Fan (University of Arizona) Optimization for reliable and sustainable planning and operations of power systems
• 2014-12-16 Prabir Barooah (University of Florida) HVAC loads can be used as virtual batteries. Pay attention to bandwidth, though.
• 2014-12-15 Cristopher Moore (Santa Fe Institute) Physics-inspired Algorithms and Phase Transitions in Community Detection
• 2014-12-11 Sid Redner (Santa Fe Institute) Statistics of Basketball Scoring and Lead Changes
• 2014-12-10 Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology) Securing Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures in Smart Living Environments
• 2014-12-10 Michael Zwolak (Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology, National Institute of Standards & Technology) Crossover behavior of the thermal conductance and Kramers’ transition rate theory
• 2014-12-09 Debbie Jin (University of Colorado at Boulder) Distinguished Quantum Lecture: Ultracold Polar Molecules
• 2014-12-08 Debbie Jin (University of Colorado at Boulder) Distinguished Quantum Lecture: Ultracold Gases
• 2014-12-04 B.S. Tilley (Department of Mathematical Sciences, WPI) Self-similar rupture of thin heated viscous fluid sheets
• 2014-12-03 Alec Johnson (KU Leuven) Positivity-preserving moment methods for Vlasov-Maxwell
• 2014-12-01 Tom Voth (Sandia National Laboratories) The eXtended Finite Element Method and its Application to Multi-material Hydro-dynamics in ALEGRA
• 2014-11-24 Kevin Bedell (Boston College) The Higgs (Amplitude) Mode in Ferromagnetic Metals
• 2014-11-20 Andrew Comech (Texas A&M University) On stability of solitary waves in the nonlinear Dirac equation
• 2014-11-17 Zoltan Toroczkai (University of Notre Dame) What Do Sudoku and Turbulence Have in Common?
• 2014-11-13 Ross Baldick (University of Texas) The Curious Rise of Wind in Texas
• 2014-11-13 Giovanni Scalmani (Gaussian, Inc.) Transitioning implicit solvation models from the ground to the excited state
• 2014-11-10 Peter Coveney (University College London) Computational Biomedicine: A Challenge for the Twenty-First Century
• 2014-11-06 Collin S. Meierbachtol (Air Force Research Laboratory) A Hybrid Mesh Electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell Simulation
• 2014-11-05 Patrick Rubin-Delanchy (University of Bristol) Dynamic Network Data: Applications, Challenges, Results
• 2014-11-03 Robert Ecke (CNLS) How heat is transported in a rotating fluid: Lessons in fluid physics and applications to geophysical systems
• 2014-10-27 Michael Warren (Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (T-2)) Petaflops are not the Problem (and other Lessons from the first Trillion particle simulation of the Universe)
• 2014-10-20 Panayotis Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts) Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves in Granular Crystals
• 2014-10-06 Stephen Pankavich (Colorado School of Mines) Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Viral Dynamics
• 2014-08-06 Laurent Pedesseau (Université Européenne de Bretagne) Hybrid perovskites for solar cells: a change of paradigm toward conventional semiconductors
• 2014-07-18 Mac Hyman (Tulane University) Good Choices for Great Careers
• 2014-07-08 Maria Vrakopoulou (University of Michigan) Quantifying the trade-off between secure and economic operation of power systems under uncertainty
• 2014-06-25 Blair Sullivan (North Carolina State University) Generalized Notions of Sparsity: Random Graph Models and Algorithms
• 2014-06-23 Andrey Lokhov (Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay) Dynamic message-passing equations and applications to inference of epidemic origin
• 2014-06-23 Chad Meyer (University of Notre Dame) Runge-Kutta-Legendre Super-Time-Stepping for Parabolic Operators and Mixed Systems
• 2014-06-20 Paul Popelier (University of Manchester, Great Britain) Quantum Chemical Topology: on Bonds and Force Fields
• 2014-06-18 Oana Serea (University of Perpignan Via Domitia) Zubov method for control problems and differential games
• 2014-06-17 Jan Bulla (Université de Caen) Asleep or awake? Statistical inference by a non-homogeneous hidden semi-Markov model
• 2014-06-17 Mitch Pindzola (Auburn University) Atomic Collision Processes for Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas
• 2014-06-11 Amin Zollanvari (Texas A&M University) Classification of Stochastic Observations
• 2014-06-09 Andrew White (University of Chicago) Rigorous Methods to Bias Molecular Simulations with Experimental Data
• 2014-06-05 Ishanu Chattopadhyay (Cornell University) Data Smashing: Universal Similarity To Computational Causality In Complex Systems
• 2014-06-05 Ishanu Chattopadhyay (Cornell University) Search For Causal Spatio-temporal Structure In Global Seismicity - Reverse-Engineering History To Predict The Future
• 2014-06-02 Jiri Plesek (Institute of Thermomechanics, Prague) Advances in Computational Dynamics
• 2014-05-28 Scott Moura (UC Berkeley) Demand-Side Management of Flexible Load Populations: Modeling, Estimation, and Control with PDEs
• 2014-05-28 Gregory A. Voth (University of Chicago) Proton Transport in Aqueous and Biomolecular Systems: A Remarkably Complex and Collective Phenomenon
• 2014-05-27 Murray S. Daw (Clemson University) Vibrational Mode Lifetimes: New Insights
• 2014-05-27 Barry Dunietz (Kent University) Electron transport and transfer through molecular-resolved interfaces: Insight by ab-initio modeling
• 2014-05-27 Dominique Lavenier (IRISA/INRIA – GenScale Team Leader – Rennes - France) Genome Assembly and Analysis Tool Box
• 2014-05-27 Murray S. Daw (Clemson University) Physics for Realists: What Is Momentum?
• 2014-05-22 Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern University) Modeling and forecast of network-driven contagion processes
• 2014-05-21 Andrew Balk (NIST / University of Maryland) Zero field critical fluctuations in ultrathin cobalt films
• 2014-05-19 Richard Lueptow (Northwestern University) Modeling segregation of bidisperse granular materials
• 2014-05-16 Stephen Eubank (Virginia Tech) Network analysis using the Shannon-Moore network reliability
• 2014-05-14 Jakob Stoustrup (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) From Big Data to Big Control
• 2014-05-09 Francesco Borrelli (University of California at Berkeley) Forecasts, Uncertainty and Control: Theory and Practice
• 2014-05-06 Philip Holmes (Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University) What can coupled, nonlinear oscillators say about noisy, perturbed cockroaches?
• 2014-05-05 Andrew Gamalski (Intel Corporation) Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Gold Catalyzed Silicon and Germanium Nanowire Growth
• 2014-04-30 Pascal Van Hentenryck (NICTA) Efficient Convex Relaxations of Power Flow Equations
• 2014-04-30 Antonis Gonis (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) Density Functional Theory in the Absence of the Theorems of Hohenberg and Kohn: Constrained Search Formulation of the Theory
• 2014-04-29 Johanna Mathieu (University of Michigan) Planning and control of uncertain electric loads to help out the power grid
• 2014-04-28 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison) A hybrid spin-charge quantum dot qubit in silicon
• 2014-04-28 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Progress towards quantum dot spin qubits in silicon
• 2014-04-24 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Investigation of a quantum adiabatic algorithm for search engine ranking
• 2014-04-21 Boris Malomed (Tel Aviv University) One- and multidimensional bright solitons and vortices supported by spatially modulated self-defocusing
• 2014-04-17 Ilya Safro (Clemson University) Multiscale Methods for Networks
• 2014-04-16 Josh Taylor (University of Toronto) Load-based power system regulation - algorithms and economics
• 2014-04-10 Clio Andris (MIT) The Rise of Partisanship and the Emergence of Super-Cooperators in the U.S. Congressional House of Representatives
• 2014-04-10 Vassilios Kapaklis (Uppsala University) Thermal fluctuations in artificial spin ice
• 2014-04-08 Panayotis Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) Existence, Stability and Dynamics of Solitary Waves and Vortices in Bose-Einstein Condensates: From Theory to Experiments
• 2014-04-03 Amir Bar (Weizmann Institute) Mixed order phase transitions in one dimension
• 2014-04-03 Haopeng Zhang (Texas Tech University) Coordinated Resource Allocation and Load Balancing for Network Systems Using Semistability Tools and Multiagent Coordination Optimization
• 2014-03-31 Roseanna Zia (Cornell University) Evolution and age-coarsening in colloidal gels: Micro-mechanics and rheology
• 2014-03-27 Miles Lubin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Computing in Optimization using Julia
• 2014-03-26 James Davis (University of California, Santa Cruz) Understanding Image-based Data Using Human Computation
• 2014-03-26 David Alderson (Naval Postgraduate School) Assessing and Improving Operational Resilience for Critical Infrastructures
• 2014-03-25 Pedro Jordan (US Naval Research Laboratory) Beyond Euler and Navier--Stokes: New Theories of Compressible Flow
• 2014-03-24 Daniel Cox (University of California, Davis) A Black Hole of Memory: Cytoskeletal Collapse in Late Stages of Alzheimers Disease?
• 2014-03-18 Alejandro Strachan (Purdue University ) Predictive modeling of materials and devices with quantified uncertainties
• 2014-03-18 Scott Baalrud (University of Iowa) The plasma boundary transition in plasmas with two ion species
• 2014-03-17 Leonid Isaev (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University) Orbital order and Hund's rule frustration in Kondo lattice
• 2014-03-12 Lori A. Dalton (Ohio State University) Optimal and Predictive Classification and Error Estimation
• 2014-03-10 Mark Ablowitz (University of Colorado, Boulder) Nonlinear waves from beaches to photonics
• 2014-03-04 David Thompson (Kitware) Sublinear Sampling for Exploratory Visualization
• 2014-02-27 Douglas Abraham (Oxford University) Q1DS in: action at a distance
• 2014-02-26 Mahesh Bandi (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology ) Two dimensional particulate systems with competing interactions
• 2014-02-26 Roberto Camassa (University of North Carolina) Settling in stratified fluids: a tortoise-and-hare experimental and mathematical tale
• 2014-02-25 David Starinshak, J. Michael Owen, Douglas Miller (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) ReALE Implemented in a Parallel Staggered Compatible Hydro Framework
• 2014-02-24 Dwight Viehland (Virginia Tech) Functional Materials with High Twin Wall Densities
• 2014-02-19 William Phillips (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Spinning atoms with light: a new twist on atom optics
• 2014-02-18 William Phillips (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Why condensed matter physicists should pay attention to atomic physics
• 2014-02-18 Dinshaw Balsara (University of Notre Dame) Divergence-free Magnetohydrodynamics at High Orders with Multidimensional Riemann Solvers
• 2014-02-12 Jakub Sistek (Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Parallel Adaptive-Multilevel BDDC
• 2014-02-10 Dmitry Maslov (University of Florida) Transport in strongly correlated electron systems
• 2014-02-06 Matthew King (Boise Technology, Inc.) Terahertz Spectroscopy and Solid-State Modeling: Towards the Design and Control of Functional Materials
• 2014-02-05 Sriram Chellappan (Missouri University of Science and Technology) Assessing Human Behavior from Internet Usage with Applications to Cyber Security
• 2014-02-04 Christina Garcia-Cardona (Claremont Graduate University) Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of 3D Sintering
• 2014-02-04 Cristina Garcia-Cardona (Claremont Graduate University) Generalizations of the Ginzburg-Landau Functional for Graph-Based Multiclass Data Classification
• 2014-02-03 Svetlana Poroseva (University of New Mexico) Topological Survivability of Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes
• 2014-02-03 David Kessler (Bar-Ilan University) Anomalous Diffusion of Cold Atoms: Bessel Excursions and Levy Walks
• 2014-02-03 Prasanna V. Balachandran (Drexel University) Role of informatics in acceleratingadvanced materials discovery
• 2014-01-30 Cihan Akcay (P-24 / CNLS) A Study of Flux Rope Dynamics and Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection with Two-Fluid Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Modeling
• 2014-01-29 Gran Andersson (Power Systems Lab, ETH Zrich) Future Energy and Power Systems Challenges and Solutions
• 2014-01-29 William Anderson (Baylor University) Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows over Complex Boundaries: The Dune Field Sublayer and Transverse Heterogeneities
• 2014-01-27 Marcelo Magnasco (The Rockefeller University) A Single-celled Brain: The Lives and Thoughts of Physarum Polycephalum
• 2014-01-16 Joel Miller (Penn State University) Spread of Contagions in Random Networks
• 2014-01-16 Janusz Bialek (Durham University) Changing the Paradigm of Power System Operation and Control
• 2014-01-15 George Tsironis (University of Crete) Metamaterials with Nonlinearity
• 2014-01-14 Nicolas Macris (EPFL) New bounds on thresholds of constraint satisfaction problems from spatial coupling
• 2014-01-14 Yuri Vassilevski (Institute of Numerical Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences) An octree-based solver for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with enhanced stability and low dissipation
• 2014-01-13 Kaushik Bhattacharya (California Institute of Technology) Density Functional Theory Calculations of Defects in Crystals
• 2014-01-09 Victor V. Albert (Yale University) Lindblad master equations: symmetries, conserved quantities, and applications to quantum computing
• 2014-01-06 Arjun Yodh (University of Pennsylvania) Colloids, Coffee Rings, and Phonons

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