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CNLS Talks, 2023
• 2023-12-19 (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Electrical and Computer Engineering ) Trustworthy AI with Scalable Formal Verification: A Linear Bound Propagation Approach
• 2023-11-06 Paul Rodriguez (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru) Stochastic gradient descent (SGD): a unified algorithmic overview
• 2023-07-27 Xiu Yang (Lehigh University) The Adaptive Spectral Koopman Method for Scientific Computing
• 2023-07-18 Giordano Tierra (Department of Mathematics, University of North Texas) Numerical Approximations for Phase Field Models and Other Energy Based Systems
• 2023-07-11 Jesse Chan (Rice University) An overview of high order entropy stable discontinuous Galerkin discretizations
• 2023-07-11 Cameron Zachereson (University of Melbourne, Australia ) Measuring and modelling equity of pandemic interventions: learning from lockdown in Australia
• 2023-07-10 Cameron Zachereson (University of Melbourne, Australia ) Challenges in disease transmission modelling: scales, strains, and the immune system
• 2023-06-19 Jonathan E. Snow (Louisiana State University) Volcanic and nonvolcanic sea floor spreading beneath the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean.
• 2023-05-31 Mike Donlan (LANL, CEA-PA) Graphics Design tips for science folk
• 2023-05-18 Michael Collins (Naval Research Laboratory) Elusiveness, persistence, and behaviors of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
• 2023-05-17 Michael Collins (Naval Research Laboratory) Accurate and efficient solution of range-dependent wave propagation problems
• 2023-05-15 Prof. Eric R. Bittner (Univ. of Houston) Looking under the hood and unraveling dark processes in excitonic systems
• 2023-04-25 Joshua Leveillee (University of Texas at Austin) Exploring and designing finite-temperature electronic transport properties of materials with the ab initio Boltzmann transport equation

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