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CNLS Talks, 2006
• 2006-12-18 Dan Blair (Harvard University) Stressing Glasses with Gels
• 2006-12-13 Baltazar D. Aguda (Mathematical Biosciences Institute Ohio State University) Analysis of networks of oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes involved in cell cycle checkpoints, apoptosis, and cell survival
• 2006-12-11 Pascal Vontobel (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories) Graph-Cover Decoding: Connecting Iterative Decoding and Linear Programming Decoding
• 2006-12-04 Giovanni Gallavotti (Universita di Roma) Fluctuation theorem and fluctuation relations: a review
• 2006-11-27 J.C.Heinrich (Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of New Mexico) Simulation of solidification of alloys and free surfaces
• 2006-11-08 Gary An (Northwestern University) Multi-hierarchical ABM Approaches to Biomedical Modeling
• 2006-11-06 Victor Klimov (LANL, C-PCS) Exciton-Exciton Interactions in Semiconductor Nanocrystals from the Perspective of Solar-Energy Conversion
• 2006-10-31 Ivar Aavatsmark (Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research, Department of Mathematics, Bergen, Norway) A compact MPFA method with improved monotonicity
• 2006-10-30 Ivar Aavatsmark (Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research, Department of Mathematics, Bergen, Norway) Monotonicity of control-volume methods
• 2006-10-24 Joshua Feinberg (University of Haifa / Technion) Stable Fermion Bag Solitons in the Massive Gross-Neveu Model: Inverse Scattering Analysis
• 2006-10-23 Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann Institute) Inertial particles in random flows: caustics and multifractals
• 2006-10-23 Joshua Feinberg (University of Haifa / Technion) Non-Hermitian random matrix theory: summation of planar diagrams, the 'single-ring' theorem and the disk-annulus phase transition
• 2006-10-23 Raphael Loubere (University of Toulouse, CNRS) On the improvement of the swept region remapper in 2D and 3D - Auto-intersection and corner flux cures
• 2006-10-16 Carl Bender (Washington University in St. Louis) Faster than Hermitian Quantum Mechanics
• 2006-10-11 Kevin Vixie (LANL, T-7) Brunn-Minkowski and Isoperimetric Inequalities
• 2006-10-05 Cecile Viboud (Fogarty International Center) New Time - Understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of pandemic and epidemic influenza
• 2006-09-28 Adam Abate (University of Pennsylvania) Approach to jamming in an air-fluidized granular bed
• 2006-09-19 David Sherrington (Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford, UK and CNLS, LANL) The SK spin glass revisited: new novel features and issues/questions for complexity physics, optimization and non-linear science
• 2006-09-18 Paul Siegel (University of California at San Diego) Information Theory Seminar
• 2006-09-01 S. Espa (Dipartimento di Idraulica, Trasporti e Strade, Universit`a “La Sapienza”) Experimental study of direct and inverse cascade in electromagnetically driven 2D flows
• 2006-08-31 Herman Clercx (Eindhoven) Vorticity production at no-slip boundaries in 2D confined turbulence
• 2006-08-30 X.L. Wu (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh) Thermal Convection in a Strongly Stratified Two-dimensional-like Fluid
• 2006-08-29 Philip S. Marcus (University of California at Berkeley) Late-Time Attractors for Patterns of Vortices and Jet Streams in A Rotating, Stratified Shear Flow, such as Jupiter's Atmosphere
• 2006-08-28 Antonio Celani (CNRS, Nice) Inverse cascades and conformally invariant curves
• 2006-08-24 Goksel Dedeoglu (Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University) Hallucinating FAces in Low-Resolution Videos
• 2006-08-23 Pierre-Henri Maire (UMR CELIA CEA--CNRS--Universite Bordeaux) A Cell-Centered Diffusion Scheme on Two-Dimensional Unstructured Meshes
• 2006-08-21 Oleg V. Vasilyev (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder) An Adaptive Multi-Scale Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Framework for Solution of Complex Multi-Physics Flows
• 2006-08-17 Joyce Lin (University of North Carolina) Exotic Traveling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
• 2006-08-17 Michael Clark (University College Dublin) Geostrophic turbulence - Energy and enstrophy cascades in the atmosphere
• 2006-08-15 Jasleen Kaur (T-7) Temporal evolution of social networks associated with scientific discoveries
• 2006-08-15 Evelyn Lunasin (UC Irvine) Effects of the Navier-Stokes-alpha model in two-dimensional turbulence
• 2006-08-15 Aditya Singh (UNM) A kinetic model of the genetic toggle and spatio-temporal modeling of the yeast pheromone pathway
• 2006-08-14 Pierre-Henri Maire (UMR CELIA CEA--CNRS--Universite Bordeaux) A Centered Lagrangian Scheme for Two Dimensional Compressible Flow Problems
• 2006-08-10 Ethan L. Miller (Storage Systems Research Center, University of California, Santa Cruz) Improving File System Usability, Performance and Reliability with Magnetic RAM
• 2006-08-10 Taner Z. Sen (Iowa State University) Modeling Biological Complexity at Multiple Structural Levels
• 2006-08-07 Remi Abgrall (Mathematiques Appliquees de Bordeaux and INRIA Universite Bordeaux) A review of several methods for computing multimaterial compressible flowscomputing multimaterial compressible flows
• 2006-08-02 Steve Thomas (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Integration Factor Splitting for Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Models
• 2006-08-01 Thomas Haine (Johns Hopkins University) Denmark Strait Overflows and Cascades: Simulation and Assimilation
• 2006-07-10 Pablo Minnini (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Large scale flows and energy transfer in hydrodynamic turbulence at large Reynolds numbers
• 2006-06-29 Michael Wakin (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rice University) Manifold-based models for image processing
• 2006-06-29 Richard Baraniuk (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rice University) Compressive Sensing - A New Framework for Computational Signal Processing
• 2006-06-29 Marco Duarte (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rice University) Collaborative and Compressive Processing for Sensor Networks
• 2006-06-26 Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins University) Lagrangian Dynamics of Intermittent Turbulence
• 2006-06-26 Natalia Vladimirova (University of Chicago) Rising Flame Bubbles and Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Flames in the Boussinesq Limit
• 2006-06-23 Jean-Francois Pinton (Laboratoire de Physique de Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France) Path instability and wake of a rising bubble
• 2006-06-22 Melanie Mitchell (Portland State University) Coevolutionary Learning
• 2006-06-20 Curt Vogel (Montana State University) Mathematics of the Map-seeking Circuit (MSC) Algorithm
• 2006-06-19 Marios Pattichis (University of New Mexico) Atherosclerotic Plaque Motion Analysis from Ultrasound Videos: Can we predict rupture?
• 2006-06-13 M. Lakshmanan (Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli (India)) Shape Changing (Intensity Redistribution) Collisions of Solitons and Optical Computing
• 2006-06-06 Mahesh Bandi (Univerity of Pittsburgh) The Entropy Rate and its fluctuations in Compressible Turbulence on a Free Surface
• 2006-06-05 Charlie Doering (University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics and Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics) Stirring up trouble: Multi-scale measures of mixing for steady scalar sources
• 2006-05-30 Sabine Decamp (LEGI / Coriolis) Laboratory study of turbulent gravity currents on a continental slope
• 2006-05-23 Dr. Alexander Schliep (Max Planck Inst. for Molecular Genetics) Decoding non-unique oligonucleotide hybridization experiments of targets related by a phylogenetic tree
• 2006-05-22 Niels Gronbech Jensen (UC Davis | LBNL) Classical interpretation of experimentally observed microwave-driven Josephson behavior below the quantum transition temperature
• 2006-05-01 Sergei Nechaev (LPTMS, Orsay) New viewpoint on ballistic deposition: Statistics of random heaps, braids and matchings
• 2006-05-01 James F. Price (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Upper Ocean Response to a Hurricane
• 2006-04-10 Oleg Zaboronski (University of Warwick) Advanced signal detection for magnetic read channel

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