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CNLS Talks, 2015
• 2015-12-28 No Colloquium
• 2015-12-21 Michael Herman (Tulane University) An Approximate Semiclassical Method that Uses Real Valued Trajectories for Time Dependent Tunneling Calculations
• 2015-12-14 Martin Ostoja Starzewski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Fractals in Mechanics of Materials
• 2015-12-08 Bill Hoffman (Kitware, Inc.) Building Science with CMake
• 2015-12-07 Michel Louge (Cornell University) Challenges in Unsaturated Porous Media
• 2015-12-07 Genia Vogman (University of California, Berkeley) Investigating collisionless plasmas using continuum kinetic simulations
• 2015-12-03 Yifei Shi (University of Virginia) Superconducting pairing in resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
• 2015-12-03 Alejandro Manjavacas (University of New Mexico) New platforms for plasmonics
• 2015-12-02 V.V. Lebedev (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics) Structure of coherent vortices generated by the inverse cascade of 2d turbulence in a finite box
• 2015-11-30 Patrick Panciatici (RTE-France) Energy transition in Europe: Needs, challenges and possible solutions: an European TSO perspective
• 2015-11-24 Rudiger Urbanke (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)) Teaching an old code a new trick
• 2015-11-23 Taras Lakoba (University of Vermont) Long-time numerical integration of the generalized nonlinear Schroedinger equation with time steps exceeding the instability threshold
• 2015-11-23 Marco Chiaramello (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Ecole Polytechnique) Presentation of the SMILEI code and studies of amplification by parametric instabilities
• 2015-11-18 Alina Zare (University of Missouri) Multiple Instance Learning Approaches for Target Characterization
• 2015-11-16 Dmitrii Maslov (University of Florida) Electron-electron interactions in spin-orbit coupled systems
• 2015-11-13 Alex Williams (Stanford University) A mathematical model of microtubular transport reveals tradeoffs in speed and precision in complex neuronal morphologies
• 2015-11-12 Krishnamurthy Dvijotham (Dj) (Center for Mathematics of Information at the California Institute of Technology) Robust analysis tools for uncertain electric power systems
• 2015-11-10 Robert Rubinstein (NASA Langley Research Center) Self-consistency properties of elementary Reynolds stress closures in turbulence
• 2015-11-09 Andrey Chubukov (Department of Physics, University of Minnesota) Superconductivity from repulsive interactions
• 2015-11-05 Seyoung Yun (Microsoft Research, UK) NEW TIME: Efficient Low-Rank Approximation: Theory and Algorithm
• 2015-11-03 Ezgi Temamogullari (Department of Mathematics at Duke University) MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF PERIFUSION CELL CULTURE EXPERIMENTS ON GNRH SIGNALING
• 2015-10-26 Jesse Lopez (Oregon Health & Science University) Insights into circulation and sediment dynamics of an energetic estuary using unstructured grid
• 2015-10-26 Kathleen Weichman (University of Texas at Austin) Simulation of Laser Wakefield Acceleration for Past and Future Experiments at the Texas Petawatt
• 2015-10-22 Candace Berrett (Department of Statistics, Brigham Young University) Bayesian Spatial Classification
• 2015-10-21 Lav R. Varshney (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Chef Watson and the Mathematical Limits of Creativity
• 2015-10-15 Ryan Suderman (Center for Computational Biology and the University of Kansas) Characterizing dynamical effects of combinatorial complexity using rule-based modeling
• 2015-10-15 Jason D. Bender (University of Minnesota) Multiscale computational analysis of nitrogen and oxygen gas-phase chemistry in hypersonic flows
• 2015-10-12 No Colloquium
• 2015-10-05 Greg Huber (KITP, University of California at Santa Barbara) Geometry and Topology of an Intracellular Membrane
• 2015-09-30 Van Tung Phan (National University of Singapore) Modeling the mesoscopic and macroscopic deformation behavior of a deep drawing DC04 steel
• 2015-09-21 Lior Horesh (IBM) Thinking out of the Box: All models are wrong,.. can we make them more useful?
• 2015-09-07 No Colloquium
• 2015-08-31 Baruch Meerson (Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Extinction of established populations: A physicist's view
• 2015-08-24 Filip Ronning (MPA-CMMS) CeRhIn5: A model system for correlated electrons
• 2015-08-19 Peter Porazik (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Gyrokinetic particle simulation and applications to space plasmas
• 2015-08-04 Thomas Catanach (Caltech & CNLS) Power System Dynamic State Estimation
• 2015-08-04 Manuel Joseph Garcia (CNLS & A-1) Line Outage Localization using Phasor Measurement Data in Transient State
• 2015-08-04 Kate Starbird (University of Washington) Uncovering the Dynamics of Online Rumoring during Crisis Events: A Multi-Dimensional Signature Approach
• 2015-08-03 Sahar Sharifzadeh (Boston University) Understanding the Nature of Excitons in Organic Semiconductors from First Principles Theory
• 2015-07-29 Gagan Agrawal (Ohio State University) ​Programmability, Performance, and Dealing with Memory Constraints in In-Situ Analytics
• 2015-07-27 Panos Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts-Amherst) Multi-Component Nonlinear Waves in Optics and Atomic Condensates: Theory, Computations and Experiments
• 2015-07-20 James Bagrow (University of Vermont) Data-driven approaches to studying human dynamics
• 2015-07-13 Rolando Somma (T-4) Quantum Computing Methods for Simulating Quantum Physics
• 2015-07-08 Mark L. Psiaki The Square-Root Information Increment Ensemble Kalman Filter and Applications to Upper Atmosphere Data Assimilation
• 2015-07-08 National Geographic Presentation - Going Viral
• 2015-06-22 Howard Elman (University of Maryland) Reduced Basis Collocation Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Random Coefficients
• 2015-06-22 Ken Kamrin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Quantitatively Predictive Continuum Modeling of Granular Flows
• 2015-06-19 Sandra D. Eksioglu (Industrial Engineering Department, Clemson University) Models to Optimize the Design and Management of Biomass Supply Chain
• 2015-06-17 Cecilia Aragon (University of Washington) The Hearts and Minds of Data Science
• 2015-06-15 Nathan Woods (University of Colorado Boulder) Enabling Design-Oriented Fluid Simulations: Verification with Discontinuous Manufactured Solutions and Automatic Grid Generation with Moving Coordinates
• 2015-06-11 Vakhtang Putkaradze (Department of Mathematics, University of Alberta) NEW TIME: Geometric theory of garden hose dynamics
• 2015-06-11 Ladislas Vignitchouk (KTH Royal Institute of Stockholm) Dust transport in fusion plasmas
• 2015-06-10 Kathleen Knobe (Rice University) Concurrent Collections for Both Productivity and Parallel Performance
• 2015-06-10 Glen Otero (Harvard School of Public Health) Immunity, evolution, transmission and vaccination: The four horseman of increasing Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough) incidence in the United States
• 2015-05-27 Joseph Schoonover (Florida State University) North Atlantic Vorticity Budget and the Gulf Stream Separation
• 2015-05-25 No Colloquium
• 2015-05-22 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Possible discussion meeting: (i) open discussion on some lecture topic or (ii) discussion of open problems
• 2015-05-21 Aminur Rahman (New Jersey Institute of Technology) A Scheme for Modeling and Analyzing the Dynamics of Logical Circuits
• 2015-05-21 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Do waves propagate in fluctuating plasmas? What are the wave-particle scenarios?
• 2015-05-20 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Description of magnetic field lines without arcanes by dealing with the vector potential
• 2015-05-19 Thomas Leitner (T-6) Phylogenetics 101 and its application to HIV forensics -- Part 2
• 2015-05-19 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Quasilinear transport justified by chaotic dynamics for large resonance overlap
• 2015-05-18 Na Li (Harvard University) Connecting Distributed Control and Distributed Optimization in the Power Grid and General Network Systems
• 2015-05-18 Jotun Hein (Department of Statistics, University of Oxford) NOW: Combining Statistical Alignment and Annotation
• 2015-05-18 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Infinite resonance overlap: an adiabatic limit where chaotic seas have a simple shape
• 2015-05-15 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Particles synchronize with Langmuir waves: unifies Landau damping and growth
• 2015-05-14 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: The inter-particle distance, an impact parameter no longer overlooked for the computation of collisional transport
• 2015-05-13 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Collisions” bring self-organization to plasmas: dielectric behavior and Debye shielding
• 2015-05-12 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: From N-body dynamics directly and simultaneously to Debye shielding and Landau damping
• 2015-05-12 Thomas Leitner (T-6) Phylogenetics 101 and its application to HIV forensics
• 2015-05-11 Nam Le (University of Virginia) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Phonon Transport at Solid/Solid Interfaces
• 2015-05-11 D. F Escande (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS) Kinetic Plasma Lectures: Non standard views of standard plasma physics topics: an overview
• 2015-05-08 Marek Kochanczyk (Polish Academy of Sciences) Stochastic transitions in a prototype bistable system of kinase--phosphatase interactions on the plasma membran
• 2015-05-07 Anatoly Zlotnik (T-4/CNLS) Coordinated Operational Planning for Integrated Electric Power and Natural Gas Infrastructures
• 2015-05-07 Antonio Conejo Navarro (Ohio State University) Pricing non-convexities in an electricity pool: A non-orthodox primal-dual approach
• 08:00 AM - 2015-05-06 5:30 PM Plasma Energization: Exchanges Between Fluid and Kinetic Scales
• 2015-05-06 Rakesh Dhote (University of Toronto) Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Phase-Field Models for Martensitic Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys
• 2015-05-04 Ellen Zweibel (University of Wisconsin, Madison) The Microphysics and Macrophysics of Cosmic Rays
• 2015-04-30 Amanda Neukirch (CNLS/T-1) Ab initio Modeling of Organometallic Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications
• 2015-04-30 Daniele Funaro (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) Modelling Photons through Classical Physics
• 2015-04-28 Balaji Narasimhan (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Iowa State University) Pathogen Mimicking Nanovaccine and Nanotherapeutic Platform Technology: A New Paradigm
• 2015-04-27 John Bush (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Hydrodynamic quantum analogs: droplets walking on the impossible pilot wave
• 2015-04-27 Prof. D. Kuzmin ( Institute of Applied Mathematics, Dortmund University of Technology) Limiting techniques for discontinuous and continuous finite elements
• 2015-04-23 Munik Shrestha (UNM Physics) Statistics of epidemic dynamics in networks by passing messages
• 2015-04-23 Dr. Przemyslaw Walczak (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Wroclaw (Poland) ) Asteroseismic Analysis of Pulsating Stars
• 2015-04-22 Mehran Kardar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Some out of Equilibrium Fluctuation-Induced phenomena
• 2015-04-21 Mehran Kardar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Levitation by Casimir forces?
• 2015-04-20 No Colloquium
• 2015-04-20 Mehran Kardar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) A plethora of Fluctuation-Induced Forces
• 2015-04-16 Daniel OMalley (EES-16) Decisions, Uncertainty, and Science
• 2015-04-14 Chang-Shung Tung (T-6) In silico Approach for Studying Structure/Function of Biomolecules and Complexes
• 2015-04-13 Miroslav Krstic (University of California, San Diego) Control of Nonlinear Delay Systems and PDEs with Fluid Applications
• 2015-04-09 Harsha Nagarajan (DSA-4/CNLS) Synthesizing robust networks for various engineering applications
• 2015-04-07 Ludmil Alexandrov (CNLS/T-6) Understanding the mutational processes in human cancer and their relevance for human ageing
• 2015-04-06 Craig Maloney (Carnegie Mellon University) Mechanics of soft spheres
• 2015-04-01 Ishanu Chattopadhyay (University of Chicago) Causality Streamlines: Uncovering Disease Etiology From Zero-knowledge Machine Inference of Statistical Causality
• 2015-03-30 Sidney Redner (Santa Fe Institute) Fate of the Kinetic Ising and Potts Model
• 2015-03-26 Ari Le (XCP-6) Electron Trapping and Equations of State during Magnetic Reconnection
• 2015-03-25 Mark J. Embrechts (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) A Brief History of Big Data Analytics
• 2015-03-25 Tamoghna Das (Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology) A curious case of two-dimensional aggregates: in sync spatio-temporal heterogeneities.
• 2015-03-23 James M. Rondinelli (Northwestern University) Noncentrosymmetric Metals: A New Materials Class for Artificial Multiferroic Design
• 2015-03-20 Paul Rodriguez-Valderrama (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru) Incremental Principal Principal Component Pursuit for Video Background Modeling: theory, applications and jitter invariant extension
• 2015-03-18 Michael Wykes (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies, IMDEA Nanoscience) Herzberg-Teller Intensity Borrowing in a Conjugated Porphyrin Nanoring
• 2015-03-18 Raymond Kapral (University of Toronto) Quantum Dynamics in Open Quantum-Classical Systems
• 2015-03-17 Ramesh Menon, Adnan Khaleel, Shoaib Mufti, and Paul Cook (Cray, Inc.) Cray big data product/technology overview and updates
• 2015-03-16 Boris Shraiman (University of California, Santa Barbara) Emergent simplicity of evolutionary dynamics and the possibility of predicting evolutionary future
• 2015-03-16 K. Birgitta Whaley (University of California, Berkeley) Quantum Information-Driven Science
• 2015-03-16 Yue Lu (Harvard University) Detecting dynamics hidden in noise: Understanding phase transitions via statistical physics
• 2015-03-12 Cesar A. Lopez (CNLS/T-6) Mechanistic details of pH dependent non-photochemical quenching mediated by light harvesting antenna complexes
• 2015-03-12 Armin Rahmani (University of British Columbia) Anyonic Liquids in Nearly Saturated Spin Chains
• 2015-03-09 Mary Silber (Northwestern University) Pattern Formation in the Drylands: Self Organization in Semi-Arid Ecosystems
• 2015-03-06 Mariia Sorokina (Aston University) Regenerative communication channels
• 2015-03-05 Xiangrong Fu (ISR-1) Generation of Banded Chorus in Magnetosphere
• 2015-03-03 Taina Immonen (T-6) Recombination facilitates survival of latent HIV-1 lineages in the plasma virus population
• 2015-02-25 Oleg Prezhdo (University of Southern California, Los Angeles) Excited state dynamics at complex interfaces: time-domain ab initio studies
• 2015-02-25 Vladimir Lebedev (Landau Institute, Russia) 2d vortices: inverse cascade and surface waves
• 2015-02-24 Carl Bender (Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis) Nonlinear eigenvalue problems and PT-symmetric quantum theory
• 2015-02-23 Christian Reidys (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Dept. of Mathematics at Virginia Tech University) From molecules to permutations
• 2015-02-23 Kevin S. Bedell (Boston College) From Equilibrium to Non-Equilibrium Spin Systems: Making waves on the Fermi sea.
• 2015-02-23 Neal P. Bitter (California Institute of Technology) Linear Stability of High Enthalpy Boundary Layers
• 2015-02-19 Jeremie Guedj (Inserm and Université Paris Diderot) Modeling Hepatitis C Viral Kinetic in the Era of Direct Acting Antiviral Agents: Review and Perspectives
• 2015-02-18 Hamid Krim (North Carolina State University) ​Efficient Analysis of High Dimensional Data: A Geometric Perspective
• 2015-02-17 Angel E. Garcia (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Proteins under Pressure
• 2015-02-12 Aric Hagberg (Center for Nonlinear Studies) Cybersecurity network science
• 2015-02-11 Hamish Carr (University of Leeds) Fiber Surfaces: Generalizing Isosurfaces to Bivariate Data
• 2015-02-11 Tom Britton (Stockholm University) Random networks and epidemics
• 2015-02-10 Zoltan Toroczkai (University of Notre Dame) Challenges for Nonlinear Sciences in the 21st Century
• 2015-02-09 Giacomo Como (Lund University) Distributed Control of Dynamical Flow Networks
• 2015-02-05 Julie Josse (Agrocampus Ouest) A flexible framework for regularized low-rank matrix estimation
• 2015-02-05 Ruy Ribeiro (T-6) Viral Dynamics 101
• 2015-02-02 Xiaobo Yin (University of Colorado Boulder) When Structured Light Meets Structured Matter at the Nanoscale
• 2015-01-28 Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University) Stability of Dirac solitons
• 2015-01-28 Yannis Kevrekidis (Princeton University) Coarse-graining the dynamics of (and on) complex networks: an equation free/variable free approach
• 2015-01-26 Michael Roukes (Caltech) Single-molecule analysis with nanomechanical systems
• 2015-01-26 Andrey Pereverzev (Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia) Theoretical methods of obtaining IR spectra in molecular crystals
• 2015-01-21 C. Leland Ellison (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Variational Integrators in Plasma Physics: Sewing the Geometric Fabric of Physics into Numerical Models
• 2015-01-13 David J. Larson (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) Two topics in plasma simulation: A finite-mass based method for Vlasov-Poisson simulations and a semi-implicit Coulomb collision algorithm for PIC simulations
• 2015-01-12 Joe Goddard (University of California, San Diego) Playing in Sand for Science, Engineering and Fun ("Life without kT")

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