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CNLS Talks, 2010
• 2010-12-21 Michael Genkin (Dept. of Sociology Cornell University ) Are Idle Hands the Devil’s Playground? Identifying Deviant Individuals and their Networks using Blau Space Modeling
• 2010-12-20 Peter Porazik (University of California, Irvine) Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of the Drift Compressional Modes in the Dipole Filed
• 2010-12-17 J.C. Seamus Davis (Cornell University, Physics Department) The Enigma of Supersolid 4He
• 2010-12-16 Dipak Barua (Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group, LANL , CNLS) Mechanistic model of lipid raft regulation of IgE receptor signaling
• 2010-12-16 Eran Bouchbinder (Weizmann Institute) How Things Break? – A Failure Story
• 2010-12-15 Thomas Hope (Northwestern University) Interaction of HIV with Mucosal Barriers
• 2010-12-15 James S. Langer (Professor Emeritus Department of Physics UCSB) A Thermodynamic Method for Modeling Dislocation-Mediated Plasticity
• 2010-12-15 Brian Fix (Stony-Brook University) Coupling front tracking and adaptive mesh refinement
• 2010-12-14 David Wolpert (CNLS and NASA Ames) Bounded Rationality Game Theory
• 2010-12-14 Prof. Claudio Canizares (University of Waterloo) Stability-constrained Optimal Power Flows and Their Applications to Electricity Markets
• 2010-12-13 Andreas Markman (Yale University) Comparing Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Dynamics of Electron Scattering in a Proton Plasma
• 2010-12-09 Robin Blume-Kohout (T-4, CNLS) Interval Estimates of Quantum States
• 2010-12-09 Doug McNeall (UK Met Office Hadley Center) Providing useful climate information: A perspective from the UK
• 2010-12-09 Yuejun Kang (National Flow Cytometry Resource BioScience Division (B-9) Los Alamos National Laboratory) On-chip Flow Cytometry for Cellular and Sub-Cellular Analysis
• 2010-12-08 Hod Lipson (Cornell University) Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data: From cognitive robotics to particle physics to computational biology
• 2010-12-08 Navin Kashyap (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) Applications of Matroid Methods to Coding Theory, Part 2
• 2010-12-07 Mladen Kezunovic, Ph.D., P.E. (Texas A&M University) The Smart Grid Data “Explosion”: Translational Knowledge Challenge
• 2010-12-06 Peter S. Cooper (Fermilab) Searching for Dark Matter with a Bubble Chamber
• 2010-12-03 Cesar Rodriguez-Rosario (Harvard University) Quantum Coherences in Photosynthetic Exciton Transport
• 2010-12-02 Michael Raghib (CNLS, T-5) A multiscale maximum entropy moment closure for locally regulated space–time point process models on population dynamics.
• 2010-12-01 David Saad (Department 
Science, Aston University 
 UK ) The Statistical Physics of Noisy Computation
• 2010-12-01 Jonathan Pietarila Graham (Johns Hopkins University) Subfilter-scale physics of alpha-models
• 2010-12-01 Larry Herskowitz (University of New Mexico) Discrete State Model for Kinesin-1 with Rate Constants Modulated by Neck Linker Tension
• 2010-11-30 Clint Scovel (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Hypothesis Testing for Validation and Certification
• 2010-11-23 Annarita Giani (University of California, Berkeley) Wide Area Monitoring System Security
• 2010-11-22 Prof. Chris Pethick (Niels Bohr Institute & NORDITA, Denmark) Spin Correlations in Ultracold Atomic Gases and Hot Dense Matter
• 2010-11-18 Ori Sargsyan (T-6, LANL, CNLS) A full likelihood-based inference method in the general coalescent tree framework and infinite-sites model
• 2010-11-18 A.Lukyanov (Department of Mathematics, University of Reading, UK) The problem of dynamic wetting in the framework of the sharp interface formation theory. Mathematical, physical and computational aspects
• 2010-11-17 Alexander L. Fetter (Department of Physics, Stanford University) 2010 Distinguished Lecture Series: Rotating Condensates, Synthetic ( Artificial) Guage Potentials, Vortex Creation Without Rotation
• 2010-11-17 Jeffrey Drocco (Department of Physics, Princeton University) Protein lifetime determines morphogen gradient shape in Drosophila
• 2010-11-16 Alexander L. Fetter (Department of Physics, Stanford University) 2010 Distinguished Quantum Lecture Series: Exotic Condensates: Dipolar Interactions, Mixtures and Spinor Condensates
• 2010-11-16 Ruy Ribeiro (Theoretical Biology and Biophysics ) Pandemic H1N1 Influenza: An Epidemiological Update
• 2010-11-15 Sumit Mazumdar (University of Arizona) The Paired-Electron Crystal and Unconventional Superconductivity.
• 2010-11-15 Alexander L. Fetter (Department of Physics, Stanford University) 2010 Distinguished Quantum Lecture Series: Introduction To Bose-Einstein Condensation
• 2010-11-15 Irene Beyerlein (Theoretical Division, T-3, Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics) Role of interfaces and grain boundaries in the deformation behavior of structural materials
• 2010-11-12 Kevin Riley (University of Puerto Rico, Rio Peidras) Effects of Aromatic Substitutions on Halogen Bonds, with Applications to Protein-Ligand Binding
• 2010-11-10 Darryl Smith Physics and Other Amiable Things of Life
• 2010-11-08 Rajan Lamichhane (Wayne State University) Study of protein-RNA interactions by using fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and single-molecule FRET (smFRET)
• 2010-11-08 Jonathan Aldrich (School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University) Access Permissions for Correct and Ubiquitous Concurrency
• 2010-11-04 Lijun Zhu (T-4) An introduction to quantum phase transitions
• 2010-11-04 Chris Ticknor (T-1 LANL) Anisotropic superfluidity
• 2010-11-04 Daniil Svyatskiy (Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics Group T-5) Capabilities of the Mimetic Finite Difference method to satisfy the Maximum Principle in Elliptic Problems.
• 2010-11-03 Alexander G. Abanov (Department of Physics & Astronomy, Stony Brook University ) Shock Waves in Cold Fermi Atoms
• 2010-11-03 Shaohao Chen (Becker AMO Theory Group, JILA, University of Colorado) Time-dependent Study on Ultrafast Atomic Physics and MCDF Calculations for Multi-electron Atomic Structure, T-1 Seminar
• 2010-11-02 Prof. Manimaran Govindarasu (Iowa State University) Cyber-Physical Systems Security of Power Grid: Risk Modeling and Mitigation
• 2010-11-01 Jack Douglas (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Polymers Division, Gaithersburg, MD) Influence of Nanoparticles and Molecular Additives on Fragility and Collective Particle Motion in Polymer Glass-Formation
• 2010-10-28 Kirill A Velizhanin (T-4) Driving denaturation: Nanoscale thermal transport as a probe of DNA melting
• 2010-10-27 Brandon Smith (University of Wisconsin) Advanced Geometry for Monte Carlo® Radiation Transport
• 2010-10-25 Hulin Wu (Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology Director, Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry) Bridging the Gap Between Statistics and Mathematical Modeling in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research
• 2010-10-21 Tsvi Achler (T-5) Problems and Insights into Modelling Human/Animal Recognition Processing
• 2010-10-20 Pablo Parrilo (Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology) IS&T Seminar Series "Consistency of Preferences and Near-Potential Games"
• 2010-10-20 Sidhartha Goyal (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics) Achieving Optimal Growth through Product Feedback Inhibition in Metabolism
• 2010-10-20 Thomas Phillips (Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, University of Colorado) Melt in Greenland: Where does the water go? — some simple modeling results
• 2010-10-20 Michael D. Daily (University of Wisconsin) Interconversion of Functional Motions between Mesophilic and Thermophilic Adenylate Kinases
• 2010-10-19 Srivathsan Srinivasagopalan (Srivathsan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science Department at Louisiana State University.) Oblivious Buy-at-Bulk Network Design T-5 Seminar
• 2010-10-19 Henry Pfister (School of Engineering at Texas A&M University ) LP Decoding: Thresholds, Connections, and Extensions
• 2010-10-18 Bill Louis (LANL) Antineutrino Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE & Possible CP Violation in the Lepton Sector
• 2010-10-18 Douglas Shephard (Colorado State University) “Single Molecule” Studies of Energy Transfer Between Semiconductor Quantum Dots
• 2010-10-14 Andrey Beresnyak (T-2) Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
• 2010-10-13 Gregory Armstrong (Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland) Electron dynamics of one- and two-electron atoms in intense laser fields
• 2010-10-12 Marco Manzini (Istituto di Matematica Applicata e Tecnologie Informatiche (IMATI) Pavia, Italy) Finite volumes for heterogeneous and anisotropic elliptic problems on general meshes
• 2010-10-07 Ming Zhang Finding Small Regulatory RNAs in Alzheimer’s Disease
• 2010-10-06 James Theiler (LANL/ISR-2) Anomalous Change Detection
• 2010-10-05 H.S. Udaykumar (The University of Iowa, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) "Eulerian computations of high-speed multimaterial interactions: multiscale modeling in heterogeneous systems"
• 2010-10-04 Ekhard Salje (CNLS) Crackling noise of crumbling materials: a progress report
• 2010-10-04 Salman Habib (LANL) A guided tour of the LSST Science Book
• 2010-09-30 Lenka Zdeborova (T-4) Limits of detectability of structural modules in complex networks
• 2010-09-29 Gregory Stephens (Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics Princeton University) "Do we click? Speaker-listener neural coupling underlies successful communication"
• 2010-09-28 George T. ( Rusty ) Gray III (LANL) The effects of shockwave profile shape and shock obliquity on spallation in Cu and Ta: kinetic and stress-state effects on damage evolution
• 2010-09-23 Dmitry Solenov (T-4) Macroscopic quantum superpositions in cold atom systems
• 2010-09-22 Pedro Domingos (University of Washington) Markov Logic Networks: A Language for Statistical Relational Learning
• 2010-09-22 Tammie Nelson (T-CNLS/T-1 and University of Washington) Modeling of Non-adiabatic Photoinduced Dynamics in Conjugated Molecules
• 2010-09-22 Grigory Sizov (T-CNLS and Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics ) Hydrodynamic interactions in dilute solution of flexible polymers subjected to shear flow
• 2010-09-21 Kaushik Dayal (Carnegie Melon University, Pittsburgh, PA) Non-Equilibrium Deformations in Phase-Transforming Materials and Nanostructures
• 2010-09-21 Nandakishore Santhi (CCS-3) Analyzing Cascading Failures in Power Grids: Modeling and Data Challenges
• 2010-09-20 Sarah L. Keller (University of Washington) Dynamic Domains in Lipid Membranes near a Miscibility Critical Point
• 2010-09-16 Alexander Gutfraind Targeting by Transnational Terrorists Groups
• 2010-09-15 Jacek Becla (SLAC National Accelerator Center. Stanford University) "Real Life Data Intensive Applications-Challenges and Solutions"
• 2010-09-14 Andras Libal (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania) Return point memory in artificial spin ice
• 2010-09-14 Amit Acharya (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA) Entropy of a constrained Hamiltonian system and mesoscale mechanics
• 2010-09-14 Ayao Mamert Sossah (Georgia State University) Photoionization of 3d-electron Atoms and Ions: Potassium-like Transition Metal Ions and Ca+
• 2010-09-13 Goeff Vallis (Princeton University) Eddies in the Ocean
• 2010-09-08 Chrisil J. Arackaparambi Data Stream Algorithms: The Whys and the Hows
• 2010-09-07 René Pfitzner (New Mexico Consortium and CNLS) "Journal Club" on Zero-range processes and exclusion processes
• 2010-09-07 Rafael Zarate-Minano (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) Redispatching Procedures to Ensure Power System Security in the Context of Real-Time Operation
• 2010-09-02 Ashton Bradley (University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand) The Stochastic Projected Gross-Pitaevskii equation: theory and applications in trapped high temperature Bose gases
• 2010-08-25 Ari Rosenberg (Washington University, School of Medicine, St. Louis) A Nonlinear Coding Scheme in the Early Visual System
• 2010-08-25 James Bono (Department of Economics, American University) Game Mining: How to Make Money from those about to Play a Game
• 2010-08-25 Mykel Kochenderfer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Developing Robust Airborne Collision Avoidance Logic
• 2010-08-23 Matt Hoffman (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Portland State University ) Glacier Hydrology, Big and Small
• 2010-08-18 Mahesh Bandi (Harvard University) Shock Induced Jamming and Fracture at Particulate Interfaces
• 2010-08-18 Stuart Wolf (University of Virginia) Polymeric Self Assembled Reconfigurable Array of Magnetic Automata (RAMA)
• 2010-08-18 Shengqian Chen (CNLS/Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) Nonlinear periodic water waves with uneven bottom topography
• 2010-08-17 Sachin Kadloor (CCS-3) Modeling Cascading Failures in Power Grids
• 2010-08-17 Stuart Wolf (University of Virginia) Spin Torque Transfer Magnetic Random Access Memory (STT-RAM)—Is it a Universal Memory?
• 2010-08-16 Ehud Meron (Ben-Gurion University) Nonlinear Dynamics of Water-Limited Ecosystems
• 2010-08-13 Kyle Hickmann (Oregon State University) Thermoacoustic Tomography: Open Problems and Current Research
• 2010-08-13 Yoav Sharon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Control with Limited Information and Unreliable Feedback
• 2010-08-12 Thuc Tan Mai (CNLS/Syracuse University ) Bacteria Ratchets
• 2010-08-12 Adam Larios (CNLS/UC Irvine Mathematics ) Direct Numerical Simulations for the Navier-Stokes-Voigt Turbulence Model
• 2010-08-09 Casey Meakin (University of Arizona) Supercomputing Stars
• 2010-08-09 Mario Castro (Universidad Comillas) Ion induced solid flow
• 2010-08-05 Sean M. Decatur (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Oberlin College) Using infrared spectroscopy to probe peptide conformation under conditions of variable temperature and variable pressure
• 2010-08-03 David Benson (University of California at San Diego) Mesoscale Analysis of Energetic Composites
• 2010-08-03 David Benson (University of California at San Diego) Isogeometric Analysis and Generalized Elements
• 2010-08-02 Bob Rutledge (McGill University) Measuring the Cold Dense Matter Equation of State with X-ray Spectroscopy of Low Mass X-ray Binaries
• 2010-08-02 David Benson (University of California at San Diego) An Extended Finite Element Formulation Contact In Multi-Material Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Calculations
• 2010-07-29 Arun Sen (Arizona State University) Connectivity, Coverage and Routing Problems in Airborne Networks
• 2010-07-29 Clint Dawson (University of Texas at Austin) Modeling Near-Shore and Coastal Processes and Extreme Events
• 2010-07-29 Tom Woolf Visualizing Transition Events: Dynamic Importance Sampling
• 2010-07-28 Mary-Louise Timmermans (Yale University) Arctic Climate variability: The Role of the Ocean
• 2010-07-22 Edward Chien (T-5 and Dept. of Mathematics/DIMACS, Rutgers University, NJ) A Randomized Shortest Path Problem and Its Application to Network Interdiction
• 2010-07-22 Daniel J. Fredeman (T-CNLS and Cornell University Department of Materials Science, Hennig Research Group) Density Functional Theory Directed Search for Ce-based Layered Superconductors
• 2010-07-21 Kirk D. Borne (Department of Computational Science, George Mason University) Astroinformatics: Data-Oriented Astronomy Research and Education
• 2010-07-15 Ori Sargsyan (Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University ) Coalescent Based Inference Tools for Population Genetic Data at Neutral Non-recombining Locus
• 2010-07-13 Praneeth Netrapalli (UT Austin & CNLS GRA) A New Algorithm for Learning Markov Network Structure
• 2010-07-06 Arun Phadke (Virginia Tech) Synchronized Phasor Applications for Power Grids
• 2010-06-29 Thomas Maillart (Department of Management, Technology, and Economics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) Colliding Cascades in OSS Development - The Virus of Open Source
• 2010-06-29 Federico Milano (University of Castilla - La Mancha, Spain) Continuous Newton's Method for Power Flow Analysis
• 2010-06-28 Thomas Maillart (Department of Management, Technology, and Economics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) An Immune System-like Model of Cyber-Risks at the Internet Scale
• 2010-06-24 Riccardo Boero (University of Torino) Experimental micro-foundations of agent-based simulations: a comparison of techniques and applications with reference to cooperation dilemmas
• 2010-06-23 Jonathan Yedidia (MERL) Probabilistic Inference Using Divide & Concur and Belief Propagation
• 2010-06-22 Doug Jacobsen (Florida State University) Global SCVT Generator and GPU Programming
• 2010-06-21 Andrea Montanari (Stanford University) Message passing algorithms, random convex problems, and the risk of the LASSO
• 2010-06-21 Samet Kadioglu (Fuels Modeling and Simulation Department, Idaho National Laboratory) A JFNK-Based IMEX Method for Multiple Time Scale Problems
• 2010-06-16 Pirooz Vakili (Boston University) DataBase Monte Carlo (DBMC) and Generic Control Variates for Efficient Parametric Estimation
• 2010-06-10 Nicholas Ruozzi (Yale University) Convergent and correct message passing algorithms
• 2010-06-08 Christopher Moore (UNM and Santa Fe Institute) Approximating the Permanent via Nonabelian Determinants
• 2010-06-07 Avner Peleg (University of New York at Buffalo) Pulse Dynamics in Broadband Fiber Optics Communication Systems
• 2010-06-03 Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Variance Reduction in Computational Kinetic Theory
• 2010-06-02 Martin White (University of California at Berkeley) The Echo of Einstein's Greatest Blunder
• 2010-06-02 Jong Won Kim (The University of Sydney) Quantitative Study of Human Sleep
• 2010-05-26 Professor Robert Austin (Department of Physics, University of Princeton) Tilting at Windmills
• 2010-05-26 Jason Liu (School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University ) School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University
• 2010-05-25 Professor Robert Austin (Department of Physics, University of Princeton) Stretch Genes
• 2010-05-25 Todd Mytkowicz (University of Colorado, Boulder) We have it easy, but do we have it right?
• 2010-05-24 Vincent Crespi (Pennsylvania State University) Nano is more than size: The role of geometry in the electronic structure and optical response of carbon nanostructures
• 2010-05-24 Professor Robert Austin (Department of Physics, University of Princeton) The Physics of Cancer
• 2010-05-21 Christof Teuscher (Portland State University) Novel Computing Paradigms
• 2010-05-20 John V. Hurley (University of New Mexico) ENSO and global warming -related variability of subtropical humidity: last saturation diagnoses
• 2010-05-19 Peter Doerschuk (Cornell University) Statistical Inference for Dynamical Structural Biology
• 2010-05-19 Luca Spadafora (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) Adiabaticity Conditions for Volatility Smile in Black-Scholes Pricing Model
• 2010-05-19 Michael Raghib-Moreno (Princeton University) Multiscale analysis of collective motion and decision-making in swarms: An advection-diffusion equation with Memory approach
• 2010-05-19 Ido Regev (Weizmann Institute) Effective temperature in elastoplasticity of amorphous solids
• 2010-05-18 Akira Onuki (Physics Department, Kyoto University) Elastic effects in solid phase transitions: Binary alloys, Martensitic transitions, and dislocation dynamics
• 2010-05-18 Jerzy Blawzdziewicz (Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Physics, Yale University) Microhydrodynamics of soft matter
• 2010-05-17 Peter Qin (University of Southern California) Nucleic Acid Structure and Dynamics: A Spin Label's Perspective
• 2010-05-17 K.S. Babu (Oklahoma State University) Progress in Grand Unified Theories
• 2010-05-13 Shahin A. Abdel Naby (Department of Physics, Western Michigan University) Calculations of M-Shell Dielectronic Recombination Rate Coefficients
• 2010-05-12 David Marchette (Johns Hopkins University) Time Series of Attributed Graphs
• 2010-05-04 Gurol Suel (UT Southwestern Medical School) Noisy out of necessity: The relationship among gene circuit architecture, dynamics and biological function
• 2010-05-03 Eric Lauga (University of California, San Diego) Physical Constraints of Small-Scale Motility in Fluids
• 2010-04-27 Aaron Clauset (Santa Fe Institute) The Dynamics of Terrorist Groups
• 2010-04-26 Corey S. O'Hern (Yale University) Protein folding on rugged energy landscapes: Conformational diffusion on fractal networks
• 2010-04-23 Herbert Lin (National Research Council's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board) Understanding Cyberattack as an Instrument of U.S. Policy
• 2010-04-22 Nikolay Prokofiev (University of Massachussetts) Wandering amongst the Feynman diagrams
• 2010-04-21 Christian Reidys (Nankai University) Robustness and Plasticity in RNA
• 2010-04-21 Anthony Mezzacappa (Oak Ridge National Lab) Progress Toward Ascertaining the Explosion Mechanism for Core Collapse Supernovae and Their Observables
• 2010-04-20 Matthew Paoletti (University of Maryland at College Park) Superfluid Helium - Quantum Mechanics meets Fluid Dynamics
• 2010-04-19 Remi Monasson (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de l'ENS, Paris, France) Learning with one or more Integrate-and-Fire neurons
• 2010-04-19 Harald Fritzsch (Universitaet Muenchen) Fundamental Constants in Physics and their Time Dependence
• 2010-04-15 Nicholas Van der Elst (University of California at Santa Cruz) Force chains and the rheology of granular media in the inertial transition
• 2010-04-14 Edward R. Dougherty (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M) Epistemology of Small-Sample Classification
• 2010-04-13 Bernie Neenan (Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute) U.S. Wholesale Electricity Market Fundamentals
• 2010-04-12 Eugene Demler (Harvard University) Learning about order from noise
• 2010-04-12 Brad Filippone (California Institute of Technology) CP violation and Electric Dipole Moments
• 2010-04-08 Sanjay Shatokkatti (University of Texas) Scheduling for Small Delays in Multi-channel Wireless Networks
• 2010-04-05 Itai Cohen (Cornell University) Flight of the Fruit Fly
• 2010-04-05 Cesare Alippi (Dipartimento di Elettronica, Politecnico di Milano) A Probably Approximately Correct Computation: Assessing Accuracy in Intelligent Embedded Systems
• 2010-03-31 Eric Matzner-Lober (Universite Rennes) Iterative bias reduction for multivariate smoothers
• 2010-03-29 Darryl Holm (Imperial College London) Variational and Geometric Methods in Image Processing and Analysis
• 2010-03-23 Christian Claudel (University of California at Berkeley) Mobile Millennium: using smartphones as monitoring sensors in privacy aware environments
• 2010-03-22 Randall D. Kamien (University of Pennsylvania) Smectic Topology
• 2010-03-22 Michelle Creech-Eakman (New Mexico Tech, Magdalena Ridge Observatory Inferometer) Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: Advancing to First Light and New Science
• 2010-03-18 Ross Baldick (University of Texas at Austin) Wind and Energy Markets: A Case Study of Texas
• 2010-03-17 Matthew Hanson (Leonie Industries, LLC.) Operations Research in the Baghdad Southern Belt
• 2010-03-16 Takashi Nishikawa (Clarkson University ) Visual analytics for discovering group structures in networks
• 2010-03-16 Youzuo Lin (Arizona State University) Numerical Issues from Inverse Problems in Image Processing: Parameter Estimation, and Parallel Algorithms for a GPU Environment
• 2010-03-10 Hans-Joachim Ziock (EES-14) IS&T Seminar Series: Information, A New Approach
• 2010-03-09 Richard O'Neill (Federal Energy Regulation Commission) Computational Enhancements for Transforming Wind, Rain and Fire
• 2010-03-04 Andrew Conway (New York University) Simulating Social Networks with NetworkX: the SIRG Model
• 2010-03-03 Clint Scovel (CCS-3) Radial Kernels in Learning Theory
• 2010-03-02 Eric Matzner-Lober (University of Rennes, France ) Forecasting french electricity consumption using statistics
• 2010-03-01 Eugene Kolomeisky (University of Virginia, Physics) Casimir effect due to a single boundary as a manifestation of the Weyl problem
• 2010-02-24 Henry
Abarbanel (Department of Physics and Marine Physical Laboratory (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), University of California, San Diego ) IS&T Seminar Series: State and Parameter Estimation in Models of Nonlinear Systems
• 2010-02-22 Ekhard Salje (University of Cambridge) Radiation Damage and Percolation
• 2010-02-22 Balu Santhanam (Department of E.C.E., University of New Mexico) On a Sturm-Liouville Framework for Continuous and Discrete Frequency Modulation
• 2010-02-16 Ernesto Muñoz (New Mexico Consortium) Springtime in the Intra-Americas Sea: Air-Sea Interactions, Low-Level Jet, and Impact on Tornadoes and Precipitation
• 2010-02-16 Francesco Bullo (University of California at San Diego) Synchronization in Power Networks and in Non-uniform Kuramoto Oscillators
• 2010-02-11 Santo Fortunato (Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI), Torino, Italy) The complexity of networks and social dynamics
• 2010-02-10 Jack Quinn (University of California, San Diego) State and parameter estimation of deterministic or stochastic nonlinear systems
• 2010-02-09 Laith H. Haddad (Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines) The Nonlinear Dirac Equation in Bose-Einstein Condensates: Solutions and Spectrum of Low Energy Excitations
• 2010-02-08 B. Popov (Texas A&M University) Entropy viscosity for nonlinear conservation laws.
• 2010-02-04 Somnath Ghosh (Ohio State University) Dwell Fatigue Initiation in Polycrystalline Ti Alloys Using Multi-Time Scaling Crystal Plasticity FE Models
• 2010-02-03 Jinyi Qi (University of California – Davis, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Bayesian image reconstruction for muon tomography
• 2010-02-02 Michael Dinitz (Carnegie Mellon University) Approximating Wireless Network Capacity
• 2010-02-02 Kate Marvel (Stanford University) Random Matrix Theory and the Electric Grid
• 2010-02-01 Mohamed Ebeida (Carnegie Mellon University) Toward an Optimal Numerical Solution of the Flow Problem through Mesh Generation
• 2010-02-01 Mark A. Christon (CTO Office, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA) A multiphysics CFD framework for fluid-solid interaction
• 2010-01-28 Zachary Slepian (Princeton University) To Trap or Not to Trap? Electron behavior on elastic nanowires
• 2010-01-28 Matthew Collins (Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK) Predicting Climate Change for the UK and the World
• 2010-01-28 Christopher K. Newman (Idaho National Laboratory) Jacobian-Free Newton-Krylov Methods for Multiphysics Applications
• 2010-01-25 Adrien Loseille (George Mason University) Numerical Analysis Seminar: Anisotropic mesh adaptation: from continuous models to practical mesh generation with application to CFD
• 2010-01-25 Katie Lundquist (University of California at Berkeley / LLNL) Building resolving simulations in the Weather Research and Forecasting model
• 2010-01-21 Sujay Sanghavi (University of Texas at Austin) Graphical Models for Networks
• 2010-01-20 Islam Hussein (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Search and Classification Decision-Making for Mobile Sensor Coverage of Large-Scale Domains
• 2010-01-19 Lav R. Varshney (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Memory at Different Timescales
• 2010-01-19 Ian Hiskens (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Hybrid Dynamics of Wind Turbine Models
• 2010-01-15 Martin Loebl (Charles University, Prague) Complexity of Finite Ising Model
• 2010-01-13 Alexandre Megretski (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Accounting for Robustness in Optimization-Based Identification of Nonlinear Dyanmical Models
• 2010-01-13 Sera Kahrumna-Anderoglu (Texas A&M University) On provably best heuristics for discrete hard optimization
• 2010-01-12 Tsvi Achler (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Unified Theoretical Models for Sensory Processing in the Brain
• 2010-01-12 David Chassin (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) Is Statistical Thermodynamics Helpful in Understanding Power Market Behavior?
• 2010-01-12 Gang Chen (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics) A Spin-Orbital Singlet and Quantum Critical Point on the Diamond Lattice: the case of FeSc$_2$S$_4$

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