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 CNLS Colloquium
• 2023-05-31 Mike Donlan (LANL, CEA-PA) Graphics Design tips for science folk
• 2022-12-05 Joe Subotnik (University of Pennsylvania - Department of Chemistry) Role of Berry Forces in Nonadiabatic Dynamics and Implications for Spintronics
• 2021-02-15 Closed for Presidents' Day
• 2020-02-10 Dr. Lisa Davis (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University) Continuum and Stochatic Models for Transcription on a Crowded Gene
• 2020-01-06 Joshua Schrier (Fordham University) Towards Autonomous Perovskite Discovery, Synthesis, and Characterization using ESCALATE+RAPID
• 2019-10-28 Mark R. Pederson (University of Texas – El Paso) Molecular Magnets for Spectroscopic Sensing of Chemical Reactions and Qubits
• 2019-10-07 Hansmann Ulrich (University of Oklahoma) In Silico studies of protein folding and aggregation
• 2019-08-19 Godehard Suttmann (Forschungszentrum Jülich) Multi-Level Load Balancing for Particle Simulation Methods
• 2019-07-08 David Mobley (University of California, Irvine) Understanding and predicting biomolecular motions and interactions using molecular simulations
• 2019-07-01 Orit Peleg (U. Colorado Boulder) Physics of Social Insects
• 2019-06-24 Gerald Kneller (Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS and Université d’Orléans, Orléans, France) Energy landscape versus trajectory interpretation of neutron scattering spectra from complex systems
• 2019-06-10 CANCELLED-Luca Argenti CANCELLED-Attosecond two-photon interferometric measurements of resonant photoemission delays
• 2019-05-20 James Fraser (University of California, San Francisco) Protein conformational change we can believe in!
• 2019-05-13 Ehud Meron (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Nonlinear dynamics of desertification
• 2019-05-06 Mette Gaarde (Louisiana State University) Driving ultrafast electron dynamics in the condensed phase through high harmonic generation
• 2019-04-15 Junko Yano (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Making Movies of Molecules - The Application of X-ray Lasers
• 2019-04-01 Alexander Wagner (North Dakota State University) Deriving lattice Boltzmann methods as coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics simulations
• 2019-03-18 Michael Chini (University of Central Florida) Crystal Symmetry and High-Order Harmonic Generation from Solids
• 2019-03-11 Hélène Bolvin (Laboratoire de Chimie et de Physique Quantiques, IRSAMC, Toulouse, France) MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF f MAGNETIC CENTERS WITH QUANTUM CHEMISTRY TOOLS.
• 2019-02-25 Sidney Redner (Santa Fe Institute ) The Dynamics of Foraging and Starvation
• 2019-02-11 Heidi Newberg (Rensselaer Polytechnic University) Locating dark matter using ripples and tidal streams in the Milky Way
• 2019-02-04 Jacopo Grilli (Santa Fe Institute ) Coexistence in large ecological communities
• 2019-01-28 Mira Todorova (Max-Planck-Institute) A fully ab initio approach to electrochemistry and corrosion
• 2019-01-15 Georgios Tsironis (University of Crete/Harvard University) Prediction of complex spatiotemporal evolution through machine learning methods improved with the addition of observers
• 2019-01-14 Matthias Kling (LMU Munich/MPQ) Controlling and tracing ultrafast dynamics in and around nanoparticles
• 2018-12-10 CANCELLED-Michael Chini (University of Central Florida) CANCELLED-Crystal Symmetry and High-Order Harmonic Generation from Solids
• 2018-11-19 Claudio Castelnovo (University of Cambridge, The Cavendish Laboratory) Dynamics of quasiparticle excitations in spin ice materials
• 2018-10-25 Sivaramakrishnan Balachandar (University of Florida) Center for Compressible Multiphase Turbulence Euler-Lagrange Simulations that Capture Fully Resolved Physics For Explosive particle dispersal
• 2018-08-27 Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University) OPTIMAL CONTROL OF SWEEPING PROCESSES WITH APPLICATIONS
• 2018-07-02 Bjoern Baumeier (TU Eidhoven ) Excited states and their dynamics in complex molecular systems: insights from many-body Green's function theory
• 2018-06-11 No Colloquium
• 2018-06-04 Aniket Bhattacharya (University of Central Florida) DNA folds and dynamics squeezed inside a nano-channel with a sliding gasket
• 2018-05-21 Martin Murtagh (Corning Incorporated) An Industrial Perspective: Particle Modeling and Multi-Scale Analysis of Particulate Systems
• 2018-05-16 Ivan I. Smalyukh (University of Colorado, Boulder) Special Colloquium: Topology, Switching and Dynamics of 2D and 3D Solitons
• 2018-04-16 Pablo Laguna (Georgia Technical University) Black-Holes, Neutron-Stars, Numerical Relativity and the Birth of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
• 2018-03-12 Edwin K. P. Chong (Colorado State University) State-Dependent Action Optimization Schemes
• 2018-03-05 Yuri Bazilevs Air-Blast FSI Using an Immersed Approach: Coupled IGA-Meshfree Formulation and Phase-Field Modeling of Fracture
• 2018-02-12 Cristina Marchetti (Syracuse University) The Physics of Active Matter
• 2018-01-29 J. S. Chen (University of California, San Diego) Accelerated and Stabilized Meshfree Methods for Extreme Events Modeling
• 2018-01-08 Vakhtang Putkaradze (University of Alberta) Variational approach to fluid-structure interactions: tubes conveying fluid, friction, poromechanics and Darcy's laws
• 2018-01-01 No Colloquium
• 2017-12-25 No Colloquium
• 2017-12-04 Nakao Hiroya (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Phase reduction and synchronization of a network of coupled dynamical elements exhibiting collective oscillations
• 2017-11-27 Pavel Lushnikov (University of New Mexico) Dynamics of singularities and wavebreaking in 2D hydrodynamics with free surface
• 2017-10-30 Peter Kasson (University of Virginia) Membrane organization and cooperativity in influenza binding and fusion
• 2017-10-09 No Colloquium
• 2017-10-03 Natalie Stingelin (Georgia Institute of Technology) Solution-Processed Photovoltaics: Opportunities provided by Use of Material Science Tools
• 2017-09-04 No Colloquium
• 2017-08-21 Vineet Goyal (Columbia University ) On the Power of Affine policies in Two-stage Adaptive Optimization
• 2017-06-12 Martin Muller (Université de Lorraine) Membranes and bio-polymers in confinement
• 2017-05-29 No Colloquium
• 2017-05-15 Eric Mjolsness (University of California, Irvine) Towards AI and ML Methods for Automating Computational Science
• 2017-05-08 CANCELLED-Debashish Chowdhury (IIT Kanpur) CANCELLED-Stochastic kinetics of molecular motors: a statistical physics perspective-CANCELLED
• 2017-05-01 CANCELLED-Bryce Meredig (Citrine Informatics) CANCELLED-Democratizing large-scale data and machine learning in materials research-CANCELLED
• 2017-04-27 Tapio Ala-Nissila (Aalto University, Finland, and Loughborough University, UK) Non-Markovian Effects, Quantum Jumps and Fluctuation Relations in Driven Quantum Systems
• 2017-04-17 Rosalyn Rael (Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research) Data-driven spatial modeling of rodent dynamics and zoonotic disease risk in post-Katrina New Orleans
• 2017-03-27 Steven D. Schwartz (University of Arizona) Rapid Protein Dynamics – Tunneling, Catalysis, and Enzyme Design
• 2017-03-21 KEIJI NAKATSUGAWA (Hokkaido University) Quantum Time Crystal By Decoherence in Ring Crystals
• 2017-03-20 Satoshi Tanda (Hokkaido University, Sapporo) Topological Crystals: as a new paradigm
• 2017-02-20 No Colloquium
• 2017-02-13 Mert Gurbuzbalaban (Rutgers University) Incremental methods for additive convex cost optimization
• 2017-02-06 Davide Donadio (University of California, Davis) Thermal energy transport and dissipation: from inorganic nanostructures to hydrogen bonded liquids
• 2017-01-30 Carlton Caves and Ivan Deutsch (Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM) Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM
• 2017-01-24 Gyorgy Korniss (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Cascading Overload Failures in Spatially-Embedded and Random Networks with Distributed Flows
• 2017-01-23 Hannes Jonsson (University of Iceland) Towards optimal mean field theory of electronic structure, beyond Kohn-Sham DFT and Hartree-Fock
• 2017-01-17 William Klein (Boston University) A New Approach to Gutenburg - Richter Scaling
• 2017-01-09 Alex Perkins (Notre Dame University) Using mathematical models to address key unknowns about the epidemiology of dengue and Zika
• 2016-11-28 Qimiao Si (Center for Quantum Materials, Rice University) Iron-based Superconductivity as a Prototype for Strongly Correlated Physics
• 2016-10-24 Adrian Roitberg (University of Florida) Pushing the envelop in Molecular Dynamics of Biological Systems: Speedups and New Ensembles
• 2016-10-10 No Colloquium
• 2016-10-03 Thomas Kurtz (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Identifying separated time-scales in stochastic models of reaction networks
• 2016-09-26 Wilbert Weijer (CCS-2) Agulhas Leakage: A critical link in the global ocean circulation.
• 2016-09-19 Rajan Gupta (T-2) In a world with 10 billion people, what will 8 billion do?
• 2016-09-12 Henry Herce (Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Department of Biology, Germany) The art of delivery: A journey from atomistic models to living cells and organisms
• 2016-09-05 No Colloquium
• 2016-08-08 No Colloquium
• 2016-08-07 Joel Yuen (University of California, San Diego) TBD
• 2016-07-25 Ulf Schiller (Clemson University) Computational modeling in a virtual materials laboratory
• 2016-06-13 Jin Wang (SUNY Stony Brook) The potential and flux landscape for physical and biological nonequilibrium systems
• 2016-06-06 Marilyn Gunner (City College of New York, CUNY) Proton pumping and electron tunneling to power the cell
• 2016-05-30 No Colloquium
• 2016-05-09 Charles Doering (University of Michigan) Heat rises: 100 Years of Rayleigh-Benard convection
• 2016-05-02 David Wolpert (Santa Fe Institute) Extending Landauer's Bound from Bit Erasure to Arbitrary Computation
• 2016-04-18 Michael Bachmann (University of Georgia) On the Broken Geometry of Life as a Reason of Us Being
• 2016-04-11 No Colloquium
• 2016-04-04 Qing Nie (University of California, Irvine) Stem Cells: Interplay Between Complex Data and Models
• 2016-03-28 David Sivak (Simon Fraser University) Efficient molecular-scale energy transmission
• 2016-03-21 Jie Liang (University of Illinois at Chicago) Multiscale modeling of stochastic network, chromatin folding, and tissue formation for understanding cellular epigenetic states and tissue patterning
• 2016-03-07 Michael Hinczewski (Case Western) The price of information: thermodynamics and the limits of signaling in living systems
• 2016-02-29 Michele Benzi (Emory University) Numerical methods for differential equations on graphs
• 2016-02-15 No Colloquium
• 2016-02-08 Korana Burke (University of California, Davis) The Role of Phase Space Structures in Chaotic Ionization or Using Geometry to Understand Ionization from Mathematical Perspective
• 2016-01-30 Carlton Caves and Ivan Deutsch (Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM) Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at UNM
• 2016-01-25 Jr-Shin Li (Washington University in St. Louis) Control of Dynamic Structures in Underactuated Ensembles
• 2016-01-18 No Colloquium
• 2015-12-28 No Colloquium
• 2015-12-21 Michael Herman (Tulane University) An Approximate Semiclassical Method that Uses Real Valued Trajectories for Time Dependent Tunneling Calculations
• 2015-12-14 Martin Ostoja Starzewski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Fractals in Mechanics of Materials
• 2015-12-07 Michel Louge (Cornell University) Challenges in Unsaturated Porous Media
• 2015-11-30 Patrick Panciatici (RTE-France) Energy transition in Europe: Needs, challenges and possible solutions: an European TSO perspective
• 2015-11-23 Taras Lakoba (University of Vermont) Long-time numerical integration of the generalized nonlinear Schroedinger equation with time steps exceeding the instability threshold
• 2015-11-16 Dmitrii Maslov (University of Florida) Electron-electron interactions in spin-orbit coupled systems
• 2015-11-09 Andrey Chubukov (Department of Physics, University of Minnesota) Superconductivity from repulsive interactions
• 2015-10-12 No Colloquium
• 2015-10-05 Greg Huber (KITP, University of California at Santa Barbara) Geometry and Topology of an Intracellular Membrane
• 2015-09-21 Lior Horesh (IBM) Thinking out of the Box: All models are wrong,.. can we make them more useful?
• 2015-09-07 No Colloquium
• 2015-08-31 Baruch Meerson (Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Extinction of established populations: A physicist's view
• 2015-08-24 Filip Ronning (MPA-CMMS) CeRhIn5: A model system for correlated electrons
• 2015-08-03 Sahar Sharifzadeh (Boston University) Understanding the Nature of Excitons in Organic Semiconductors from First Principles Theory
• 2015-07-27 Panos Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts-Amherst) Multi-Component Nonlinear Waves in Optics and Atomic Condensates: Theory, Computations and Experiments
• 2015-07-20 James Bagrow (University of Vermont) Data-driven approaches to studying human dynamics
• 2015-07-13 Rolando Somma (T-4) Quantum Computing Methods for Simulating Quantum Physics
• 2015-06-22 Ken Kamrin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Quantitatively Predictive Continuum Modeling of Granular Flows
• 2015-05-25 No Colloquium
• 2015-05-18 Na Li (Harvard University) Connecting Distributed Control and Distributed Optimization in the Power Grid and General Network Systems
• 2015-05-04 Ellen Zweibel (University of Wisconsin, Madison) The Microphysics and Macrophysics of Cosmic Rays
• 2015-04-27 John Bush (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Hydrodynamic quantum analogs: droplets walking on the impossible pilot wave
• 2015-04-20 No Colloquium
• 2015-04-13 Miroslav Krstic (University of California, San Diego) Control of Nonlinear Delay Systems and PDEs with Fluid Applications
• 2015-04-06 Craig Maloney (Carnegie Mellon University) Mechanics of soft spheres
• 2015-03-30 Sidney Redner (Santa Fe Institute) Fate of the Kinetic Ising and Potts Model
• 2015-03-23 James M. Rondinelli (Northwestern University) Noncentrosymmetric Metals: A New Materials Class for Artificial Multiferroic Design
• 2015-03-16 Boris Shraiman (University of California, Santa Barbara) Emergent simplicity of evolutionary dynamics and the possibility of predicting evolutionary future
• 2015-03-16 Yue Lu (Harvard University) Detecting dynamics hidden in noise: Understanding phase transitions via statistical physics
• 2015-03-09 Mary Silber (Northwestern University) Pattern Formation in the Drylands: Self Organization in Semi-Arid Ecosystems
• 2015-02-09 Giacomo Como (Lund University) Distributed Control of Dynamical Flow Networks
• 2015-01-28 Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University) Stability of Dirac solitons
• 2015-01-26 Michael Roukes (Caltech) Single-molecule analysis with nanomechanical systems
• 2015-01-12 Joe Goddard (University of California, San Diego) Playing in Sand for Science, Engineering and Fun ("Life without kT")
• 2014-12-15 Cristopher Moore (Santa Fe Institute) Physics-inspired Algorithms and Phase Transitions in Community Detection
• 2014-11-24 Kevin Bedell (Boston College) The Higgs (Amplitude) Mode in Ferromagnetic Metals
• 2014-11-17 Zoltan Toroczkai (University of Notre Dame) What Do Sudoku and Turbulence Have in Common?
• 2014-11-03 Robert Ecke (CNLS) How heat is transported in a rotating fluid: Lessons in fluid physics and applications to geophysical systems
• 2014-10-27 Michael Warren (Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (T-2)) Petaflops are not the Problem (and other Lessons from the first Trillion particle simulation of the Universe)
• 2014-10-20 Panayotis Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts) Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves in Granular Crystals
• 2014-10-06 Stephen Pankavich (Colorado School of Mines) Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Viral Dynamics
• 2014-06-02 Jiri Plesek (Institute of Thermomechanics, Prague) Advances in Computational Dynamics
• 2014-05-19 Richard Lueptow (Northwestern University) Modeling segregation of bidisperse granular materials
• 2014-04-28 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison) A hybrid spin-charge quantum dot qubit in silicon
• 2014-04-28 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Progress towards quantum dot spin qubits in silicon
• 2014-04-24 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Investigation of a quantum adiabatic algorithm for search engine ranking
• 2014-04-21 Boris Malomed (Tel Aviv University) One- and multidimensional bright solitons and vortices supported by spatially modulated self-defocusing
• 2014-03-31 Roseanna Zia (Cornell University) Evolution and age-coarsening in colloidal gels: Micro-mechanics and rheology
• 2014-03-24 Daniel Cox (University of California, Davis) A Black Hole of Memory: Cytoskeletal Collapse in Late Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease?
• 2014-03-10 Mark Ablowitz (University of Colorado, Boulder) Nonlinear waves from beaches to photonics
• 2014-02-24 Dwight Viehland (Virginia Tech) Functional Materials with High Twin Wall Densities
• 2014-02-10 Dmitry Maslov (University of Florida) Transport in strongly correlated electron systems
• 2014-02-03 Svetlana Poroseva (University of New Mexico) Topological Survivability of Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes
• 2014-01-27 Marcelo Magnasco (The Rockefeller University) A Single-celled Brain: The Lives and Thoughts of Physarum Polycephalum
• 2014-01-15 George Tsironis (University of Crete) Metamaterials with Nonlinearity
• 2014-01-13 Kaushik Bhattacharya (California Institute of Technology) Density Functional Theory Calculations of Defects in Crystals
• 2014-01-06 Arjun Yodh (University of Pennsylvania) Colloids, Coffee Rings, and Phonons
• 2013-12-16 Dmitry Budker (University of California, Berkeley) The Perfect Defects: Physics and Applications of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond
• 2013-11-04 Greg Beylkin (University of Colorado) Nonlinear approximations in quantum chemistry: some results and challenges
• 2013-10-28 Helmut Katzgraber (Texas A&M University) Self-organized criticality in Hamiltonian spin systems: intriguingly ordinary or ordinarily intriguing?
• 2013-10-14 No Colloquium
• 2013-09-11 Karin Dahmen (University of Illinois) Tuned-critical quake statistics: from compressed nanopillars to earthquakes
• 2013-09-09 No Colloquium
• 2013-09-02 No Colloquium
• 2013-07-29 Jean Luc Thiffeault (University of Wisconsin) The Topology Of Fluid Mixing
• 2013-06-24 William Klein (Physics Department, Boston University) The Relation Between Economic Growth and Economic Equality
• 2013-06-17 Wolfgang Losert (University of Maryland) Collective Dynamics of Granular Materials
• 2013-06-03 No Colloquium
• 2013-05-27 No Colloquium
• 2013-05-20 Niels Gronbech-Jensen (University of California, Davis) A Verlet-type Algorithm for Improved Simulations of Langevin Equations
• 2013-05-13 Blair Sullivan (Oak Ridge National Lab) Intermediate-scale tree-like structure in informatics networks
• 2013-05-06 No Colloquium
• 2013-04-29 Jonathan Sellinger (Kent State University) Curvature and Defects in Soft Membranes with Orientational Order
• 2013-04-22 Dr. Thomas Halsey (Exxon Mobil) The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040
• 2013-04-15 No Colloquium
• 2013-04-08 Mike Thorpe (Arizona State and Oxford Universities) Rigidity Percolation and Jamming
• 2013-04-01 Mark G. Raizen (University of Texas at Austin) Controlling Matter with Maxwell's Demon
• 2013-03-25 Richard Sayre (New Mexico Consortium) Molecular strategies for enhanced biomass and biofuel production from microalgae
• 2013-03-04 Dean Astumian (University of Maine) Microscopic Reversibility: The Organizing Principle for Molecular Machines
• 2013-02-18 No Colloquium
• 2013-02-11 Ken Chambers (Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii) Pan-STARRS Sky Survey
• 2013-01-21 No Colloquium
• 2013-01-07 Joe Niemela (ICTP Trieste) Turbulent convection at very high Rayleigh and Taylor numbers
• 2012-12-31 No Colloquium
• 2012-12-24 No Colloquium
• 2012-12-17 Joseph Shepherd (California Institute of Technology) Crisis at Fukushima NPP – The Incidents and the Aftermath
• 2012-12-10 Nicholas Ouellette (Yale University) Linking Structure to Dynamics in Weak Turbulence
• 2012-12-03 John Toner (University of Oregon) Birth, Death, and Flight: A Theory of Malthusian Flocks
• 2012-11-19 Bridget Wilson (Scientific Director, NM Center for Spatiotemporal Modeling University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center) Mapping and Modeling the Impact of Membrane Topography on Receptor Behavior
• 2012-11-12 No Colloquium
• 2012-10-08 No Colloquium
• 2012-08-20 Thomas Woolf (John Hopkins University, School of Medicine) In Search of a Computational Route for Predicting Order Parameters and Conformational Change
• 2012-08-06 Michael White (Nature Journal) Publishing with Nature
• 2012-07-23 Eric Mjolsness (University of California - Irvine, Department of Computer Science) Computational Morphodynamics
• 2012-07-16 Walter Fontana (Harvard Medical School) Executable Knowledge
• 2012-07-02 Susan Coppersmith (University of Wisconsin) Making spin qubits using silicon quantum dots
• 2012-06-25 Ruth Nussinov (National Cancer Institute, SAIC-Frederick, and Tel Aviv University, Israel) Networks in the Cell: Structural networks of signaling pathways on the proteome scale
• 2012-06-18 David Huse (Princeton University) Localization and thermalization in quantum many-body systems
• 2012-06-12 Andrey Chubukov (Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison) Superconductivity from repulsive interactions
• 2012-06-04 Daniel Bienstock (Columbia) Cutting-plane algorithms for optimization problems
• 2012-05-21 No Colloquium
• 2012-05-15 Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology) Finding renewable energy materials using one screensaver at a time: Combinatorial quantum chemistry for organic photovoltaics.
• 2012-05-10 Jonathan Yedidia (Disney Research, Inc.) Sparse Coding for Prediction
• 2012-05-02 Adrian Roitberg (University of Florida, Gainesville) Protein Simulations at constant pH. Sometimes a pKa is not a pKa
• 2012-04-30 Alexandra Navrotsky (UC Davis) Emergent Phenomena in Chemistry and Materials Science
• 2012-04-23 Eugene Shakhnovich ( Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology) Bridging scales in Biology: From Atoms to Organisms
• 2012-04-16 Martin Feinberg (Ohio State University) Stability and Instability in Chemical Reaction Networks: The Big Picture
• 2012-04-09 Sanjoy Mitter (MIT) Bayesian Inference and Fee Energy Minimization
• 2012-03-26 Geoffrey Vallis (Princeton University) Science in the Age of Models: Is Theory still Relevant?
• 2012-03-19 Cary Forest (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Magnetic Dynamos in the Lab: Progressing from Liquid Metal to Plasmas
• 2012-03-12 Peng Chen (Cornell University) Single-Molecule Nanocatalysis
• 2012-03-05 David Gamarnik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) On the uniqueness of Lebesgue measure on regular trees and the problem of computing the volume of a polytope.
• 2012-02-27 No Colloquium
• 2012-02-20 No Colloquium
• 2012-02-13 Mark Biggin (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Modeling Animal Transcription Networks as Highly Connected, Quantitative Continua
• 2012-01-30 Pascal Van Hentenryck (NICTA (National ICT Australia Ltd) is Australia’s Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence) Hybrid Optimization
• 2012-01-16 No Colloquium
• 2012-01-02 No Colloquium
• 2011-12-12 Chick Keller (Institutes) Global Warming: First and Second Order Issues, an Update
• 2011-11-28 Mark G. Raizen (Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Department of Physics, The University of Texas at Austin) Maxwell, Einstein, and Their Impossibilities
• 2011-11-07 Fausto Cattaneo (University of Chicago) Magneto-Rotational Turbulence and Dynamo Action in Accretion Discs
• 2011-10-24 Mike Thorpe (Arizona State University) The Flexibility and Mobility of Frameworks
• 2011-09-26 Michael Loewenberg (Chemical Engineering, Yale University) Coalescence of drops with tangentially-mobile interfaces
• 2011-08-15 Colm Connaughton (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Warwick Centre for Complexity Science) Gelation phenomena in cluster-cluster aggregation
• 2011-08-10 Ned Seeman (New York University) DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life.
• 2011-07-25 Annick Pouquet (University of Colorado, Boulder) Rotating Turbulence, Self-Similarity and the Return to Isotropy
• 2011-06-27 Iain Couzin (Princeton University) From Demoratic Consensus to Cannibalistic Hordes: The Principles of Collective Animal Behavior
• 2011-06-13 Adrian Jenkins (British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, Cambridge, UK.) Ocean forcing of ice sheet change in West Antarctica
• 2011-06-06 Liz Bradley (University of Colorado, Boulder) Chaos in computer performance
• 2011-05-31 P. Chris Hammel (Department of Physics, Ohio State University) Scanned Probe Imaging Using Localized Ferromagnetic Resonance Modes
• 2011-05-23 Tom Intrator (P-24, LANL) Unsteady wandering magnetic field lines, turbulence and laboratory flux ropes
• 2011-05-16 Daniel Goldman (Georgia Tech) Secrets of swimming in sand
• 2011-04-04 Beth Wingate (CCS-2: COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS AND METHODS, LANL) Separation of Scales in Rotating and Stratified Flow
• 2011-03-28 Gerald Goldin (Rutgers , Departments of Mathematics and Physics) Exploring some variations of classical electromagnetism
• 2011-03-16 Michael Hecht (Princeton University) Synthetic Biology: From Protein Design to Artificial Genomes
• 2011-02-28 David Banks (Dept. of Statistical Science, Duke University) Adversarial Risk Analysis
• 2011-02-22 Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo and The institute for Quantum Computing) On the energy budget of cuprate superconductors
• 2011-01-31 Jaqueline L. Kiplinger (MPA-MC: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, LANL) Seeing Uranium Nitride in a New Light: Synthesis and Reactivity of a Terminal Uranium Nitride Complex
• 2011-01-24 Yakov Ben-Haim (Yitzhak Moda'i Chair in Technology and Economics Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) Why Design and Planning is so Difficult, and What to Do About it
• 2011-01-10 Sid Redner (Department of Physics, Boston University) Fate of the Kinetic Ising Model
• 2011-01-03 Jerome Percus (New York University) How to Win Without Overtly Cheating: The Inverse Simpson Paradox
• 2010-12-15 Thomas Hope (Northwestern University) Interaction of HIV with Mucosal Barriers
• 2010-12-14 David Wolpert (CNLS and NASA Ames) Bounded Rationality Game Theory
• 2010-12-13 Andreas Markman (Yale University) Comparing Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Dynamics of Electron Scattering in a Proton Plasma
• 2010-11-01 Jack Douglas (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Polymers Division, Gaithersburg, MD) Influence of Nanoparticles and Molecular Additives on Fragility and Collective Particle Motion in Polymer Glass-Formation
• 2010-10-25 Hulin Wu (Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology Director, Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry) Bridging the Gap Between Statistics and Mathematical Modeling in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research
• 2010-10-18 Bill Louis (LANL) Antineutrino Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE & Possible CP Violation in the Lepton Sector
• 2010-10-04 Ekhard Salje (CNLS) Crackling noise of crumbling materials: a progress report
• 2010-10-04 Salman Habib (LANL) A guided tour of the LSST Science Book
• 2010-09-20 Sarah L. Keller (University of Washington) Dynamic Domains in Lipid Membranes near a Miscibility Critical Point
• 2010-09-13 Goeff Vallis (Princeton University) Eddies in the Ocean
• 2010-08-16 Ehud Meron (Ben-Gurion University) Nonlinear Dynamics of Water-Limited Ecosystems
• 2010-06-21 Andrea Montanari (Stanford University) Message passing algorithms, random convex problems, and the risk of the LASSO
• 2010-06-07 Avner Peleg (University of New York at Buffalo) Pulse Dynamics in Broadband Fiber Optics Communication Systems
• 2010-05-24 Vincent Crespi (Pennsylvania State University) Nano is more than size: The role of geometry in the electronic structure and optical response of carbon nanostructures
• 2010-05-17 Peter Qin (University of Southern California) Nucleic Acid Structure and Dynamics: A Spin Label's Perspective
• 2010-05-03 Eric Lauga (University of California, San Diego) Physical Constraints of Small-Scale Motility in Fluids
• 2010-04-26 Corey S. O'Hern (Yale University) Protein folding on rugged energy landscapes: Conformational diffusion on fractal networks
• 2010-04-19 Remi Monasson (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de l'ENS, Paris, France) Learning with one or more Integrate-and-Fire neurons
• 2010-04-12 Eugene Demler (Harvard University) Learning about order from noise
• 2010-04-05 Itai Cohen (Cornell University) Flight of the Fruit Fly
• 2010-03-29 Darryl Holm (Imperial College London) Variational and Geometric Methods in Image Processing and Analysis
• 2010-03-22 Randall D. Kamien (University of Pennsylvania) Smectic Topology
• 2010-03-01 Eugene Kolomeisky (University of Virginia, Physics) Casimir effect due to a single boundary as a manifestation of the Weyl problem
• 2010-02-22 Ekhard Salje (University of Cambridge) Radiation Damage and Percolation
• 2009-12-14 Tom Witten (University of Chicago) Capillary deposition: mesoscopic patterns, nonlocal control and breakways
• 2009-12-07 Eric Dufresne (Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Cell Biology, Yale University) Imaging Stress in Soft Matter
• 2009-11-02 Moses Chan (Pennsylvania State University) Is supersolid a superfluid ?
• 2009-10-19 Sol Gruner (Cornell University) Biomolecules under pressure: Why it matters
• 2009-10-05 Bob Behringer (Duke University) Complexity in Granular Materials
• 2009-09-21 Stephanie Forrest (University of New Mexico) Fixing Real Bugs in Real Programs Using Genetic Programming
• 2009-08-24 Douglas Durian (University of Pennsylvania) Granular Impact Cratering
• 2009-08-10 Zhilan Feng (Purdue University) Evolutionary Implications of Influenza Medication Strategies
• 2009-07-27 Michael Berry (Physics Department, University of Bristol, United Kingdom) Tsunami asymptotics
• 2009-07-20 Aurel Bulgac (University of Washington) The unitary Fermi gas: so simple and yet so complex!
• 2009-07-06 Alfred Hubler (University of Illinois) Self-assembling fractal particle networks: Physical systems with an understanding?
• 2009-06-29 G. P. Tsironis (Department of Physics, University of Crete, and FORTH) Discrete breathers in magnetic metamaterials
• 2009-06-22 George Shaw (University of Alabama - Birmingham) Transmitted/founder viruses and their progeny in acute HIV-1 and SIV infection
• 2009-06-01 Pierre Sikivie (University of Florida) Bose-Einstein Condensation of Dark Matter Axions
• 2009-05-26 Muhammad Zaman (University of Texas at Austin) Quantitative Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment: From Systems Biology to Multi-Scale Modeling
• 2009-05-14 Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann Institute) Floaters on the water and droplets in clouds: multifractals and caustics
• 2009-05-11 John Perdew (Tulane University) Local hybrid: Fourth rung on the ladder of density functional approximations
• 2009-05-04 Sidney Nagel (University of Chicago) The Life and Death of a Drop: Topological Transitions and Singularities in Fluids
• 2009-04-20 Daniel Stein (New York University) The Tipping Point: How Does A Little Noise Make a Big Difference?
• 2009-04-06 Pei Wang (Temple University, Department of Computer and Information Sciences) A Logical Model of Intelligence
• 2009-03-04 Vladimir Kazakov (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris) The Perfect World of Integrability in Physics
• 2009-03-02 Jim DiCarlo (McGovern Institute for Brain Research and Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Untangling Visual Object Recognition in the Brain
• 2009-02-23 Burkhard Morgenstern (University of Goettingen, Institute of Microbiology and Genetics) jpHMM: A Jumping Profile HMM to Predict Recombinations in HIV-1
• 2009-02-02 Victor M. Yakovenko (University of Maryland) Statistical Mechanics of Money, Income, and Wealth
• 2009-01-26 Nigel Goldenfeld (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) The friction factor and roughness-induced criticality in turbulent pipe flow in two and three dimensions
• 2009-01-12 Victor Steinberg (Weizmann Institute) Single vesicle dynamics in a general flow
• 2008-12-15 Ilya Gruzberg (University of Chicago) Stochastic geometry in nature: fractals and multifractals and how to study them
• 2008-10-27 Dimiter N. Petsev (Center for Biomedical Engineering and Department for Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, University of New Mexico at Albuquerque) Transport control in fluidic micro and nanochannels
• 2008-10-16 Paul Woodward (University of Minnesota) Simulating compressible turbulent mixing with PPM and a new multifluid tracking scheme, PPB
• 2008-09-22 J. Bradley Marston (Brown University) The Quantum Mechanics of Global Warming
• 2008-08-11 Douglas Abraham (University of Oxford) Exactly Solvable Models of Random Surfaces
• 2008-08-04 Philip Maini (University of Oxford) Modelling aspects of solid tumour growth
• 2008-07-24 Boris Spivak (University of Washington) ***PLEASE NOTE-RESCHEDULED DATE/TIME***

Theory of disordered d-wave superconductors

• 2008-07-21 Clemens Bechinger (Universität Stuttgart, Physikalisches Institut) Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces
• 2008-07-14 No Colloquium
• 2008-06-30 Timothy Secomb (Department of Physiology and Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona) Structural Adaptation of Microvessel Networks in Normal and Tumor Tissues
• 2008-06-23 Herbert Van de Sompel (Digital Library Research & Prototyping, LANL Research Library) The Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse & Exchange (OAI-ORE): The Web Architecture as the Basis for Digital Object Interoperability
• 2008-06-02 Itamar Procaccia (Weizmann Institute) The glass transition in hydrogen bonded liquids: from a simple model to Glycerol
• 2008-05-27 L. Mahadevan (Harvard University) Cuts, cracks and creases: geometry and mechanics
• 2008-05-19 Jackson Herring (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) Statistical Turbulence Theory and Numerical Simulations
• 2008-05-12 No Colloquium
• 2008-05-05 Hans Frauenfelder (T-10) A unified model of protein dynamics
• 2008-04-14 Professor Igor Krichever (Columbia University at New York) Universal Whitham hierarchy and its applications
• 2008-03-24 No Colloquium
• 2008-03-10 Uriel Frisch (Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur) Hyperviscosity, Galerkin truncation and bottlenecks
• 2008-03-03 Paul Johnson (LANL, EES-11) The effect of acoustic waves on stick-slip behaviour in sheared granular media, with implications to earthquake processes
• 2008-02-25 Charles Doering (Professor of Mathematics & Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 49109-1043) Twist & Shout: Maximal Enstrophy Production in the 3D Navier-Stokes
• 2008-01-14 Steven Zucker (Dept. of Computer Science and Program in Applied Mathematics, Yale University) Visual Computations and Visual Cortex
• 2007-12-03 Professor Micah Dembo (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University) Mechanosensory Transduction and the Dynamics Of Cellular Traction Forces
• 2007-11-26 Kurt Wiesenfeld (Georgia Institute of Technology) Of Metronomes and Pendulum Clocks and Fiber Lasers
• 2007-11-05 John Weeks (Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland) Surface dynamics from chemical potential gradients: step bunching and superstep motion in solution growth of crystals
• 2007-10-29 Edward B. Saff (Vanderbilt University) Discrete Minimal Energy Problems
• 2007-10-22 Jianshu Cao (Department of Chemistry, MIT) Classical-quantum correspondence of response functions
• 2007-09-10 Konstantin Efetov (Ruhr-University Bochum) Effect of Disorder on Transport in Graphene
• 2007-08-27 Victor Steinberg (Weizmann Institute) Dynamics and interaction of vesicles in various external flows
• 2007-08-20 Vladimir Privman (Clarkson University) Mechanisms of synthesis and self-assembly of uniform colloids and nanoparticles
• 2007-08-13 Jack F. Douglas (Polymer Div., NIST) Transport Properties of Polymers and Nanoparticles
• 2007-07-30 Alexander Fetter (Stanford University) Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates
• 2007-06-28 Ekhard Salje (University of Cambridge, UK) Ferroelastic twin boundaries as super-highways for ionic transport
• 2007-06-12 Prashant Sardeshmukh (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science) Sensitivity of Regional Climates to Remote Tropical Ocean Changes
• 2007-05-14 Donald L. Turcotte (University of California, Davis) Earthquakes, Landslides, Wildfires, and Floods - What Do They Have in Common?
• 2007-05-07 Predrag Cvitanovic (Georgia Institute of Technology) Geometry of state space of a turbulent plane Couette flow
• 2007-04-30 A. Peter Young (University of California, Santa Cruz) Phase transitions in spin glasses
• 2007-04-23 Alan Middleton (University of Syracuse) Should physicists in finite dimensions care about computer science?
• 2007-04-16 Pierre Gremaud (North Carolina State University) Modeling and computational issues in slow granular flows
• 2007-04-09 Vitaly Vodyanoy (Auburn University) Role of Zn nanoclusters in signal transduction in olfactory neurons
• 2007-03-19 Keith Julien (University of Colorado) Generalized Quasi-geostrophy for Spatially Anisotropic Rotationally Constrained Flows: Non-Hydrostatic Flows
• 2007-03-12 Punit Boolchand (University of Cincinnati) Discovery of the intermediate phase
• 2007-03-05 De Witt Sumners (Florida State University) DNA Knots Reveal Chiral Packing of DNA in Phage Capsids
• 2007-01-29 Ildar Gabitov (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Arizona) Nonlinear phenomena in optical metamaterials
• 2007-01-22 Lawrence Pratt (LANL, T-12) Theory of Liquids and Landau’s “neither convincing nor useful” Epithet
• 2007-01-16 Daniel Ben-Avraham (Clarkson University) Diffusion-Limited One-Species Reactions in the Bethe Lattice
• 2007-01-08 Jerry Gollub (Haverford College and University of Pennsylvania) Irreversibility and Chaos in Fluids
• 2006-12-18 Dan Blair (Harvard University) Stressing Glasses with Gels
• 2006-12-11 Pascal Vontobel (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories) Graph-Cover Decoding: Connecting Iterative Decoding and Linear Programming Decoding
• 2006-12-04 Giovanni Gallavotti (Universita di Roma) Fluctuation theorem and fluctuation relations: a review
• 2006-11-06 Victor Klimov (LANL, C-PCS) Exciton-Exciton Interactions in Semiconductor Nanocrystals from the Perspective of Solar-Energy Conversion
• 2006-10-23 Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann Institute) Inertial particles in random flows: caustics and multifractals
• 2006-10-16 Carl Bender (Washington University in St. Louis) Faster than Hermitian Quantum Mechanics
• 2006-10-05 Cecile Viboud (Fogarty International Center) New Time - Understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of pandemic and epidemic influenza
• 2006-09-19 David Sherrington (Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford, UK and CNLS, LANL) The SK spin glass revisited: new novel features and issues/questions for complexity physics, optimization and non-linear science
• 2006-06-26 Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins University) Lagrangian Dynamics of Intermittent Turbulence
• 2006-06-05 Charlie Doering (University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics and Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics) Stirring up trouble: Multi-scale measures of mixing for steady scalar sources
• 2006-05-22 Niels Gronbech Jensen (UC Davis | LBNL) Classical interpretation of experimentally observed microwave-driven Josephson behavior below the quantum transition temperature
• 2006-05-01 Sergei Nechaev (LPTMS, Orsay) New viewpoint on ballistic deposition: Statistics of random heaps, braids and matchings

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