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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
CNLS Conference Room


Diffusion-Limited One-Species Reactions in the Bethe Lattice

Daniel Ben-Avraham
Clarkson University

Motivated by the harvesting of light in phenylacetylene dendrimers, we study the kinetics of diffusion-limited annihilation (A+A --> 0) and coalescence (A+A --> A) in the Bethe lattice of coordination number z. Besides the practical interest, the problem sheds light on the interplay of fluctuations and substrate dimensionality, and how they shape the anomalous kinetics of diffusion-limited reactions. We find that the ultimate concentration decay is mean-filed-like, but proceeds at a diminished rate due to the buildup of correlations. The effect is strongest the smallest the coordination number z, and disappears altogether in the limit z --> infinity.

Why should you come to this talk? --- I will focus on the broader issues of anomalous diffusion-limited kinetics, rather than on technical details, hoping not to bore anybody. OK, but what if you already know all this stuff? --- The problem is easy to grasp, yet remains largely unsolved, despite my efforts. You might walk out with a fun puzzle.

Host: Eli Ben-Naim, T-13