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Monday, May 22, 2006
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
CNLS Conference Room


Classical interpretation of experimentally observed microwave-driven Josephson behavior below the quantum transition temperature

Niels Gronbech Jensen
UC Davis | LBNL

We present a classical analysis of the Josephson response to externally applied microwave fields. We are specifically interested in the Josephson behavior of zero-voltage states, since these have recently been intensely investigated experimentally due to signatures of macroscopic quantum behavior when the systems are operated at very low temperatures. However,7 the analysis of the standard classical model of Josephson systems show that observed signatures of macroscopic quantum effects can be entirely understood from the nonlinear dynamics and transients arising from the applications of microwaves. We exemplify the classical picture by comparisons to experimental observations of multi-peak switching distributions, Rabi-type oscillations, Ramsey-type fringes, and spin-echo as derived from the microwave induced escape from the potential well of a Josephson system.

Host: Bob Ecke, T-CNLS