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Thursday, November 17, 2016
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
T-DO Conference Room (TA-03-123)

Quantum Lunch

Automated security analysis of quantum cryptography

Patrick Coles
University of Waterloo

Quantum key distribution (QKD) will be an important part of quantum-safe cryptography - cryptography resistant against quantum computers. As China recently launched a satellite to perform QKD, the prospect of global-scale QKD networks is on the horizon. However, there remains a serious issue that some highly practical QKD protocols are difficult to analyze theoretically. Furthermore, there exists no general theoretical method for studying the effects of device imperfections on the secret key rate. Here, we address these issues by developing a robust, user-friendly software for QKD security analysis, which is now publicly available at our group website. Our software uses tricks from optimization theory (See [1]) in order to rapidly calculate the key rate, for any discrete-variable QKD protocol. In the future we hope to use our software to solve outstanding problems in QKD theory and to explore novel protocol ideas.

Host: Avadh Saxena