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  • In the World News:
    • The Los Alamos-IBM supercomputing project 'Roadrunner' recently broke the petaflop barrier in computing speed. This landmark feat, which was previously predicted to be impossible for current super computer architecture has been widely reported by news agencies such as the New York Times and CNN. This achievement was hailed as a sign that the United States is regaining the lead in computer science. The code that was used to demonstrate the highest speed to date models the visual cortex and grew out of collaborations that were started at the CNLS conference Grand Challenges in Neural Computation.
    • CNLS is pleased to announce a new Public Lecture Series in Quantitative Biology. The quantitative biology (q-bio) lecture series is dedicated to dissemination of biological knowledge gained through quantitative experimentation and computational, mathematical, and/or statistical analyses of data. The lectures will be presented by internationally-renowned experts and aimed at the general public. They are usually on the third Tuesday of each month.
    • CNLS Executive Committee Member, Andy Shreve, wins LANL Fellows Prize for Leadership.
    • Misha Chertkov (T-13, CNLS Executive Committee) and Allon Percus (CCS-3) have been awarded an NSF grant "Harnessing Statistical Physics for Computing and Communication", a 3-year collaborative project involving the New Mexico Consortium, the Cornell University CS department (PI, Bart Selman) and the MIT EECS department (PI, Devavrat Shah). CNLS has contributed significantly to building this research capability through its focus on Statistical Physics of Networks, Information and Complex Systems, and it will participate in the project by hosting students and postdocs jointly with the collaborating institutions.
    • On August 21, Science Express published a paper, Quantum Communication with Zero-Capacity Channels, by Graeme Smith from the IBM Watson Research Center and Jon Yard, CNLS-CCS3 postdoc, which obtained the surprising quantum information result that the combination of zero capacity quantum channels can yield an information channel of finite capacity. (Press Release)
    • Cory Hauck (CNLS, CCS-2) has been invited to serve as a Fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) during its Spring 2009 Program on Quantum and Kinetic Transport: Analysis, Computations, and New Applications ( Located on the UCLA campus, IPAM ( is an NSF national research institute whose principal objective is to encourage cross-fertilization between pure and applied mathematics and other scientific disciplines.
    • Various videos by CNLS Postdoc Mahesh Bandi:
    • Alan Perelson, T-10 Senior Fellow and CNLS affiliate, is featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican. The article discusses recent research into the progression of the HIV virus. This news article follows publication of this research late last year in PNAS.
    • Robert Kraichnan, a long-time resident of White Rock and Santa Fe and a LANL consultant and CNLS affiliate throughout the 80's and 90's, died February 26, 2008 after a long illness. Bob was a frequent collaborator at CNLS, was an invited speaker in numerous CNLS workshops and conferences, and wrote many important and influential papers on fluid turbulence with Shiyi Chen and Gary Doolen, both former CNLS Deputy Directors.

      Since 2003, Bob was Homewood Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Johns-Hopkins University. A detailed record of his scientific accomplishments is available online. A notice of his death appeared recently in the New York Times. Bob's intellect and good cheer will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
    • Basil Nicolaenko, one of the co-founders of the Center for Nonlinear Studies, passed away in September.
    • The Center for Nonlinear Studies marks the passing of two influential leaders of nonlinear science who contributed greatly to the success of the CNLS: Martin Kruskal and Alwyn Scott.
    • Executive Committee member Eli Ben-Naim was recently featured in a "60 seconds with..." interview at IOP Publishing's web site. Click here to read the interview.
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