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Jeffrey Hyman

CNLS Postdoctoral Research Associate

Subsurface Flow and Transport

Jeffrey Hyman

Office: TA-3, Bldg 1690, Room 132
Mail Stop: B258
Phone: (505) 665-2074
Fax: (505) 665-7652
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Research highlight

    LANL Science Highlights:

    dfnWorks : A computational suite for flow and transport in three-dimensional discrete fracture networks (link)

    Honors and Awards:

    Spring 2014 Applied Mathematics Program’s Galileo Circle Scholar

    Fall 2013 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

    12/2012 Graduate and Professional Student Council Travel Award

    10/2012 H.E. Carter Travel Award

    5 - 9/2012 Graduate Visitor Program : The Advanced Study Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

    Supervisor : Dr. Piotr Smolarkiewicz

    2009-2010 NSF-VIGRE Fellowship

 Educational Background/Employment:

    Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (2014), University of Arizona

    Primary Advisor : Dr. C. Larrabee Winter

    PhD. Minor : Hydrology and Water Resources (2014) University of Arizona

    Minor Advisor : Dr. Shlomo P. Neuman

    M.S. Applied Mathematics (2010)  University of Arizona

    Advisor : Dr. C. Larrabee Winter

    B.A. Mathematics, Religion, Ancient Studies (2007) St. Olaf College 

Research Interests:

    Immersed boundary methods for simulating flow in explicit porous microstructures

    Stochastic generation of virtual pore samples based on imaged pore spaces

    Lagrangian observations in subsurface flow and transport simulations

    Structural analysis of fluid dynamic structures in pore-scale flow

     FRAM (Feature Rejection Algorithm for Meshing)

    Discrete Fracture Network Modeling of subsurface flow and transport

    Mimetic finite difference methods. 

Selected Recent Publications:

    Recent Publications :

    A level thresholding method for the stochastic generation of three dimensional porous structures

    By: Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Winter, C. Larrabee

    Journal of Computational Physics 277 (2014): 16-31.


    Conforming Delaunay Triangulation of Stochastically Generated Three Dimensional Discrete Fracture Networks: A Feature

    Rejection Algorithm for Meshing Strategy

    By: Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Gable, Carl W.; Painter, Scott L., and Makedonska, Nataliia

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 36.4 (2014): A1871-A1894.


    Relationship between pore widths and velocity probability distributions in stochastically generated porous media

    By: Siena, Martina; Riva, Monica; Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Winter, C. Larrabee; Guadagnini, Alberto

    Physical Review E 89.1 (2014): 013018.


    Hyperbolic regions in flows through three-dimensional pore structures

    By: Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Winter, C. Larrabee

    Physical Review E 88.6 (2013): 063014.


    Pedotransfer functions for permeability: A computational study at pore scales

    By: Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Smolarkiewicz, Piotr K.; Winter, C. Larrabee

    Water Resources Research 49.4 (2013): 2080-2092.


    Heterogeneities of flow in stochastically generated porous media

    By: Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Smolarkiewicz, Piotr K.; Winter, C. Larrabee

    PHYSICAL REVIEW E Volume: 86 Issue: 5 Article Number: 056701 Part: 2 Published: NOV 1 2012


    Parallel tempering for the traveling salesman problem

    By: Wang, Chiaming; Hyman, J. D.; Percus, Allon; Caflisch, Russel

    International Journal of Modern Physics C 20.04 (2009): 539-556.


    A comparison of body-fitted and immersed boundary methods for pore-scale modeling of fully saturated flow in synthetic porous media

    By: Siena, M.; Guadagnini, A.; Riva, M.; et al.

    Edited by: Hadi, K; Copty, NK

    Conference: 6th International Groundwater Symposium Location: Kuwait Inst Sci Res, KUWAIT Date: NOV 19-21, 2012 Pages: 241-249 Published: 2012

    Under Review or Submitted:

    Influence of Injection Mode in Kilometer Scale Three-Dimensional Discrete Fracture Networks

    By: Hyman, Jeffrey D.; Scott L.; Viswanathan, Hari,; and Makedonska, Nataliia,; and Karra, Satish.

    Submitted to Water Resources Research 

    Statistical Scaling of Geometric Characteristics in Stochastically Generated Pore Microstructures

    By: Jeffrey D. Hyman, A. Guadagnini, ; and C.L. Winter 

    Under review at Computational Geosciences

    Effect of Advective Flow in Fractures and Matrix Diffusion on Natural Gas Production

    By : Karra, S.; Makedonska, N.; Viswanathan, H.; Painter, S.; Hyman, J.D

    Under review at Water Resources Research 

    Shale gas and non-aqueous fracturing fluids: opportunities and challenges for supercritical CO2

    By : Middleton, R.; Carey, W.J.; Currier, R.; Hyman, J.D.; Kang, W.; Karra, S.; Jimnez Martnez, J.; Porter, M.;

    Viswanathan, H.;

    Under review at Applied Energy

    Comparative analysis of methods for pore-scale numerical modeling of fully-saturated flow in natural porous media

    By : Siena, M.; Hyman. J. D Guadagnini, A.; Riva, M.; Gouze, P.; Smolarkiewicz, P.; Winter, C.L.; Inzoli, F.; Gudon, G.; Colombo, E.

    Under review to Computational Geosciences

    A generalized lattice Boltzmann model for flow through tight porous media with Klinkenberg’s effect

    By : Chen, L.; Fang, W.; Kang, Q.; Hyman, J.D.; Viswanathan, H.; Tao, W-Q;

    Under review at Physical Review E 


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