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 CNLS Affiliates

The Center for Nonlinear Studies affiliates comprise a group of Laboratory technical staff members who interact closely with the CNLS on overlapping scientific interests. The affiliates hold permanent positions within the Lab's technical divisions and are the conduit between CNLS and the Laboratory. Most importantly, affiliates are the main sponsors of CNLS postdoctoral researchers, almost all of whom are co-sponsored by CNLS and by one or more technical divisions. Currently active CNLS affiliates are listed below with a short description of their research interests, a link to their website, and an e-mail link for contact information.

Alexander, Frank ( - ISTC
Batista, Cristian ( - T-4
Ben-Naim, Eli ( - T-4
Berman, Gennady ( - T-4
Bishop, Alan ( - ADTSC
Chertkov, Misha ( - T-4
Dalvit, Diego ( - T-4
Ecke, Robert ( - MPA-CMMS
Frauenfelder, Hans ( - T-6
Gnanakaran, Gnana ( - T-6
Gupta, Rajan ( - T-2
Gubernatis, James ( - T-4
Hagberg, Aric T-5
Hlavacek, William ( - T-6
Johnson, Paul ( - EES-17
Junghans, Christoph ( - CCS-7
Kurien, Susan ( - T-5
Leitner, Thomas ( - T-6
Perelson, Alan ( - T-6
Piryatinski, Andrei ( - T-4
Reichhardt, Charles ( - T-4
Reichhardt, Cynthia Olson ( - T-1
Ringler, Todd ( - T-3
Saxena, Avadh ( - T-4
Swart, Pieter ( - T-5
Tretiak, Sergei ( - T-1
Wall, Michael ( - CCS-3
Wingate, Beth ( - CCS-2

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