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Hans Frauenfelder

Senior Fellow

Protein Sciences

Hans Frauenfelder

Office: TA-03, Building 0483, Room 120
Mail Stop: K710
Phone: (505) 665-2547
Fax: (505) 665-3493

Educational Background/Employment:
  • Dr. sc. nat. 1950, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Zürich, Switzerland.
  • 1952-1992 Department of Physics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • 1992-LANL

Research Interests:

  • I have been interested in a broad range of fields. My thesis concerned surface physics, even including neutrino recoil. I then discovered perturbed angular correlation (PAC), a field that is still active today. After coming to the US in 1952, I switched to nuclear physics, studied parity violation, and used the Mössbauer effect to investigate a number of topics. The Mössbauer effect led to the investigation of biomolecules, in particular proteins. These studies, initially only a sideline, were so interesting that they expanded into a more approach and, today, I am deeply involved in exploring the connections among the structure, dynamics, and function of proteins. My guess is that such studies will form a major branch of physics (“biological physics”) for many years to come.

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. H. Frauenfelder, G. A. Petsko and D. Tsernoglou, Temperature-dependent X-ray diffraction as a probe of protein structural dynamics, Nature 280, 558-563 (1979).
  2. H Frauenfelder. S. G. Sligar and P. G. Wolynes, The Energy Landscapes and Motions of Proteins, Science 254, 1598-1603 (1991).
  3. H. Frauenfelder, P.G. Wolynes, and R.H. Austin, Biological Physics, Rev. Mod Phys. 71, S419-S430 (1999).
  4. P. W. Fenimore, Hans Frauenfelder, B. H. McMahon, and R. D. Young, Bulk-solvent and hydration-shell fluctuations, similar to alpha- and beta- fluctuations in glasses, control protein motions and functions, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 101, 14409-14413, (2004).
  5. P. W. Fenimore, H. Frauenfelder, B. H. McMahon, R. D. Young, Proteins are paradigms of stochastic complexity, Physica A 351, 1 – 13 (2005).
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