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CMS Colloquia, 2013
• 2013-12-11 Wei Pan (Sandia National Labs) Spin transition in fractional quantum Hall liquids in second Landau level
• 2013-12-04 Dimitri Basov (University of California, San Diego) TBD
• 2013-11-20 David Mandrus (University of Tennessee) An overview of some recent UT/ORNL work on layered chalcogenides
• 2013-11-14 Pablo Esquinazi (Institute for Experimental Physics II, University of Leipzig, Germany) Defect-induced magnetism in solids
• 2013-11-06 Alexander Chernyshev (UCI) TBD
• 2013-10-02 Jim Allen (University of Michigan) Topologically protected surface conduction in SmB6 new solution to a thirty year old mystery
• 2013-06-06 Barbara Jones (IBM) First-principles Studies of Atomic-Scale Engineered Spin Chains
• 2013-05-29 Piers Coleman (Rutgers University) Spinors, Strings and Superconductors: Challenges of new era in Condensed Matter Physics
• 2013-05-22 Prof. Jean Heremans (Virgina Tech) Quantum-coherent transport in low-dimensional semiconductor and semimetal structures
• 2013-05-15 Nick Curro (UC Davis) Antiferromagnetism and Superconductivity in the Iron Pnictide Superconductors
• 2013-05-08 Natalia Perkins (University of Wisconsin) Emergent phases of correlated electrons in materials with strong spin-orbit coupling
• 2013-04-17 Chris Leighton (Materials Science, University of Minnesota ) Magneto-Electronic Phase Separation in the Doped Perovskite Cobaltites
• 2013-04-16 Ian Affleck (University of British Columbia) TBD
• 2013-04-03 Qimiao Si (Rice University) Orbital-Selective Mott Transition in Iron Pnictide Superconductors

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