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CNLS Students 2015

Sydney Andrews (New Mexico Tech), Mentor: Chris Fryer, CCS-2

Sarah Barnett (University of North Carolina), Mentor: Avadh Saxena, T-4

Quan Bui (University of Maryland), Mentor: Dave Moulton, T-5

Claudia Castro Castro (Southern Methodist University), Mentor: Gowri Srinivasan, T-5

Thomas Catanach (CalTech), Mentor: Russell Bent, DSA-4

Christopher Dawson (University of Rochester), Mentor: Matthew Hecht, CCS-2

Samantha Erwin (Virginia Tech), Mentor: Alan Perelson, T-6

Colin Grudzien (University of North Carolina), Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Cole Holcomb (Princeton University), Mentor: Chris Fryer, CCS-2

Hyeryung Jang (KAIST), Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Cole Kendrick (Los Alamos High School), Mentor: Chris Fryer, CCS-2

David Li (University of Texas at Austin), Mentor: Alan Perelson, T-6

Miles Lubin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Mentor: Russell Bent, DSA-4

Benoit Mahault (Universite Paris Sud), Mentor: Cristiano Nisoli, T-4

Tom McAndrew (University of Vermont), Mentor: Aric Hagberg, CNLS

Theodor Misiakiewicz (ENS France), Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Jungseul Ok (KAIST), Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Ryo Ozawa (University of Tokyo), Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Guannan Qu Harvard University, Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Line Roald (ETH Zurich), Mentor: Misha Chertkov, T-4

Kaarthik Sundar (Texas A&M University), Mentor: Russell Bent, DSA-4

Ladislas Vignitchouk (Royal Institute of Technology), Mentor: Gian Luca Delzanno, T-5

Zhentao Wang (Rice University), Mentor: Cristian Batista, T-4

Tim Waters (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Mentor: Chris Fryer, CCS-2

Thomas Wester (US Naval Academy), Mentor: Alan Perelson, T-6