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 CNLS Career Opportunities

Postdoctoral Positions

The Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS) at the Los Alamos National Laboratory is seeking candidates for Postdoctoral Research. Areas of interest include:

  • Modeling Systems out of Equilibrium: applied mathematics methods for plasma physics, space plasmas, structural properties of materials, fluid dynamics and turbulence, soft matter, active matter, dynamical systems, climate modeling
  • Mechanistic Studies of Human Disease: Stochastic Gene Regulation, Biomolecular simulations, biomolecular dynamics, Disease modeling, Viral Dynamics, epidemiology modeling
  • Machine Learning Enhanced Modeling: Physics informed machine learning, deep learning, Optimization theory, Applications to biology, geophysics, grids, and materials, Interference and Algorithms, Smart Grid applications, Complex Networks , Materials Informatics.
  • Quantum Properties of Materials and Quantum Phenomena: quantum information, quantum many-body physics, auantum sensors, Bose-Einstein condensates, strongly correlated electron systems, molecular physics, non-adiabatic excited-state dynamics, warm dense matter.

Applications of these studies to condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics, plasma physics, chemistry, materials science, theoretical biology, and computational science (e.g., neural networks, parallel computation) are being actively pursued.

Postdoctoral positions in CNLS are shared with affiliated Laboratory Technical Divisions. Interested applicants should apply by contacting a Laboratory Technical Staff member with similar interests to develop an application package submited at this link.

A PhD completed within the last 5 years or soon to be completed is required. Annual starting salaries typically range from $79,500 to $93,000, plus a generous and comprehensive benefit package. More information about the laboratory Postdoc Program can be found here. The Laboratory provides excellent working conditions and opportunities for advanced research. Our location in the mountains of Northern New Mexico offers a pleasant lifestyle in a setting of great natural beauty.

Los Alamos National Laboratory is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. Individuals with disabilities needing reasonable accommodation should call +1-505-667-8622. A Teletype Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available by calling +1-505-665-5857. Los Alamos National Laboratory is operated by Triad National Security, LLC (Triad) for the US Department of Energy.

For further information please contact:
Center for Nonlinear Studies
cnlsoffice @
Los Alamos National Laboratory Human Resources

Graduate Student Positions

With the permission of their home institution, a few excellently qualified graduate students who have completed their course work and examinations may apply for funding to do thesis research at Los Alamos under the supervision of LANL staff members affiliated to the Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS). Research at the CNLS is highly interdisciplinary. The general areas of interest include condensed matter physics and materials science (both soft and hard condensed matter), fluid dynamics, chemistry, theoretical biology, and computational science. See the areas listed above.

More information about LANL's Graduate Student program can be found here.

For further information please contact:
Center for Nonlinear Studies
Los Alamos National Laboratory Human Resources

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