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 CNLS Q-Mat Talks
• 2020-02-18 Dr. Michael T. Pettes ( Materials Physics & Applications Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory) Strain and Defect Induced Phenomena in van der Waals Materials: WSe2 and Te
• 2019-01-22 Tariq Aslam (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Reactive Flow Modeling: Challenges, initial results and future efforts
• 2018-02-27 Ying Su (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Disorder-induced topological phase transitions & topological magnonic states
• 2017-12-14 André Schleife (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Excited electrons in semiconductors: Dielectric screening and non-adiabatic
• 2017-04-11 Christopher Ticknor (T-1) Transport Properties of Asymmetric Mixtures in the Dense Plasma Regime
• 2016-09-06 Jordan Vincent (UC Irvine) Development and Applications of a Spin-Symmetry Breaking Algorithm for Ab Initio Non-adiabatic Molecular Dynamics
• 2016-08-23 Sarah Hernandez (MST-16) Ab initio study of the effects of defects on the geometric and electronic structure of unalloyed δ-plutonium
• 2016-06-07 Thomas Myers (LANL M-7) Explosive Chromophores for Photo-Thermal and Photo-Chemical Laser Initiation
• 2016-04-26 Quanxi Jia (MPA-CINT) The Roles of Disorders, Interfaces, and Heterogeneity on the Functionalities of Epitaxial Films
• 2016-04-19 Brad Ramshaw (MPA-CMMS) Quantum materials in extreme magnetic fields
• 2016-04-05 Arthur Voter (T-1) Accelerated molecular dynamics methods
• 2016-01-11 Hua Guo (University of New Mexico) Nonadiabatic dynamics in photodissociation
• 2015-07-28 Madhab Neupane (MPA-CMMS) Experimental realization of new topological phases of matter beyond topological insulators
• 2015-07-14 Hisato Yamaguchi (MPA-11) Two-Dimensional van der Waals Materials for Next Generation Clean Energy
• 2015-06-30 Erik H. Haroz (Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (MPA-CINT)) Carbon Nanotube Photophysics: The Era of Targeted Single-Species Ensembles
• 2015-06-16 Kirill A. Velizhanin (T-1) Strong excitonic effects in novel 2D semiconductors: Overview and Quantum Monte
• 2015-06-02 Enkeleda Dervishi (MPA-CINT) Multifunctional carbon nanomaterials with tailored morphologies for multidisciplinary applications
• 2015-05-26 Jianxin Zhu (T-4) Electronic Correlation Effects in Plutonium Metals
• 2015-04-28 Cristiano Nisoli (T-4) Artificial Spin Ice: From Scientific Toy to Material by Design
• 2015-04-21 John C. Gordon (C-IIAC) A New Paradigm in Outer Sphere Catalysis: A Bifunctional Ir/NH Hydrogenation Catalyst with a Reversed NH/NMe Substitution Effect
• 2015-01-27 Michael Lilly (Sandia National Laboratories) Manipulating Single Electrons in Semiconductor Devices for Quantum Computing

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