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Morgan E. Gorris

Director's Postdoctoral Fellow

Earth System Science and GeoHealth

Morgan E. Gorris

Office: TA-3, Bldg 1690, Office 117
Mail Stop: B258
Phone: 248-425-7670
Fax: (505) 665-2659
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Research highlight
    My research lies at the nexus of weather, climate, and human health. I have a particular interest in how weather and climate patterns influence environmental infectious disease dynamics, such as where diseases are prevalent and the variation in cases from year to year. An overarching question of my research is: how will the risk of environmental infectious diseases shift in response to climate change? The disease that interests me the most is Valley fever, an infectious fungal disease common in the southwestern US. I also study West Nile virus, the largest cause of mosquito-borne disease in humans in the US. Most recently, I have been applying my skill set to help LANL's response to COVID-19, identifying high-risk communities that may need additional resources such as COVID-19 shelters or mental healthcare. Check out this Science Friday article highlighting some of my Valley fever research. Insight on our team's COVID-19 research can be found in this Santa Fe New Mexican article.
 Educational Background/Employment:
  • Director's Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory (2020-Present)
  • PhD Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine (2019)
  • BS Earth System Science and Engineering, University of Michigan (2014)

Research Interests:

  • Influence of weather and climate on environmental infectious disease dynamics
  • Identifying high risk areas and vulnerable populations to disease
  • The impacts of climate change on human health

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Gorris, M. E., Neumann, J. E., Kinney, P. L., Sheahan, M., Sarofim, M. C. Economic valuation of coccidioidomycosis (Valley fever) projections in the United States in response to climate change, Weather, Climate, and Society. (In review, 2020).
  2. Gorris, M. E., Treseder, K. K., Zender, C. S., & Randerson, J. T., Expansion of coccidioidomycosis endemic regions in the United States in response to climate change, GeoHealth. 3,308-327 (2019).
  3. Gorris, M. E., Cat, L. A., Zender, C. S., Treseder, K. K., & Randerson, J. T., Coccidioidomycosis dynamics in relation to climate in the southwestern United States, GeoHealth. 2,6-24 (2018).
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