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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
1:10 PM - 3:00 PM
Physics Auditorium, TA-3, SM-215


A Global Surge of Great Earthquakes

Thorne Lay
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences UC Santa Cruz

During the past 7 years, thirteen great (Mw ≥ 8.0) earthquake ruptures have struck near subduction zones around the Pacific rim, compared to ten great shallow events over the preceding 24 years. This surge of great ruptures has resulted in huge loss of life and massive damage, and many aspects of the earthquake activity have surprised seismologists and geophysicists around the world. Discoveries about the extraordinary processes for these recent events will be discussed, including new insights into variations of tsunami generation and seismic wave radiation from earthquakes on major plate boundaries. Unclassified Open to Badge Holders To be Shown on Labnet (Live Channel 9)

Host: Charles F. McMillan, Director LANL