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Jared Whitehead

CNLS Postdoctoral Research Associate

Geophysical Fluid Mechanics

Jared Whitehead

Office: TA-3, Bldg 1690, Room 123
Mail Stop: B258
Phone: (505) 665-1839
Fax: (505) 665-7652
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Research highlight
     Educational Background/Employment:
    • B.S. (2006) Mathematics, Brigham Young University
    • Ph.D. (2012) Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics, thesis title "Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics", University of Michigan

    Research Interests:

    • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
    • High Performance Computing and Massively Parallel Applications
    • Rayleigh Benard Convection
    • Hydrodynamic Stability
    • Analysis and Improvement of Global Climate and Ocean Models

    Selected Recent Publications:

    1. Wang, X., Whitehead, J. P. A bound on the vertical transport of heat in the ultimate state of slippery convection at large Prandtl numbers,submitted to Journal of Fluid Mechanics , (2012),.
    2. Whitehead, J.P., Doering, C.R. and Wittenberg, R. Persistent logarithms: infinite Prandtl number convection with mixed thermal boundaries ,in preparation , (2012),.
    3. Whitehead, J.P., Jablonowski, C., Kent, J. and Rood, R.B.Potential Vorticity: A diagnostic tool for General Circulation Models, submitted to Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ??, (2012),.
    4. Whitehead, J.P. and Doering, C.R.Rigid bounds on heat transport by a fluid between slippery boundaries, in press Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (2012),.
    5. Whitehead, J.P. and Doering, C.R.The ultimate regime of two-dimensional Rayleigh-Benard convection with stress-free boundaries, Physics Review Letters. 106,244501 (2011).
    6. Whitehead, J.P. Jablonowski, C., Rood, R.B. and Lauritzen, P.H. A stability analysis of divergence damping on a latitude-longitude grid,Monthly Weather Review, 139 (9),2976--2993 (2011).
    7. Whitehead, J.P. and Doering, C.R. Internal heating driven convection at infinite Prandtl number,Journal of Mathematical Physics,52,093101 (2011).
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