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Center for Nonlinear Studies

  The sponsorship of conferences is one of the major institutional activities of the Center for Nonlinear Studies. Since the CNLS serves as an interface between mission critical research at LANL and the outside research community, conference sponsorship is an activity of vital importance for the Center and the Laboratory. In particular, sponsorship of conferences accomplishes the following: 

  • It enables the CNLS to identify and explore the widest possible range of nonlinear and complex systems problems. 
  • It helps disseminate the latest developments in nonlinear and complex systems science. 
  • It helps form and fosters research collaborations between LANL researchers and outside researchers and academia. 
  • It helps build new areas of research and refine the direction of existing areas of research.

 To learn more about obtaining conference sponsorship through CNLS, please visit our Conference Sponsorship page.

Upcoming Workshops/Conferences

Los Alamos - Arizona Days 2022

August 15-16, 2022


Nick Hengartner (LANL)

Michael Chertkov (University of Arizona)


Radiative Properties of Hot Dense Matter Conference

November 2022


James Colgan(LANL)

Amanda Neukirch (LANL)

Brendan Gifford (LANL)

Dave Kilcrease (LANL)

Chris Fontes (LANL)

Manolo Sherrill (LANL)

Peter Hakel (LANL)


2023 Grid Science Winter School and Conference

January 2023


Russell Bent(LANL)

Michael Chertkov (University of Arizona)

Deepjyoti Deka (LANL)

Harsha Nagarajan (LANL)

Adam Mate (LANL)

Carleton Coffrin (LANL)

Kaathik Sundar (LANL)

Swati Gupta (Georgia Tech)


2nd International Workshop on Theory Frontiers in Actinide Science: Chemistry & Materials

February 2023


Ping Yang(LANL/Seaborg Institute)

Jessica Ryan (LANL/Seaborg Institute)

Franz Feibert (LANL/Seaborg Institute)

Enrique Batista (LANL)



March 7 - 9, 2023


Kary Myers (LANL)

Emily Casleton (LANL)

Mike Grosskopf (LANL)

Ken Dayman (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Zoe Gastelum (Sandia National Laboratory)

Marylesa Howard (Nevada National Security Site)

Nancy Lybeck (Idaho National Laboratory)

Ryan McClarren (University of Notre Dame)

Max Morris (Iowa State University)

Danny Rintoul (Sandia National Laboratory)


AGN Santa Fe: Where are the Objects in AGN Disks?

March 22 - 24, 2023


Eve Chase(LANL)

Adam Dempsey (LANL)

Greg Salvesen (LANL)

Hui Li (LANL)


2023 Conference on Excited State Processes

June 2023


Sergei Tretiak(LANL)

Tammie Nelson (LANL)


32nd International Conference on Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD 2023) 2023

July 16 - 21, 2023


Qinjun Kang (LANL)

Hari Viswanathan (LANL)

Christoph Junghans (LANL)

Daniel Livescu (LANL)

Hongkyu Yoon (SNL)

Alexander Wagner (North Dakota State Univeristy)

Aleksandra Pachalieva (LANL)

Michael Woodward (LANL)


LANL-PSI Workshop on Correlated and Topological Quantum Materials

July 31 - August 4, 2023


Shizeng Lin (LANL)

Mac Janoschek (PSI)

Ni Ni (UCLA)

Titus Mangham-Neupert (UZH)


Time Integration Methods for Multi-Physics Applications

July 16 - 21, 2023


Eric Tovar (LANL)

Marianne Francois (LANL)


Lattice QCD and Probes on New Physics

August 7 - 11,2023


Rajan Gupta (LANL)

Tanmoy Bhattacharya (LANL)

Kaori Fuyuto (LANL)

Emanuele Mereghetti (LANL)

Boram Yoon (LANL)


Machine Learning in Solid Earth Geoscience

August 21 - 24, 2023


Paul Johnson (LANL)

Hari Viswanathan (LANL)

Crhis W. Johnson (LANL)

Dan O'Malley(LANL)

Youzuo Lin (LANL)


13th International Conference on Excitonic and photonic Processes in Condensed Matter and Nano Materials (EXCON 23)

October 23 - 27, 2023


Eric Bittner (U. of Houston)

Carlos Silva (Georgia Tech)

Andrei Piryatinski (LANL)




Past Events

*We are aware that not all the links for previous conferences work. It is an issue we are in the process of addressing.*     

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