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 CNLS Summer Student Program (SSP)


The CNLS Summer Student Program (SSP) is part of the LANL Summer Student Program. All CNLS summer students are hired as employees through the LANL SSP process.

Appointment types

The types of appointments are: Graduate (GRA), Undergraduate (UGS) and Precollege.

The CNLS summer students are typically in the GRA category, however, CNLS has awarded UGS and Precollege positions as well.

Length of appointment

The summer program appointments are for a maximum of 90 days. CNLS will encourage applications that are at least 60 days long. The appointments usually start in the months of May and June and end in the months of July through September.

Salary ranges

LANL offers competitive salaries to student and they are commensurate to the level of advancement of the student's academic course work at their home universities. For Graduate Student positions the range is $56,160 - $64,480/year, for Undergraduate positions the range is $31,000 - $49,920/year and for Precollege is $29,111/year (High School Senior)

Full details of the salary structure can be found in: Salary Structure.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Students are cost shared between the host's group and CNLS, exceptions being made on a case-by-case basis.
  • CNLS strongly recommends that the student be an employee of the group in which they sit. If students are located in CNLS (bldg 1690) we would like them to be employees of CNLS.
  • If the student is a Foreign National, and if, especially, a Sensitive Foreign National, time has to be given for the processing of the paperwork, in particular the DOE Request (DIVA). This is a DOE requirement for all foreign nationals visiting LANL. For a Non-Sensitive Foreign National a period of 35 calendar days, while for a Sensitive Foreign National, a period of 75 calendar days must be allowed for the DIVA request to be processed. A foreign national student cannot commence his/her visit until all the pertinent paperwork has gone through the corresponding channels of approval.
  • Foreign national student visitors must have a visa and employment authorization from the organization sponsoring their visa, usually their university. LANL cannot sponsor a student visa.
  • ALL students must be mentored by a laboratory staff member. Postdocs are not permitted to be mentors.
  • Every foreign national must have a US citizen host. The co-host may be a foreign national. Both host and co-host must be LANL employees.
  • All students are requested to use CNLS as affiliation, or in the acknowledgements section of any publication to which the CNLS visit contributed in a major way.
  • By default, travel away from LANL is not supported. Such travel can be requested, and if justified, approved.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the 5/40 work schedule.

How to Apply

  • When a Laboratory staff member wishes to bring a student, they have to fill out the Student Approval Form.
  • Periodically, all students applications are brought before the CNLS Executive Committee for review and approval.
  • Upon approval, CNLS will notify the mentor and will request further documentation from the mentor and/or the student, such as a Curriculum Vitae, and transcripts in order to process the student package.

Visa Issues

Los Alamos National Lab cannot sponsor student visas. For any foreign national student, they must have a US visa sponsored by another institution, usually their university, and they must coordinate and receive employment authorization for employment at LANL under that visa. The student must contact their International Student Programs office to initiate this process. This process can take months, depending on the university.

For further information please contact:
Center for Nonlinear Studies
Los Alamos National Laboratory Student Program

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