Eli Ben-Naim

Welcome! I am a theoretical physicist. For over two decades now, I have been studying kinetics of stochastic processes. My research spans a spectrum of problems from compaction of granular materials to interactions between massive earthquakes to competitiveness in sports leagues. I use mathematics and computers to understand statistical physics of time dependent phenomena in all sorts of problems, with one goal: finding interesting new behaviors.

I serve as the deputy group leader of the Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems Group and am an affiliate of the Center of Nonlinear Studies, both at the Theoretical Division in Los Alamos National Laboratory.

I have served on the editorial boards of Physical Review E, Journal of Physics A, Journal of Statsitical Mechanics, and European Journal of Physics B. From 2012 to 2020, I served as the editor of Physical Review E, published by the American Physical Society.

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textbook: A Kinetic View of Statistical Physics [contents, errata]
P.L. Krapivsky, S. Redner, and E. Ben-Naim
Cambridge University Press, 2010

recent publication: Statistical properties of sites visited by independent random walks
recent publication: Monotonicity in the averaging process
recent publicaton: Jamming and Tiling in Fragmentation of Rectangles
recent publication: Jamming and Tiling in Aggregation of Rectangles
recent publication: Extinction and Survival in Two-Species Annihilation
recent publication: Aggregation-fragmentation-diffusion model for trail dynamics
recent publication: Kinetics of Aggregation with Choice
recent publication: Kinetics of Diffusion-Controlled Annihilation with Sparse Initial Conditions
recent publication: Escape and Finite-Size Scaling in Diffusion-Controlled Annihilation

recent talk: Jamming and Tiling of Rectangles
recent talk: Extinction and Survival in Two-Species Annihilation
recent talk: Jamming and Tiling in Aggregation of Rectangles
recent talk: Sports Leagues and Organization of Competitive Societies
recent talk: Are Massive Earthquakes Correlated?
recent talk: Extreme Statistics of Extreme Values
recent talk: Kinetics of Brownian Maxima

Research · Statistical Physics · Nonlinear Dynamics · Random Processes · Complex Systems

Soft Matter · Granular Matter · Polymers · Surface Growth
Transport Processes · Granular Flow · Traffic Flow
Nonequilibrium Dynamics · Spin Systems · Coarsening · Reactions
Irreversible Processes · Aggregation · Fragmentation · Adsorption
Random Processes · Random Walks · Random Structures · Random Series
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Mathematical Biology · Infectious Diseases · Evolutionary Trees
Social Dynamics · Social Dynamics · Opinion Dynamics · Game Dynamics

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