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Thursday, June 28, 2012
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
T-DO Conference Room Bldg 123

Quantum Lunch

Collisional processes involving radicals: Theory & Experiment

Jacek Klos
Department of Chemistry, University of Maryland

The energy and momentum transfer between molecules, that takes place during inelastic collisional processes, are at heart of chemical phenomena and are essential to the understanding of the atmospheric environment, characterization of interstellar clouds, combustion and cold chemistry or physics. Collisions may be divided to processes that do not change chemical nature of the colliders from elastic transfer to inelastic non-reactive transfer of the momentum to vibrational and rotational channels and finally to full chemical reactions. I will present general overview of my research which spans the interest from the atmospheric chemistry to laboratory astrochemistry (see below artistic representation of C$_4$ in space). I will focus in more detail on calculations for OH and NO radicals in complexes with Rare Gas atoms or H$_2$ which are prototypes to study open-shell systems where more than one potential energy surfaces are involved. The properties of exotic molecules formed by Li atom and group-II elements will be presented and new preliminary results of chemical reactivity in Li-CaH system will be discussed.

Host: Michael di Rosa, 667-0095, C-PCS: PHYSICAL CHEM & APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY