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Poster Printing Tips

Mac Guidelines for printing from Power Point to Adobe PDF:

  1. Open orginal document in Power Point.
  2. Click File, then Print.
  3. Click Page Setup.
  4. Adjust your Width and Height to your desired size.
  5. Click Options
  6. Check your Paper Size. If it is not the correct size, then use the Paper Size drop-down menu to select Manage Custom Sizes.
  7. Click the Plus Sign in the bottom left corner.
  8. Adjust your Width and Height to your desired size. Change your margins to 0.00.
  9. Double click on the word "Untitled", and rename it to Poster, then click OK.
  10. You should have returned to the Page Setup window. For Paper Size, be sure to select Poster if it is not already, then click OK.
  11. Click OK in the next window as well. If you get a paper size error, click OK to continue without fixing.
  12. On the Print window, check the box for "Show Quick Preview" if it is not already checked. Make sure that the preview shows your entire poster exactly as you would like it to be printed. If you are printing a poster that will be smaller than you designed it, then check "Scale to Fit Paper" to shrink it.
  13. Click PDF, then Save as PDF.
  14. Choose your title and location then click Save.

LaTeX instructions for including a background image

Add this code before
the \begin{document} part


and this one right following the \begin{document} :


The name of background image is background.png.

This comes from "Zoltan's Blog" written by Peter Kuscik.


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