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Rajan Gupta

LANL Fellow
Theoretical Division/CNLS

Field Theory and Lattice QCD, High Performance Computing, Energy Security, Global Development

Rajan Gupta

Office: TA-3, Bldg 123, Room 126
Mail Stop: B285
Phone: (505) 667-7664
Fax: (505) 665-3700
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Research highlight
  • 1982: First calculation of hadron spectrum detailing finite size corrections and using improved operators.
  • 1983: Introduced a novel blocking transformation for 4-dimensional gauge theories. Applied to U(1), SU(2), and SU(3) gauge theories.
  • 1984: First calculation of weak matrix elements describing mixing of neutral kaons.
 Educational Background/Employment:
  • M.S. in Physics (1975), University of Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, 1982, California Institute of Technology
  • Employment:
    • Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univ. of New Mexico, 2009-
    • Group Leader, Elementary Particles and Field Theory (T-8), LANL, 2001-2008
    • Program Manager for High Energy Physics at LANL, 2000-Present
    • Visiting Lecturer, Caltech, April-June, 1991.
    • Staff Scientist, T-8, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1988-Present
    • Guest Professor, University of Wuppertal, March-April 1987
  • Professional Training:
    • J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellow; Los Alamos National Laboratory: 1985-1988
    • Honorary Post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University: 1983-1986
    • Post-doctoral fellow at Northeastern University: 1982-1985

Research Interests:

  • Standard Model Physics and Lattice QCD
  • High Performance Computing
  • Energy and Climate Security
  • Smart Green Grids
  • Global Development

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. A. Bazavov et al. (The HotQCD collaboration) Equation of State and QCD Transition at Finite Temperature Physical Review D80 (2009) 014504
  2. T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, W. Lee, S. Sharpe Scaling behavior of discretization errors in renormalization and improvement constants Physical Review D73 (2006) 114507
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