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Group T-1

Sergei Tretiak
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Contact Information


Telephone:   (505) 667-8351    

Fax:                 (505) 665-3909 

E-Mail:        serg@lanl.gov

Homepage:  http://cnls.lanl.gov/~serg/     

Office Location:  TA3 Bldg 1420 Rm 1117 (CINT)

                              TA3 Bldg 471  Rm 110    (T-1)

Mailing Address:
                        Theoretical Division

                Group T-1/CINT  Mail Stop B268
                Los Alamos National Laboratory
                Los Alamos, NM  87545

Ph.D. in chemistry, University of Rochester, NY, 1999
M. S. in chemistry, University of Rochester, NY, 1996

M. S. in physics, Institute of Spectroscopy, Russia, 1994
B. S. in physics, Moscow institute of Physics and Technology, 1992

Professional experience: 

2001 – Present     Technical Staff Member, Theoretical Division, LANL

2005 – Present     Staff Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT), LANL/SNL

2006 – 2007        CNRS invited professor position, UMR 6510, University of Rennes, France

1999 – 2001        Director's Postdoctoral Fellow, Theoretical Division, LANL

1998 – 1999        Postdoctoral Associate, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)

1994 – 1998        Graduate Student, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)

1991 – 1994        Graduate Student, Institute of Spectroscopy of Russian Academy of Sciences

Research Interests
Theoretical Chemical Physics

Relation between optical and chemical properties of organic and semiconductor materials; Development of modern computational methods for molecular optical properties; time-dependent density functional theory and semiempirical methods; Nonlinear optical response of organic chromophores; Adiabatic and non-adiabatic molecular dynamics of the excited states; Collective electronic excitations and optical response of confined excitons in conjugated polymers, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanoparticles, and molecular aggregates; Charge and energy transfer in biological and artificial antenna complexes; Ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy; Nonlinear dynamics of complex classical and quantum systems.

Recent Conferences organized   

9th International Conference on "Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers and Organic Nanostructures" (OP-2011) / 5th Conference on "Excited State Processes in Electronic and Bio Nanomaterials" (ESP-2011).

Center for Nonlinear Studies conference, June 19-24, 2011.


Organizing Committee: Sergei Tretiak, Avadh Saxena, and Richard L. Martin

Advisory Committee: Zeev Valy Vardeny (Utah), Lewis Rothberg (Rochester)

The CNLS Director: Robert Ecke  

Nonequilibrium Phenomena, Nonadiabatic Dynamics and Spectroscopy

Telluride workshop, Telluride, CO, July 4-8, 2011.


Organizing Committee: Oleg Prezhdo, Sergei Tretiak, Vladimir Chernyak

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