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Current members of the team

As of December 2016

Sergei Tretiak (TSM) http://cnls.lanl.gov/~serg/  serg@lanl.gov 

Amanda Neukirch (Director’s Fellow)

Alexander White (Research Associate)

Benjamin Nebgen (CINT Research Associate)

Liujiang Zhou (Research Associate)

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Svetlana Kilina

Faculty at North Dakota State University


Vladimir Chernyak

Faculty at Wayne State University


Adrian Roitberg

Faculty at the University of Florida


Sebastian Fernandez-Alberti

Faculty at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina


Dmitri Kilin

Faculty at North Dakota State University


Jacky Even

Faculty at INSA Rennes Engineering School, France


Claudine Katan

CNRS Research Fellow, France


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Postdoctoral associates:

Tammie Nelson (2003-2017)

Former LANL Richard P. Feynman Fellow in Theory and Computing, currently TSM at Los Alamos National Laboratory



Josiah Bjorgaard (2013-2016)

Currently Postdoctoral Associate, XCP-5, Los Alamos National Laboratory



Lyudmila Adamska (2013-2016)

Currently BUnano Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University



Andriy Zhugayevych (2011-2014)

Currently Faculty at SkolkovoTech, Moscow, Russia



Oleksiy Roslyak (2012-2014)

Currently Faculty at Fordham University



Hao Li (2011-2014)

Currently postdoctoral associate at the University of Houston



Kirill Velizhanin (2009-2012)

Currently TSM at Los Alamos National Laboratory


Svetlana Kilina (2008-2010)

Currently faculty at North Dakota State University


Jianmin Tao (2007-2010)

Currently faculty at Tulane University


Michael Galperin (2007-2008)

Currently faculty at the UC San Diego



Andrei Piryatinski (2002-2006) 

Currently TSM at Los Alamos National Laboratory



Artem Masunov (2001-2004)

Currently faculty at the University of Central Florida:



Rudolph Magyar (2002-2004)

Currently TSM at Sandia National Laboratory



Serguei Goupalov (2002-2003)

Currently faculty at Jackson State University



Andrew Sifain (graduate student, 2015, 2016, 2017) University of Southern California

Brendan Gifford (graduate student, 2016) North Dakota State University

Levi Lystrom (graduate student, 2016) North Dakota State University

Iwnetim Abate (graduate student, 2016) Stanford University

Loza Tadesse (graduate student, 2016) Stanford University

Morgan Hummer (graduate student, 2016) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Parmeet Nijjar (graduate student, 2016) University of Southern California

Jon Vogel (graduate student, 2015, 2016) University of South Dakota

Mikhail Belyanchikov (graduate student, 2015) Moscow institute of Physics and Technology

Dmitri Svetlov (graduate student, 2015) University of Southern California

Jin Liu (graduate student, 2014, 2015) University of Rochester

Olga Masaleva (graduate student, 2014) Moscow State University

Naveen Dandu (graduate student, 2014) North Dakota State University

Reed Nieman (graduate student, 2014) Texas Tech University

Sergey Matveev (graduate student, 2014) Moscow State University

Chern Chuang (graduate student, 2014) MIT

Artem Naumov (graduate student, 2014) Skoltech, Moscow

Kirill Kalinin (graduate student, 2014) Skoltech, Moscow

Jessica Coughlin (graduate student, 2013, 2014) UCSB

Kangmin Liu (graduate student, 2013) Wayne State University

Thomas van der Poll (graduate student, 2013) UCSB

Eli Chertkov (graduate student, 2013) Princeton University

Olena Postupna (graduate student, 2011, 2013) University of Rochester

Tian Shi (graduate student, 2012, 2013) Wayne State University

Tammie Nelson (graduate student, 2010, 2011, 2012) University of Rochester

Iffat Nayyar (graduate student, 2010, 2011, 2012) University of Florida

Jarrod McClean (graduate student, 2012) Harvard University

Robert Paredez (graduate student, 2012) University of Houston

Christian Legaspi (graduate student, 2012) Carnegie-Melon University

Grisha Kolesov (graduate student, 2012) University of Wyoming

Chris Olson (graduate student, 2011, 2012) North Dakota State University

Tatiana Kuznetsova (undergraduate student, 2011) Moscow State University

Joseph Klesko (graduate student, 2011) Wayne State University

Alexander White (graduate student, 2011) UC San Diego

Sean Fischer (graduate summer student, 2010) University of Washington

Angela Crotty (undergraduate summer student, 2010) University of Florida

Satyender Goel (graduate student, 2009, 2010) University of Central Florida

Victor Albert (undergraduate summer student, 2008, 2010) University of Florida

Hao Li (graduate summer student, 2009, 2010) Wayne State University

Jessica Ramirez (undergraduate summer student, 2009, 2010, 2011) University of Florida

Alona Furmanchuk (graduate student, 2009) Jackson State University

Cameron Thacker (undergraduate summer student, 2009) University of Florida

Ekaterina Badaeva (graduate summer student, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009) University of Washington

Thomas Koerzdoerfer (graduate summer student, 2008) Max Plank, Germany

Seth Difley (graduate summer student, 2008) MIT

Kirill Velizhanin (graduate student, 2008) University of NM

Chao Wu (graduate summer student, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)  Wayne State University

Svetlana Kilina (graduate student, 2005-2008) University of Washington

Christine Isborn (graduate summer student, 2007) University of Washington

Ping Yang (graduate summer student, 2004, 2005)  Michigan Technological University

Sergei Ponomarev (graduate summer student, 2005)  Wesleyan University

Sergey Kurennoy (graduate summer student, 2003, 2005)  UC Santa Barbara

Colleen Craig (graduate summer student, 2004)  University of Washington

Eric Heatwole (graduate summer student, 2004)  University of Washington

Kirill Igumenshchev (undergraduate summer student, 2003, 2004)  University of Rochester

Ignacio Franco (graduate summer student, 2002, 2003)  University of Toronto

Nadya Kobko (graduate summer student, 2003) City University of New York

Andrew Moran (graduate summer student, 2001)  Kansas State University

Travis Humble (graduate summer student, 2001)  University of Oregon

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