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. If you have been invited to attend by a conference organizer or conference advisor, then please send an email request with a brief explanation to .

Wednesday-only registration is OPEN. Please make a note of the "Date of Arrival" and "Date of Departure" section.

Registration is required for this event. There is a registration fee for the Monday and Tuesday sessions. Wednesday attendance will be free. Registration fees must be paid by check, LANL cost codes, or cash. Fees may be mailed in advance or collected at the door.

Registration includes attendance at all sessions of the conference as well as the Monday dinner banquet and the Tuesday poster session. Alcohol is not included in the registration and must be paid for seperately at the cash bar.

Registration Fees:
General Registration = $100
Invited Speakers = Free
Wednesday-Only attendance = Free
Additional Banquet Tickets for companions = $30

The preferred method of paying registration fees is to pay at the door upon your arrival (early registration fee will be calculated by registration date and not increased due to a later payment date). Checks for registration fees must be made out to Los Alamos National Laboratory. Fees may also be mailed if you prefer.
Los Alamos National Lab
Center for Nonlinear Studies
MS B258
Attn: Conference Services
Los Alamos, NM 87545

Poster Contributions:
To submit a contributing poster, please register at the top of this page. On the registration page, please paste an abstract of the poster content. We will inform you when your request has been accepted. You will not be required to pay the registration fee prior to being notified of your acceptance.

Travel Awards:
We have made a limited number of travel awards available for poster contributing attendees with a priority given to students and postdocs. Interested contributors who have already registered should send an email that contains: their reason for interest in the subject, a short abstract of the poster content, and a CV. To apply, email