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Confirmed Speakers:

Borner, Katy (Indiana)
Boyd, Stephen (Stanford)
Chertkov, Misha (LANL)
Ginsparg, Paul (Cornell)
Jordan, Michael (Berkeley)
Lambert, Diane (Google)
Mishra, Bud (NYU)
Monti, Stefano (Broad Institute)
Nair, Vijay (Univ. Michigan)
Nychka, Doug (NCAR)
Pond, Sergei (UCSD)
Principe, Jose Carlos (Univ. Florida)
Quinn, Peter (Univ. Western Australia)
Saul, Lawrence (UCSD)
Schaum, Alan (Naval Research Lab)
Si, Jennie (Arizona State Univ.)
Steinwart, Ingo (LANL)
Smola, Alex (Australia National Univ.)
Szalay, Alex (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Taylor, Greg Univ. New Mexico)
Tishby, Naftali (Hebrew)
Van Roy, Benjamin (Stanford)
Wahba, Grace (Univ. Wisconsin)
Wilks, Allan (AT&T)
Willsky, Alan (MIT)



The Agenda is now available here.


A .pdf of the Conference Proceedings can be found here.


Conference Information:

Information Science and Technology (IS&T) will be a cornerstone of scientific advances in the 21st century.  New technologies will produce quantitative measurements in systems that could hitherto only be studied qualitatively.  Furthermore, the size of datasets in scientific, commercial, and government applications will continue to grow exponentially, in some cases reaching petabyte and exabyte scales. This shift from hypothesis-driven to data-driven science is creating opportunities to accelerate discoveries in science and technology and to apply these discoveries to problems of national and global importance.  The 28th CNLS Annual Conference will bring together experts from a variety of disciplines which impact information science and technology.  Specific areas will include information theory, machine learning, massive datasets, quantitative finance, bioinformatics, astroinformatics, statistics, neurocomputing, and image analysis.


Organizing Committee:

Frank Alexander
Dimitri Bertsekas- MIT
Luis Bettencourt
Ilya Nemenman
Pieter Swart
James Theiler
Mike Warren
Joanne Wendelberger


Adam Shipman