Center for Nonlinear Studies Conference


Santa Fe, NM 
September 6-8, 2006

The conference is sponsored by the Center for Nonlinear Studies, Theoretical Division, and Chemistry Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy

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This workshop will focus on interaction between electronic and vibrational behavior in carbon nanotubes including the following areas: Raman studies of electron-phonon coupling, theoretical studies on electron-phonon coupling and excitonic properties, phonon and exciton structure observed in electronic spectra, coherent phonon studies, link between phonons and transport, link between phonons and photoinduced dynamics, link between nanotube structure/chirality and electronic and optical responses. 

Invited speakers (confirmed):

Sergei Bachilo (Rice)                                               

Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge)                                 

Paul Finnie (NRC, Canada)                        

Serguei Goupalov (St. Petersburg)                        

Michael Heben (NREL)                              

Tony Heinz (Columbia)                                          

Tobias Hertel (Vanderbilt)                         

Han Htoon (LANL)                                     

Ado Jorio (Belo Horizonte)                                    

Jasper Knoester (Groningen)                                 

Jun Kono (Rice)                                           


Shigeo Maruyama (Tokyo) 

Sumit Mazumdar (Arizona)

Maria Machon (Berlin)

Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos (UConn)

Vasili Perebeinos (IBM)

Oleg Prezhdo (U. Washington)

Stephanie Reich (MIT)

Gregory Scholes (Toronto)

Anna Swan (Boston)

Valy Vardeny (Utah)


We encourage participation of students and postdocs in the form of contributed talks (15-20 min). We will waive the registration fee and reimburse part of their travel expenses (up to ~$500). Please inform interested people in your group/department about this opportunity. They will need to submit a title and an abstract of their presentations to us (skdoorn @ or serg @ The deadline for abstracts is August 1, 2006.


The meeting will be held in the beautiful hotel La Posada de Santa Fe ( ), located in the very heart of Santa Fe, NM. A block of rooms has been reserved for conference participants.


The conference is open to the public.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Foreign National (i.e. not a US citizen) and have plans to visit LANL (i.e. visit experimental labs and/or meet our researchers), you need an approval from the LANL security office. Depending on the country of residence or birth, such pre-approval can take us as much as 6 weeks to process. If you are a foreign national planning on visiting LANL please contact Adam Shipman ( at your earliest convenience so that we can initiate this paperwork.

Organizers: Stephen K. Doorn <skdoorn @ > and Sergei Tretiak <serg @>

Scientific Advisors: Alan R. Bishop, Andrew P. Shreve, and Victor Klimov

Coordinator: Adam Shipman  <ashipman @>     

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