Los Alamos National Laboratory


Center for Nonlinear Studies

    Workshop on

Optimization in Complex Networks

June 19-22, 2006, Best Western Hilltop House Hotel, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

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  Optimization of performance and robustness is a common property of naturally evolved systems and it is a desired property in most man-made systems. There is now increasing evidence that the functioning of complex systems as diverse as cellular metabolism and the Internet lie deep in the properties of an underlying complex network. This evidence has generated increasing interest on dynamical processes on complex networks and on how the interplay between these processes and the network structure influences the performance and robustness of the system. Notably, established areas such as resource management, epidemic spreading, communication and transport dynamics, cellular biology, and cascading failures are at the leading edge of the current research on network optimization.

The Workshop will address topics regarding network structure and dynamics, with strong emphasis on optimization problems and their applications to infrastructure and biological systems.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Optimization in the evolution and functioning of biological networked systems.
  • Optimization and cost balance analysis in the design of infrastructure and communication networks.
  • Optimization principles and the interplay between network structure and dynamics.
  • Optimization through the structural control of network dynamics.
  • Trade-offs and competition between optimization functions

Invited Speakers

    Eivind Almaas  (LLNL)
    Marian Anghel (LANL)
    Alain Barrat  ( Paris-Sud)
    Kevin E. Bassler  (Houston)
    Zdzislaw Burda  (Jagellonian)
    Mikhail Chertkov  (LANL)
    Ian Dobson (Wisconsin-Madison)
    Jean-Pierre Eckmann (U. de Geneve)
    Jeremy S. Edwards (New Mexico)
    Ayse Erzan (Istanbul Tech)
    Matthew B. Hastings (LANL)
    Shlomo Havlin (Bar-Ilan)
    Byungnam Kahng (Seoul / LANL)
    Doochul Kim (Seoul)
    György Korniss (Rensselaer)
    Petter Minnhagen (Nordita)
    Mark E.J. Newman (Michigan)
    Takashi Nishikawa (Southern Methodist)
  Louis Pecora  (NRL)
  Organizers:   Alan S. Perelson (LANL)

Adilson E. Motter (Northwestern) and Zoltán Toroczkai (Notre Dame / LANL)

  Erzsébet Ravasz (LANL)
      Cynthia Reichhardt (LANL)
  Advisory Committee:    Robert E. Ecke and Erzsébet Ravasz (LANL)   Marta Sales-Pardo (Northwestern)
                  Daniel Segre (Boston)
  There will be a poster session and a limited number of contributed talks        Christof Teuscher (LANL)
  To present a poster or a contributed talk (or both) a request must be submitted to   Alessandro Vespignani (Indiana)

netopt06@cnls.lanl.gov  with the title and abstract of the poster or talk.

  Kenneth A. Werley (LANL)
      Riccardo Zecchina (ICTP-Trieste)
                    - For registration:  June 10    
                      - For poster session and contributed talk request: June 10  
                      - For application for support (students, postdocs and early career scientists only): June 1
                      - For paper contribution acceptance: June 10    
                      - Manuscript submission deadline: October 1    
    Administrative Organizer: Adam Shipman. Phone: (505) 664-0187.