The Physics of Algorithms

Pre-proposal presentation

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June 2006 CNLS workshop on Optimization in Complex Networks
Mar 2006 CNLS workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Distributed Sensor Networks
Jan 2005 CNLS workshop on StatPhys approach to Coding Theory
May 2003 CNLS Annual ConferenceNetworks: Structure, Dynamics and Function
Sep 2001 CNLS Workshop on Computational Complexity and Statistical Physics
Relevant New Technology:
Page rank algorithm (Stanford/Google)
Ralf Koetter's Network Coding web-page
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Hard-drives of new generation by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies & ``Get perpendicular!'' animation
Seagate announces first harddrive with perpendicular recording tech
Vector-LDPC by Flarion
Intel Technology Journal on advanced (LDPC) coding
What's next for DVD? Blu-ray technology

Principal Investigator:
Michael Chertkov(T-13) [cv]
Co-Principal Investigator:
Allon Percus (CCS-3) [cv]
Frank Alexander(CCS-3)
Eli Ben-Naim (T-13) [cv]
Brent Daniel (D-3)
Anders Hansson (CCS-5)
Matthew Hastings (T-13) [cv]
David Izraelevitz (D-6) [cv]
Gabriel Istrate (CCS-5)
Charles Reichhardt (T-13) [cv]
Mikhail Stepanov (T-13) [cv]

External Collaborators:
Vladimir Chernyak (Wyane State U)
Ralf Koetter (Urbana-Champain)
Paul Krapivsky (Boston U)
Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC)
Marc Mezard (Orsay)
Cris Moore (UNM)
Zoltan Toroczkai (Notre Dame)


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