Physics of Algorithms
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA | August 31-September 4, 2009



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UPDATE - The conference will be held at the Inn at Loretto hotel in Santa Fe.

Optimization, inference and learning involve emerging computational problems in many areas of science and engineering. Typically stated in the framework of computer science and information theory, these problems are also linked to concepts and approaches native to statistical, mathematical and quantum physics.

This interdisciplinary field has seen a recent explosion of activity, resulting in new algorithms and new methods of analysis. Discrete computational challenges including constraint satisfaction and error correction have benefited from techniques and insights offered by statistical physics. Physics, at the same time, has been significantly enriched by approaches from discrete computation, such as convex optimization and message-passing algorithms.

Our workshop will bring together leading experts from physics, computer science, machine learning, operation research and information theory to discuss the current hot topics and new challenges in the intersection of these fields. Specific topics will include:


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