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updated 3/6/06

Updated 6/3/07

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CNLS has often focused on an exciting, emerging, interdisciplinary field of science. This year's conference centers on the study of biological and soft materials at the interface of physics, biology, and physical chemistry. Topics of particular interest include properties of biopolymers, membranes, and molecular motors, experimental and theoretical studies of single molecules, investigations of natural and artificial cells, and active self assembly processes. In addition to providing a forum to share and discuss the latest advances in this regime, the conference will highlight the achievements, importance, and potential of governmental, industrial, and academic research and collaborations in this area.

** Call for posters- If you are interested in contributing a poster for the conference, please submit an abstract when registering. If already registered, email your abstract to


Invited Speakers:

I. Aronson (Argonne)
R. Bruinsma (UC Los Angeles)
P.M. Chaikin (NYU)
N. Clark (U of Colorado)
E.R. Dufresne (Yale)
E. Frey (LMU Munich)
A. Garcia (Rensselaer)
W.A. Goddard (Caltech)
H. Frauenfelder (LANL)
G. Hummer (NIDDK)
C. Jarzynski (Maryland)
K.Y. Lee (Chicago)
R. Lipowsky (MPI, Potsdam)
D.K. Lubensky (Michigan)
U. Mohideen (UC Riverside)
A.N. Parikh (UC Davis)
R. Parthasarathy (U Oregon)
J. Prost (Curie)
M.L. Roukes (Caltech)
K.Y. Sanbonmatsu (LANL)
K. Schulten (UIUC)
J.-E. Shea (UC Santa Barbara)
B.I. Shraiman (UC Santa Barbara)
Z.S. Siwy (UC Irvine)
D.B. Weibel (Wisconsin)
D.A. Weitz (Harvard)
J. Werner (LANL)
R. Zandi (UC, Riverside)


Eli Ben-Naim
Robert Ecke
William Hlavacek
Cynthia Reichhardt
Avadh Saxena
Andrew Shreve
Sergei Tretiak


Adam Shipman, CNLS Conference Coordinator
(505) 664-0187