The Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory is pleased to announce its
23rd Annual Conference on

Networks: Structure, Dynamics and  Function

May 12 - 16, 2003,  Hotel La Fonda, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA     ,     e-mail: 

Our world is a complex mesh of interacting elements, both natural and man-made. Recent observations suggest that the formation of such complex networks is not random, but rather follows fundamental organizing principles. The 2003 CNLS Annual Conference focuses on the search for underlying principles in the structure, dynamics, and function of complex networks. The conference will facilitate cross-disciplinary interactions by bringing together researchers from a diverse set of fields.  The emphasis will be analysis of real-world data from information networks (internet, www, data networks), biological networks (in proteomics, gene  networks,  metabolic networks), social networks (including epidemiological networks) and infrastructure networks (power grid, transportation networks).

Sponsors: Center for Nonlinear Studies,  B Division, P Division, T Division, LANSCE, 
Los Alamos National Laboratory

List of Invited Speakers


Lada A. Adamic
  Shlomo Havlin 
  Christos Papadimitriou 
Réka Albert 
  John Hopfield
  Prabhakar Raghavan 
David Aldous
  Tony Hunter 
  Sidney Redner 
Uri Alon
  Bernardo Huberman 
  Anil K. Seth
Miguel Aubouy 
  Byungnam Kahng 
  Eric D. Siggia 
Robert Axtell 
  Jon Kleinberg
  Ricard V. Solé
Albert-László Barabási
  János Kertész
  Eugene H. Stanley
Andrei Z. Broder
  Kurt Kohn
  Steven Strogatz
Guido Caldarelli 
  Paul Krapivsky
  Susan Taylor
[San Diego]
Jean-Pierre Changeux 
  Arnold Levine 
  Alessandro Vespignani
William R. Cheswick
  Fred MacKintosh 
  Tamás Vicsek
Fan Chung Graham
[San Diego]
  José F.F. Mendes
  Marc Vidal
Eric Davidson
  Rémi Monasson
  Andreas Wagner
[New Mexico]
John Doyle
  Mark E.J.  Newman 
  Geoffrey West
Alan Frieze
[Carnegie Mellon]
  Zoltán Oltvai 
  Peter Wolynes



Zoltan Toroczkai, (P.O.C:,
Eli Ben-Naim,
Benjamin McMahon,
Gabriel Istrate,
Stephen Eubank,

Hans Frauenfelder,
Pieter Swart,
Paul Fenimore,
Yi Jiang,
Charles Reichhardt

Administrative coordinator: 
Roderick Garcia,, (505) 667-1444


Pictures: the main background is a color modified version of the map of Biochemical Pathways from ExPASy. The speaker list background is a color modified version of the image of social links in Canberra, Australia, original by A. S. Klovdahl. Some of the pictures from the left frame are photographed by Z.T. and the rest are  taken from the site .